Seeing as porn is often a taboo subject in a lot of social situations, it makes for a great topic in comedy. I came across a few jokes and stand-up comedy routines on the subject that I found pretty entertaining.

This hilarious man is Simon Amstell. For those of you that live alone like myself, I think you’ll find this very relatable.

This lovely lady is comedian, Amy Schumer. She may have a point about the predictability of a lot of porn videos… And if you like her style, she has a show on Comedy Central that you should check out.

The last clip you guys need to check out is from Jake Weisman. He’s a pretty good follow on Twitter @weismanjake. While this video is very funny, I think it also raises a fair point. A strong argument against the porn industry is that it creates unrealistic expectations for sex in real life. Well doesn’t Hollywood create just as ridiculous expectations for falling in love in a lot of mainstream movies? Yet those movies are never looked at in a negative light by society.

And now for a few of my favorite random jokes on porn…

  • “My girlfriend is a porn star. She is going to be so pissed off when she finds out.”
  • “How the fuck am I meant to stay with the same girl for the rest of my life when I can’t even wank over the same porn twice?”
  • “I must be so lucky, all the beautiful girls that message me when I sign into a free porn site are from my home town. What are the odds?”

Comedian Joe Hanson of Badge Of Shame Comedy is a fan of expos. Although, not quite in the way a regular Exxxotica enthusiast is.

Badge of Shame is a sketch comedy group created by Joe “Ghostface” Hanson and Tommy “Raekwon” Bechtold. It also features their friends, cohorts and random girls they would like to bone. (If a girl appears in one sketch, but never again, it means she did not want to bone, and is BANNED FOREVER).

You might recognize Tommy and Joe from the TV show Smash Cuts, in which they sat on a couch and laughed at videos of car crashes and skydiving mishaps. But they have also been in other television shows, movies, online sketches, improv groups and police lineups. –

Joe brought his blend of awkwardly funny comedy to Exxxotica in Los Angeles and came out with some great material. We’ve been laughing at this one all morning.

Thanks Joe!

miserable, men, Howard Stern, Bob LevyThings are busy, kids, roll with it. I’m dictating this blog to my wife over the phone as I drive to Manhattan. She better not be dick tasting while I’m dictating… We’re riding up to do Miserable Men right now, on Howard 101 every Sunday at 7 Eastern, you probably won’t read this until the show is over though. We had to cancel the shows this weekend because Artie announced he’s going into outpatient rehab, he will be back on the show Monday. We all love him and pray that he will beat his demons and live a long, happy life.

Last weekend I ended up at the Hot party in Philadelphia, The 100 Grand Gala, it was a great time. The place was as packed and crazy as I expected it to be. I got to put a lot of faces to the names, blogging is really anonymous ya know? We really had a great time. Ron Jeremy was there and it turns out he doesn’t drink either so it’s just two old pervs hanging in a room full of drunken young pervs. Joanna Angel and The Burning Angel girls hosted some game show where dudes volunteered to get beat up for a lap dance. Pure genius, we’re gonna get them into my club if we can. Most importantly there were awesome wings in the green room. You can always judge a party by the wings. Of course the party was all an excuse to make you check out so I hope that you do. You can see why they’re one of the top sites for adult entertainment in the world. They have everything from A to Goo to Z.

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miserable, men, Howard Stern, Bob LevyThis was a great weekend, we had our favorite house guest with us for the weekend, Beetlejuice. He is the most polite house guest we’ve ever had, he always took his plate to the sink every time he ate, which was about 7 times a day. He folded his towels after taking a shower; yes he showered. He got along with our cat so well, they played all weekend. The cat kept batting his paws at Beet, I think he thought he was a piece of shit from his litter box, but they got along great. Jolly Dwarf for all things Beetlejuice.

Beetle was also teaching me boxing. We set up a heavy bag in the park in 100 degree heat and he was teaching me moves. We filmed the whole thing and I’ll give it to Howard for Howard TV. He’s been helping me out ever since it’s been announced I’m fighting Danny Bonaduce on September 13th at the Marple Sports Arena, 611 S Parkway, Broomall, PA 19008. It’s called “Gary Barbera’s Celebrity Brawl For It All” and there will be other fights on there as well.

For tickets you can call 1-800- 677-8499.

Danny came on Miserable Men last week and we actually talked civilized but both agreed that this will be a bloodbath and one of us will get knocked out, we also said that we’ll go out for a beer after the fight. I thought that was very classy of him to say.

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miserable, men, Howard Stern, Bob LevySorry for the late entry but married life is crazy and I’m training for my big fight, so things are a little hectic. It’s like Rocky II or III. I think the one with Mister T.

Last week we did shows at the Casba Comedy Club in Wildwood, NJ and I had the pleasure of being there with Beetlejuice and Chris McDevitt. Beet stays up all night, little guy never sleeps, so thank God he dragged McDevitt to the boardwalk every morning while I slept until 2 in the afternoon. Fuck going to the beach, it’s fucking hot.

Everyone recognizes Beet on the boardwalk so he ended up coming back with all these stuffed animals that the workers gave him. Thanks everyone, we didn’t look like a bunch of fruit cakes or nothing when room service showed up and found two grown men drunk in a hotel room surrounded by plush or anything.

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