It’s been done a million times and everybody has their own opinion but with Comic Con everywhere you look at the moment I thought I’d do it again! I’m no cartoon nerd, and it took a relocation to the States for me to realise just how huge the whole comic book superhero thing is, but one thing is for sure, you don’t need to be a ‘toon nerd to recognise a hot chick in tight spandex! So here goes my own personal top ten of Hollywood Heroine Hotties going from number ten to number one counting down in order of yumminess!


10. Barbarella – Jane Fonda

I know it’s a bit of an oldie but any Super Heroine who’s main super power is her sex appeal frankly deserves to be on anybody’s list of sexy heroines. And it’s Jane Fonda so duh!


Marquis Media has a sci-fi fetish fantasy film that incorporates Barbarella, as well as Bettie Page and O. The Story of Barbarella, Bettie, & O is no straight take on any of those sexy legends, but it’s not like any other film you’ve watched either.

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(Images: Jim Scott)

It’s that time again folks, Comic Con has taken over New York and we are mighty excited.

Nurses were a big theme this year and we certainly know why. These hotties could definitely give me a check up anytime.

Maybe next year I’ll make the long journey from Philadelphia to New York and get in on the action myself.

“Wanna get big, watery shiny eyes without any surgery? CRAVE AND ENVY NO MORE!”

Geo and Dueba are two eye wear companies that have these extra-wide contact lenses on the market. The above quote is even from one of their marketing campaigns.

They are some what cool and would be perfect for dorky conventions like Comic-Con where you expect a bunch of geeks to be popping boners all day, but why would any girl in the real world want to attract guys that like anime?

Source: Inventor Spot

Maxim Magazine posted their list of the Hottest Girls of Comic Con and because I wasn’t able to make it there myself- I’m very thankful.

I think the eye candy of Booth Babes is what keeps most people from getting bored out of their mind and leaving. I think I would only stop at the booths with the hottest girls.

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Jaime del Val likes to wander the streets of Madrid projecting images from his penis on the sides of buildings. He’s completely nude except for the strategically placed electronic equipment he carries on his back and penis.

He has his own dick cam, and a light that shines on his butt. He says he projects the images from his dick because it’s powerful, but really we think he’s trying to make up for lack of size down there.

Source: Metro