Why do condoms have to be so difficult? The first latex condom was made in 1920. That was 95 years ago! How have we not created a better product by now?! Let’s just go over some of the difficulties.

First off, the packaging. What kind of super material is this? It seems easy enough to tear right open, but no. Once you break through that initial packaging layer, you then have to deal with the inner stretchy packaging part that doesn’t rip open half the time.

opening condom

Great, now you’re sitting on the bed, boner down to a half chub, all because this fucking wrapper is made out of some sort of impenetrable spandex. With every passing second spent fighting the condom, your confidence in your masculinity is dwindling.

Now comes the awkward apology. You have to try and tell the girl starting to get impatient lying in your bed that this is all just bad luck. You don’t usually have this sort of trouble. I mean, it’s opening a condom wrapper for God’s sake. Who has trouble with this?! But the more you struggle, the harder it becomes. And now you notice your girl is falling more and more out of the mood. Quick! There’s only so much time before the moment has passed.

Okay, so you finally got that latex little devil out. Now for the easy part. Just slip that thing right on, and then it’s time for the bone zone. Woo! Not so fast…

See, you just spent so much time battling the wrapper that now your hard-on is almost completely gone. What do you do? Do you try to force the condom on your limp penis? Or do you go back to step one and go through more foreplay? If you have a good partner then option 2 is definitely the way to go. Hopefully she understands your struggles and gets you right back in the mood. But what if this girl is kind of a bitch? You might try and force it. You don’t want to make her wait any longer out of fear that she might just get up and leave. If this is the route you choose, I wish you the best of luck. Just be aware, this situation could end in a lot of frustration and no sex.

disappointing sex

These are just some of the struggles one can go through when attempting to put on a condom. Normal functions become difficult because, let’s be real, you just want to start having sex as quickly as possible. Things get rushed and mistakes get made. So why after almost 100 damn years has a condom company not come up with a super easy to use product?

The best thing I could find that seems like it would solve a lot of these problems is a condom design made by Pronto. The only problem is that these things seem to only be accessible in South Africa. If you manage to find any online, please share how. Hopefully their design will spark interest in another larger company to make and distribute a product like this on a wider scale. Although, this video is a few years old, and I still haven’t seen anything like this in my local pharmacy. So perhaps it’s only wishful thinking.

At 1 p.m. yesterday in Los Angeles, California, members of the Free Speech Coalition, health care representatives, and Cal/OSHA met to discuss the draft rules for proposed mandatory condom use in the Adult Industry. What they were not counting on were the 70 porn stars who also attended to make their voices heard during the discussion. In a meeting decorated with plenty of yelling and screaming, proposed language of the draft itself was the main focus. After wording has been approved, the following draft rules could later go to Cal/OSHA’s Standards Board for review, and possibly become new regulations.

“Cal/OSHA topics to be discussed at the meeting include; STI testing protocol; required use of condoms and other barrier protection (including gloves and eye protection); on-set hygiene; systems for medical services, post-exposure evaluations and follow-ups; vaccinations (HBV and HPV); performer training and education; record-keeping; and producer responsibility for compliance.”

If 70 Adult screen personalities are willing to attend these early stages of mandate discussion, do not be surprised if their numbers grow as the process continues. Although the proposition sounds as if it is only for the actors’ and actresses’ safety, the decision to mandate such a personal choice could become a much larger issue within our country. We will continue to keep an eye on how these proceedings play out.

The large grocery store Tesco recently made a big mistake when delivering a couple their online grocery order. Tesco decided to throw a packs of condoms onto the shopping list that Andy Allott had previously made. When Lynn Newby discovered the condoms on the list on their account, she immediately began accusing Andy of having an affair because the condoms were no where to be found.

Tesco was contacted by the couple and they were sent a gift card and a very apologetic letter from Chief Exec Sir Terry Leahy explaining that the incident was completely unacceptable.

Wow- imagine being accused of cheating on your girlfriend even though you really aren’t. Oh wait- that happens every day to dudes in relationships.

Source: The Register

“A report appearing this month in an obscure medical journal, the “Archives of Sexual Behavior,” shows that women who enjoy sex au natural are less depressed than those who use condoms. The reason: semen may be an antidepressant.”

The study shows that the reason for women being happier with condomless sex is due to the hormones and other uninteresting things in cum.

Because of this article I see a rise in ‘Oops’ babies and unhappy married couples which would inevitably lead to more unhappy people.

Source: Salon.com

A Durban man took a plunge with a difference when he bungee jumped 30m using an elastic rope made from condoms.

Jump master Carl Dionisio made the unusual jump at the Wavehouse at Gateway to get what he described as “the virgin buzz” one got on the first bounce back.

The condom bungee jump was the first of its kind in the world and Dionisio said part of the thrill was getting recognition from the jumping community.

The 37-year-old made his first jump 15 years ago in Mossel Bay. He was quickly hooked on the extreme sport and turned it into his career.

He intends to persue bare-back condom bungee next.