Shopping for condoms can be awkward. Maybe the cashier gives you a little smirk indicating she knows what you’re getting into tonight. Or perhaps an old lady shopping for cat food across the aisle is giving you a weird look. Whatever it is, you always feel like people are judging you. Wouldn’t life be a lot easier if shopping for condoms was like this banned Australian commercial?

(AP) LOS ANGELES (AP) — Porn performers in California would be required to use condoms in sex scenes if draft rules from state workplace safety officials advance out of the proposal phase.

Cal/OSHA officials provided the Associated Press with a 17-page draft proposal that contained sometimes graphic details of the bodily fluids, waste matter and other materials that porn actors must protect themselves against to avoid infection.

The draft is to be discussed at a public meeting in Los Angeles on June 7 and would later go to the state’s Occupational Safety & Health Standards Board for a ruling on whether it becomes part of state code.

The seven-member body is appointed by the governor and tasked with rulemaking to ensure safe and healthy workplaces in the state.

The draft says porn producers must provide and require “use of condoms or other barrier protection to prevent genital and oral contact with the blood or (any other bodily fluids) of another person.”

The draft specifies that condoms can’t be reused, cannot be expired, or used with multiple partners. Performers wouldn’t be allowed to share razors under the rules. And employers would have to keep sex toys clean.

The producer would also have to ensure that body areas contaminated with bodily fluids are cleaned between sexual acts with the same or different partners under the draft rules.

The draft also makes rules for employers to provide medical services and follow-up for all employees who have been exposed to possibly infectious materials. The draft also calls for sex workers to be provided with vaccines for human papilloma virus and hepatitis B.

Employers would have to provide showers to performers and follow rules on how laundry contaminated with human fluids must be handled.

The proposed change in rules comes in response to a complaint filed in 2009 by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, calling on the state to require condoms in porn.

Since the complaint, Cal/OSHA has been meeting with stakeholders to discuss implementing a more specific rule.

Cal/OSHA has said they always believed porn performers fall under the same section of state workplace safety law that requires nurses to wear protective gear to spare them exposure to blood-borne and fluid-borne illnesses, but the law has never been made specific to porn sets.

The AIDS advocacy group has called for the use of condoms in porn, saying that actors were in unsafe situations and they glamorized risky sex for audiences.

Vivid Entertainment founder Steven Hirsch has said that such moves could force filming to leave California, causing a blow to the multi-billion porn industry that has many operations in the San Fernando Valley.

Hustler Video head Larry Flynt has said audiences don’t want to see actors using condoms because it interrupts porn viewer fantasies with a reminder of disease prevention and birth control.

Chainmail Condom

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation filed suit with Cal/OSHA last December claiming the adult industry ““refused to take any steps to protect its workers from disease spread by blood borne pathogens”.

“The adult film industry has steadfastly refused to take any steps to protect its workers from diseases spread by blood borne pathogens, resulting in thousands of employees becoming infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Clarification and enhanced enforcement of the rules are called for,” wrote AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein.

Cal/OSHA has recommended the creation of an advisory committee to consider amending section 5193 of the California labor code “in order to give greater protection to employees in the adult film industry.”

Although, the million dollar decision is still not quite upon us. The standards board will decide whether or not to create an advisory committee at 10 a.m. March 18 at the Costa Mesa City Council Chambers located at 77 Fair Drive in Costa Mesa.

The board will consider amending section 5193 of the California labor code “in order to give greater protection to employees in the adult film industry.” Section 5193 applies to all establishments where occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials is possible.


FSC Fights CalOSHA Regulation

Dear Adult Entertainment Industry Producers,

Last week in a preemptive move, FSC took the issue of CalOSHA regulations, mandatory condoms, and mandatory testing to the California state capital. We spoke with a number of legislative offices, committee representatives and health and labor organizations. During our conversations, representatives of these organizations confirmed that no language has yet been submitted to the Legislature. Moreover, these representatives were encouraged by FSC’s strategy to create industry-appropriate guidelines for adult productions and protection for our performers. Even before an adult performer tested positive for HIV in June, the FSC began working on a Bloodborne Pathogen Plan (BBP) appropriate for the adult industry. This effort was in response to increased Cal OSHA attention on adult productions. CalOSHA, as well as a few opportunistic entities such as AIDS Healthcare Foundation and LA County Health, seek to regulate us and are currently working on mandatory condom and testing legislation and regulations. FSC, the adult entertainment industry’s trade association, is pushing back and we need your input on the draft BBP plan.

This user-friendly plan puts into “OSHA-speak” the already rigorous risk reduction procedures utilized within the industry coupled with standard OSHA requirements. Special thanks to the following individuals for their significant input: Sharon Mitchell of AIM, Derek Hay of LA Direct Models and LATATA, John Stagliano of Evil Angel, Steven Scarborough of Hothouse, industry attorneys Paul Cambria and Jeffrey Douglas, and attorney and OSHA specialist Karen Tynan.

Once the BBP is accepted by a majority of industry producers, we can bring the plan back to legislators, confirming that the industry already has highly effective risk reduction procedures in place, thus negating the need for legislation. Bringing the plan to CalOSHA will provide them with BBP practices for adult production companies–practices that are not only appropriate for the industry, but also highly effective. Please take a moment to look over the draft plan and provide feedback through the survey tool provided.

Cal OSHA and other organizations are seeking to regulate the adult entertainment industry–an industry they know nothing about. As your trade association, the FSC is not only the watchdog for the industry, but also a voice of reason in these tumultuous times. We promise to keep you informed as we progress through this critical process.

Thank you for your time, your feedback and your ongoing support.


Diane Duke

FSC Executive Director

We’re really not sure what this about- it’s definitely not mainstream marketable considering the name, but maybe it’ll do well in the Adult Entertainment Industry. Each package of condoms (whether it’s for guys or girls) comes with a DVD filled with up to 5 hours of porn, condoms and personal lube. There’s a special package you can order that comes with a vibrating cock ring to go with your Cock Soxxx.


I think I’ll keep my porn and condoms separate so the old lady doesn’t get mad.

After running out of condoms at the Athens Olympics, organizers just assumed the need for condoms would be about the same for the Beijing Olympic games- but as of now, they’re wrong.

It seems like the athletes just aren’t doing it and they hope that’ll change since the games are starting to wind down. Employees of the health clinic located inside the Olympic Village are assuming athletes have been under a lot of stress to perform well and win gold that they haven’t had time to think about anything else. They also think being embarrassed about having to walk into a clinic to pick up condoms could be another reason the stock hasn’t started to dwindle.

If I was being put up for free in Beijing in a village with over 10,000 athletes I’d be banging around the clock. I don’t know what these people are thinking.

Source: Yahoo Sports

Apparently the Chinese government wasn’t as thorough as they thought when cleaning prostitutes out of the country before the Olympics started.

All you need to do is travel about 30 minutes outside of the Olympic fiestas and visit a hair salon, or even a karaoke bar to get a good sexin’.

“Jie (34) works in a hair salon approximately half an hour outside of Beijing. “Of course I can cut hair. But my massages are better! And other things even better than that…” For about €40, Jei takes her guests into a back room where sex instead of haircuts is sold.”

Maybe the reason it’s so cheap for sex at Jie’s hair salon is because you have to bring your own condom. Which would explain why the Olympic Athletes were given 100,000 condoms.

Source: Bild

Beijing is hoping that 100,000 free condoms for athletes in the Olympics this year will be enough. In Sydney the athletes ran out of the condoms due to all the free time they have on their hands after they realize they suck and get run out of the competition.

If I were some loser on the Men’s U.S Gymnastics Team I would totally try to hit up the entire U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team- HELLO Nastia Luiken & Alicia Sacramone, the Beach Volleyball team- Misty May, and maybe the Diving/Swimming team but some of them are pretty busted.

And then all the condoms would be gone.

Source: The News Vault

Spray-On Condom
Scientific Evidence: Not Proved
How To Get It: Wait

“The Institute for Condom Consultancy, a German group that offers advice on contraception, plans to launch a spray-on condom next year in Germany. In theory, this could reduce the chance of slippage because it ensures a perfect fit. The device, which may provide up to 20 applications, sprays a coating of liquid latex. (It doesn’t stick.) The Institutes Jan Vinzenz Krause estimates the product could make it to the U.S. market in three years.”

Or perhaps you want to buy a penis pump. According to Forbes they are proven effective.

This is why you shouldn’t listen to Forbes for anything sexual related. Don’t mix business with pleasure, folks.

Source: Forbes