Entourage Greets Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey Porn Star on EntourageLast night’s episode of the hit HBO series Entourage introduced none other than our favorite teddy-bear humping porn star, Sasha Grey. Sasha is playing herself and seeing the golden boy, Vince Chase.

Watching this episode, I spent a lot of time wishing I did not know Sasha for her porn persona originally. Something about seeing her as the innocent half of an encounter creates a glitch in my porn mind. Not to mention the fact that her character was introduced in the most abrupt fashion possible. Most women in the Entourage series come and go like the wind, so seemless character introduction is pointless. Grey‘s character is supposedly a recurrent girlfriend of Vince’s, and that alone makes her brainless entrance a poor writing decision in my mind.

The way other characters were written in around her entrance was rather intelligent. Sasha was portrayed as somewhat of an exhibitionist, but altogether sweet and innocent. Her interactions with Vince are honest and playful in both private and public settings. The rest of the cast on the other hand, seemed to cleverly divert the preconception of Sasha‘s dirty porn career by getting into awkward sexual situations. Ari Gold and his wife enjoyed a comical “angry sex” disagreement where Mrs. Gold refused to sleep with Ari while he was disgruntled over work. This included an extremely soft-core scene in which the audience witnesses Ari having sex with his wife. Eric and Sloan also get into the act by having a discussion about anal sex. Sloan becomes worried about Eric’s fascination, and decides to make sure she is the one he experiences it with. This comedic backdoor entry was also shown on screen in an extreme soft-core fashion.

The use of sex impressed me. I’m not entirely sure how Entourage‘s mainstream audience felt about Sasha Grey before watching the episode, but I believe the writers succeeded in carving her a faux innocence amongst the main cast for the time being. If Sasha’s later place in the Entourage story relies on her being seen as innocent and ultimately coy, I may end up eating my words concerning her entrance. We can only hope and watch.