Cecil Howard's "Scoundrels"PHILADELPHIA—Once upon a time, AVN was just a 16-page, two-color, center-stapled movie-store giveaway, but in its sixth issue, June of 1983, it reviewed the tenth release from acclaimed XXX director Cecil Howard: Scoundrels.

Scoundrels is certainly the most erotic hardcore film released so far this year,” we wrote. “Thanks to Anne Randall’s magnificent script, Scoundrels gives us three-dimensional characters that rarely find their way into adult plots. This family is sensitive and very normal in their feelings; the abnormalities come from the unstable setting. Scoundrels takes serious themes (the kinds that Taboo and Roommates tried to tackle) one step further, showing that its subject can be erotic and dangerous at the same time. … Scoundrels classifies as thinking man’s porn.”

In the decade since videotapes have gone the way of rotary dial phones and laserdiscs, Scoundrels has been off the market … but thanks to HotMovies.com, adult movie fans will now have another chance to see the film that won AVN’s first Best Film award, and which garnered its first Best Director and Best Editing trophies also.

“I’ve been involved with Cecil Howard, who produced this film, going back for three or four years,” HotMovies.com spokesman James Cybert told AVN, “and I’m the only one who’s been able to do a deal with him in the last 20 years to get any of his product out on the marketplace.” Read the rest of this entry »


(Philadelphia, June 15th, 2008) Adult humor blog POPPORN.com, reaching for the upper echelon of the adult entertainment stratosphere, has released the first part of their self produced short film, Spock BUCKTON vs. GIRL PARTY!

POPPORN.com, which features news reports, adult industry interviews, weekly video reviews of new adult releases (http://popporn.com/node/283) took the next logical step and produced its first short film starring POPPORN.com regulars Spock BUCKTON, MEAT BALL and the POPPORN Girls. The film’s star, Spock BUCKTON, attempts to crash a, “girl-only” party but soon finds him-self trapped in a web of deceit. Featuring POPPORN Girls at play, the short is a hilarious adventure of sexual crisis and ultimately, discovery featuring sexy women and hilarious results.
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