It’s about time Dumbya gets out of that damn office, and a great way to celebrate the end of his Presidential Career and the Democratic National Convention is by giving you some free Bush porn:

Let’s get one thing completely straight: this movie doesn’t have a damn thing to do with politics. Amen to that! This Bush is much better than the Texan we have in office. Pussy licking, pussy fingering, and pussy pounding are the three main points this movie touches on. God bless America! If you don’t masturbate like a monkey at the zoo then the turrists have won!

Free Gallery: Lick Bush in 2000 Vol. 4

Joe Biden is Barack Obama’s pick for Vice President in the upcoming Presidential Election. This week we all have the privilege of seeing the Democratic National Convention on TV and I don’t think enough men are wearing Pink. I know it takes a pretty solid man to feel comfortable wearing pink, but hey, Vote Pink and show the country who’s a real man.

Free Gallery: Vote Pink

As we speak, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and probably my parents and grandparents are all gathered for the Democratic National Convention. The rest of us sane people are working in offices surrounded not by screaming democrat housewives but by yellow fluorescent lights and faux-wood veneer desks. The kind of office, it so happens, that is featured in this free gallery, from Office Sluts 2 (see what I did there). Enjoy.