So every dude has been in the doghouse because of something stupid he did to his girlfriend.. and here are ways to avoid that happening again. And to be quite frank- they are pretty obvious.

sticky situation #1
You get caught checking out another woman

Sure, it’s human nature to notice a beautiful woman — heck, even your girlfriend will gawk at a gorgeous gal — it’s how you look that gets her bent out of shape. The key for you to stay out of the doghouse is to avoid looking at the target like a sex object; in other words: Keep your head screwed on straight and your mouth closed. If you do get caught staring, instead of immediately jumping to the defensive (which will only get her riled up even more), admit it. There’s no need to grovel or beg forgiveness over such a mild misdemeanor (it’s not your fault you have testosterone surging through your veins) and it’s not like she doesn’t sneak peeks.

Either acknowledging that you’re “busted” and laughing it off or admitting to what caught your eye about her. Keep the observance as unsexual as possible and be sure to steer clear of crude associations like her “jugs” and “booty,” even if she is stacked like Dolly Parton.

Stay out of the doghouse: Don’t deny looking. Women are very observant and she’ll only take your fibbing as another strike against you.”

I really can’t imagine a girl being ok with you checking out a hot girl walking by just because you admitted you were doing it.

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