Election Day - Vote and Masturbate

Top 10 Reasons to VOTE

10 ) So you can complain.
If you are eligible to vote, but choose not to, we don’t have to listen to your whining!

9 ) It’s your right.
Young people, women and underrepresented groups all fought hard for the right to vote. And even today there are countries where people are still dying for the right to vote.

8 ) Representation.
Does it seem as if politicians are a bunch of old white males? Well, in Congress only 13 percent of members are of color, and only 14 percent are women. Want to change it? Vote.

7 ) Fashion.
You get to wear an “I Voted” sticker — definitely fashionable.

6 ) More federal money…
for youth programs, the environment, HIV/AIDS or breast cancer research whatever your cause! Where do the candidates stand on your issue? Find out and make sure your concerns are their concerns.

5 ) To cancel out someone else’s vote.
Whether it’s your Dad, your Mom, your teacher, or your soccer coach — you probably know someone who is going to vote the opposite of you.

4 ) To bust the stereotype!
“Young people are lazy, they don’t care, they won’t vote.” That’s what they say. Let’s prove them wrong.

3 ) If you don’t vote, someone else will.
Our government was designed for citizen participation, so if you don’t vote – other people are going to make the decisions for you.

2 ) Every vote counts.
The 2000 Presidential election proved how close things can get, so really every vote counts.

1 ) NOISE!
Want to make some? Then vote!

– YouthNoise.com

Top 10 Reasons to Masturbate for Peace!

10 ) It’s too cold to go outside and demonstrate

9 ) If I go blind they can’t draft me

8 ) The walls need painting white anyway

7 ) This is my weapon…this is my gun…this one’s for shootin….oh, never mind.

6 ) If you want it done right you have to do it yourself

5 ) All the lube will give me a baby-soft dork

4 ) It may be the only “peace” I’ll be getting for a while

3 ) If I use my left hand, it feels like someone else has joined my cause

2 ) What else am I going to do with the 80 GB of porn on my PC?

1 ) Because I can’t give myself a peace blowjob

– MasturbateforPeace.com

God Bless Sexy America