Wetwork from Vivid PremiumIn porn, we often keep track of a porn star’s productivity by how many scenes they’ve shot. However, someone needs to start keeping track of how many films they’ve been in-real, scripted films that also feature hardcore sex. Wetwork is packed with spectacular sex scenes, and it’s genuinely an interesting movie wherein Penny Pax and Steven St. Croix play top tier contract killers. However, considering that Wetwork is a Vivid Premium film and was directed by AVN award-winner Eli Cross, known for a variety of rich, plot-oriented XXX flicks, including Corruption and Upload, no one should be surprised to hear that this movie is worth watching from beginning to end.

Anthony (St. Croix) is a hitman who is on his way out of the business. Katherine Mox (Penny Pax) is an artist who fucks and then kills her patrons. Richie Calhoun plays one of her blowhard patrons while Claire Robbins is glorious to watch as Katherine’s bitchy roommate Jessica. It’s fun to watch grade A performers play characters you love to dislike. And if you want to skip to the sex scenes, there’s plenty of scorching action to occupy your, er, mind. I’d not get too attached to anyone in this movie because most of them die along the way to the sounds of the omnipresent sinister soundtrack.

Overall, the fucking in Wetwork is frenzied and dark. It’s terribly hot, but sex is secret and strategic. It’s like the sex is everyone’s reprieve from the dark world of wetwork. It’s fitting. I don’t dislike any of the 5 sex scenes, but both of St. Croix’s stand out as the hottest for me.

The first sex scene in the movie features St. Croix and sultry, long-legged Eva Karera. She plays a French prostitute (with a Belgian accent, but whatever) who hears that Anthony is rough-and looks forward to her encounter with him. I know both performers are vets of the porn industry, but damn, it looks like they are enjoying the sex. The highlight of the scene, during which Karera keeps her stocking and garter belt on (a win), is her pleasure at St. Croix’s pop shot on her chest. She looks like she has a real smile on her face, and it sounds like they both laugh a little at 27:37. I might be the only who notices it, but those “real” moments in porn cause their own wet works for me.

St. Croix’s second sex scene is with Penny Pax, and occurs once the two killers have earned each other’s trust. However, before St. Croix disrobes, he grips Pax and feels her over for weaponry as he strips her down. His character is clearly fearful and aroused, and it’s only clear that the pat down is over when he removes Pax’s pants, and then swiftly bends her over and voraciously eats her ass. It’s sweaty stress and anxiety fucking here, folks. St. Croix skullfucks an eager-to-please Pax, her eyes wide in enthusiasm at having that jawbreaker of a cock in her mouth. Then she rides his cock with her foot on his chest, and you know that the trust isn’t there because they’re fucking like one of them is about to die and they don’t know which one of them it will be.

Overall, watching villains fuck is motherfucking sexy, and Wetwork is an impressive porn movie. If you watch it for the whole story, be prepared to be on the edge of your seat at the very end. And if you aren’t watching it for the story, rest assured you’ll find something in the above-noted sex scenes, or in the ones between Pax and Calhoun, Claire Robbins and Derrick Pierce, or the threesome with Pax, Kimberly Kane, and Danny Wylde.

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SexZ Pictures Glides Towards Vegas with Hillary Scott the ICON

(Hollywood, CA) With two consecutive Best Video Feature AVN Award wins for powerhouse movies Corruption and Upload, SexZ Pictures and their iconic superstar Hillary Scott have been in the limelight more often than not in recent years but their next trip to Las Vegas will be decidedly lower key.

Even though she’s been harder to find this year, Hillary Scott is a porn icon and her latest SexZ Pictures adventure ICON proves that no matter how beautifully you package a pretty face and a movie, the inner whore in every girl is dying to break out.

The former Female Performer of the Year and Best Actress winner has a new project called ICON that comes in a beautiful, glossy box with wonderful videography and wind blowing through her pretty hair but this movie is every bit as hardcore as anything the blond, innocent looking girl has ever dared to appear in.

Directed by the award-winning Eli Cross and scented with a whiff of humorous sarcasm, ICON is more of a personal journey through the bright lights of porn celebrity as Hillary Scott’s life as a professional ass whore is on full display and her journey never strays far from a good gang bang.

“This was a totally different type of movie to make and I really like it,” Hillary Scott said when asked what made ICON so special.

“Without a traditional story to tell like Upload or Corruption made this movie flows in a free-form way that kept the emphasis on the beautifully nasty sex taking place,” stated SexZ.com CEO Bo Kenney.

“This movie was a lot of fun to direct,” stated Cross. “Not having to focus on a coherent storyline let us concentrate on the look, and making the most gorgeous – and nasty – vehicle for Hillary Scott we possibly could.”

ICON comes in a specially designed 4-disc case that includes the feature movie, a gauntlet of special features plus two discs of bonus scenes giving fans of Hillary Scott everything they could ever want.

“It’s a great package for fans of Hillary Scott, SexZ Pictures and hardcore sex,” concluded Kenney.

ICON is up for 7 AVN award nominations including a nod for Best Group Sex Scene that contains more anal sex than a Friday night riot at a state prison.

ICON stars Hillary Scott, Jennifer Dark, Tori Black, Morgan Layne, Trinity Post, Trina Michaels, Holly Wellin, Heidi Mayne and nine studs and is in stores everywhere from SexZ Pictures. Don’t miss it.

ICON Shows Flip Side of Hillary Scott, Eli Cross & SexZ Pictures

SexZ Pictures latest feature movie Icon starring superstar performer Hillary Scott shows the porn actress in a completely different light and offers a totally altered viewpoint from the deviant mind of director Eli Cross. The DVD is in stores now and stretches the hard-core boundaries and illusions of two of porn’s most limit pushing personalities.

Best known for their work together in the SexZ Pictures best video winners the past two years Corruption and Upload, the volatile team have reunited to take a high-gloss look at superstar banging.

Following her landslide wins at the 2007 AVN Awards and XRCO Awards for Best Actress and Female Performer of the Year, Hillary Scott has taken a more distant approach to movie making by being almost entirely pulled off the market by SexZ Pictures waiting for just the right time to release a special new feature.

“We felt we wanted only extremely interesting projects for Hillary to star in. We weren’t going to add to the glut of gonzo product already in the market so when the opportunity came to make ICON we took it,” stated SexZ.com CEO Bo Kenney.

With all of the high gloss imagery contained in ICON, the core of the movie is still hardcore destroy-me-at-all-costs sex. “I prefer hard sex. So ICON was a fun movie because with all the beautiful imagery, there is still plenty of rough sex,” the beautiful blond Chicago native said.

Scott appears in multiple sex scenes engaging in nasty group sex, anal acts, lesbian sex romps and just about anything one could imagine coming from the world of SexZ Pictures and Eli Cross.

“Hey this is not a fairy tale movie with a sweet story that you sit and hold your girlfriend’s hand. This is brutal in your face hardcore movie-making but shot with an art direction and a style that is truly beautiful and quite unlike Upload or Corruption,” Kenney continued.

Shot in what can best be described as a reality-versus-fantasy style, the underlying emotion of ICON is a tasty sense of humor created between the star and the director who appears on camera in some hilarious set-up scenes that provide a light balance that is woven into the hardcore fabric of the sex.

Shot over two weeks at various locations including a midnight rooftop rock concert in downtown Los Angeles, Eli Cross and his crew toiled to put together a movie that hardcore porn fans will love.

If you want a repeat of Upload or a sequel to Corruption then ICON is not that movie. ICON is a beautifully graphic porn movie unlike any other from SexZ Pictures, Hillary Scott and Eli Cross. It is for those that love hardcore sex in a pretty package.