Today during my lunch hour I sat in our break room and watched the episode of Maury that Ryder Skye appeared on. She said she went on the show because she felt her relationship was misrepresented in the Details article her and her husband were featured in. I read the article and didn’t see much of a difference in what she had to say to Maury. It was super funny when her husband revealed that the men she sleeps with on camera have bigger dicks than he does. Poor guy!

Also on the show was a mother and daughter duo: Desi and Elli Foxx. Apparently they are the first mother/daughter duo in the industry and no, they don’t fuck each other. They’re surprisingly weird about both being in the business together. They finally agreed to be in the same scene together but would not touch or even look at each other. They both got to fuck Tommy Gunn, but insisted to Maury that they made Tommy Gunn ‘brush his teeth and shower’ before the swap. uhhh right. Anyway, apparently Gina Lynn loves Elli Foxx because she’s already starred in a few of her films: Gina’s Fresh Breed 4 and Drowning in Bitch Juice 3.

The rest of the show was pretty boring and Maury was being a complete asshole and totally judgmental. I guess he isn’t accustom to being around women that can have sex with a bunch of people and not get preggers or if they do get preggers they still know who their baby daddy is!