Tera Patrick FHM

Allegations made by Evan Seinfeld state that Tera Patrick is generally not a fan of sex.

Tera Patrick’s ex-husband, Evan Seinfeld, is striking back at her claim that he chose continuing to do porn over his marriage to her. (…)”While it was great that we were the ‘First Couple’ of porn, the fact is Tera hates the industry. She’s not a sexual person. We barely had sex in our own marriage. “

These allegations will undeniably turn heads in the mainstream market, but will be generally ignored by those who understand the Adult Industry. Although many adult stars join the naked ranks for their inherent sexuality, shooting porn is just as much of a job as any other. Stars spend hours on set to create even the shortest scenes we know and love. Tera could very well have enjoyed sex, but had gotten her fill on her work hours. It is also a possibility that Tera just did not enjoy sex with Evan any longer.

Regardless of the hypothetical circumstances, there are just too many variables in the life of a Pornstar like Tera Patrick’s to take Evan’s story at face value. I’m sorry for the readers who may be shocked that their favorite horny screen ladies may not be as honest on camera as they originally conceived. I assure you that not every scene is a fake, but acting is still a large part of any film production. Yes, even in the sex industry.