It’s come to my attention that not everyone in the whole world knows Asphyxia. Why? Have you fucking seen her? Well here you go.

Asphyxia Noir is a sexy librarian. is getting the exclusive release on the new Burning Angel picture Librarians. We just got the promo material and I just got an embarrassing at-work boner.

Asphyxia Noir is really fucking hot.  Asphyxia Noir's boob slipped out.Asphyxia Noir has lost all her clothes.

When the movie goes live, you, my loyal readers, will be the very first to know.

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Trouble Films

Courtney Trouble, award-winning pornographer known for creating the all-inclusive, sex-positive genre of queer porn, launches her new studio TROUBLE Films, coming exclusively to

Courtney Trouble‘s films, like Seven Minutes In Heaven: Coming Out!, Billy Castro Does The Mission, and the Roulette series, have become the new standard in queer porn. They feature boundary pushing content and performers that run the gamut of fame, gender, and sexual orientation, such as Jiz Lee, Wolf Hudson, Dylan Ryan, Lorelei Lee, Syd Blakovich and Madison Young.

Read the rest of this entry » Exclusive release C Batts Fly - ArtcorePhiladelphia, PA – The latest erotic adventure from the mind of Carlos Batts, Artcore features his beautiful, zaftig muse, April Flores, and premiered this week on and in conjunction with the AEE show in Las Vegas.

As part of the arrangement, Flores brought her engaging presence to the HotMovies booth on the show floor and entertained fans for hours with her voluptuous charms.

The movie, which also stars Kelly Shibari, Courtney Trouble, Drew Deveaux and Damali Dares, documents a diverse range of sexual interests, from body image and gender identity to fetishes, rubber and role playing. is especially delighted to have Artcore amongst our ranks,” added J.D. Bauchery of HM4Her. “We’ve been shouting the praises of both Carlos Batts and April Flores, a personal favorite, for years and we are always thrilled to offer their unique, sex-positive, incredibly hot work to our viewers.”

Playing with the ever evolving interest in sexuality in the media – movie stars playing adult stars, celebrity sex tapes, runway fetish shows and reality television – Artcore becomes a sinful digital mix tape blending music, mood and tempo to create a new approach to recording sex.

Flores shows off a mind-blowing display of versatility to match the explosive curves and deadly sex appeal fans have come to know and love.

Featuring hot and heavy lesbians, dominance and submission and toys, Artcore is Batts’ most erotic film to date, an aesthetically rewarding and unapologetically explicit homage to his Latin siren and the perfect playground for her fantasies.

“We love,” said Batts. “They are easy to work with and their site is the perfect place to send all our fans to watch this movie, of which I am very proud.”

The Limited Edition Collectible DVD is available at Each Limited Edition DVD comes with personalized bonus extras from

Watch Artcore NOW!

Extreme Associates 2.0 Releases Exclusively with

Black is Back Exclusively on

Released From Prison

Philadelphia, PA – Rob Black is back. After serving 10 months of a year and a day obscenity sentence at a Texas federal prison, the man behind Extreme says he has learned his lesson…but that won’t stop him from making movies, solely for distribution through

While other VOD companies suffer a “black out”, new Extreme 2.0 titles will appear on HotMovies monthly. “You find out who your friends are fast when you get sent away,” said Black. “A lot of fuckers are all talk. I could not be more appreciative of the guys at HotMovies, who had my back during the trial and my incarceration, and were the first to ask me for new product when they let me out of that place.”

Porn Video - Sweet CherriesSweet Cherries is the new Black, the first Extreme 2.0 title to hit the virtual shelf at Hotmovies. A not so innocent look at the anal, vaginal and oral reaming of 30-year old would-be coeds, it follows Extreme’s familiar pattern of stuffing as much perverse sex and play filth – and as little narrative as possible – into seven vignettes spread out over 140 minutes.

Some might call it ‘Blacksploitation.’ But director of business development James Cybert said he isn’t shying away from any controversy that could follow Black and wife Lizzy Borden as they resume their practice of pretending to initiate young holes through a haze of fluids and running eye makeup.

“We are very proud to work with Rob and Lizzy,” said Cybert. “They are innovators. As more and more cookie cutter companies with no vision fall by the wayside, we will enjoy helping to bring back some of the best, and in some cases most bizarre, product around. We know Rob is always going to make a sexy product and we know our customers have a deep appreciation for that.”

Upon his return from La Tuna Federal Correctional Institution, Black said he’s done with DVDs. HotMovies will remain the only place to see my new product for the foreseeable future. I’m starting it off with a bang on Sweet Cherries and I’ve got some other really sick things in the works. Perverts be warned: You won’t be able to look away when I fuck you up with some truth on”

For more information about partnering with, visit or call 1-800-611-MOVIE.

Irene Boss

First of all, I have heard the Compound you used for your expert Submissive and Domina training had an electrical accident. What happened and was everyone ok?

Thank you for asking and yes everyone is OK! There were actually 2 fires and I managed to get my animals (4 parrots) out of the building quickly each time. The first fire was of older knob and tube origin due to cracked insulator wiring and the second was a reignite the next day. I had a 13 room Victorian and the 3rd floor where the playrooms were located took the most damage. Within a few weeks my friends and I moved everything to a new space. (Some of them traveled from across the USA like etienne from San Diego.) We all learned how to recondition rubber, leather and wood. It was quite an education.

See the rest of this Interview with Domina Irene Boss at!


Mark your calendars! Hotmovies and Wildlife Productions has teamed up to take you behind the scenes of their wildly popular cuckold series, “Screw My Wife, Please!” In installment #69, you can go behind the scenes as the action is taking place with our exclusive Hotmovies LIVE broadcast.

Screw My Wife Screw My Wife 2

The Making of Screw My Wife, Please! #69 is a must for cuckold lovers. See five new couples live out their fantasies and see husbands’ real reactions as their wives get fucked by pros in this LIVE feed. Watch as anything can and will happen. Director Bobby Rinaldi gives you a bird’s eye view of the making of a major series.

The Making of Screw My Wife, Please! #69 will be broadcast live on this site May 29th, 2009 between the hours of 11:00a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Customers will be able to watch the stream by the minute or purchase all day access for $9.95. There will also be a half-day option available for $5.95 starting after 4:00 PM.

Below is an exclusive interview was able to get with the one and only hedgehog girls would/could legally bang: Mr. Ron Jeremy

oh, and yes, that’s Ron Jeremy with T-Pain.

Philadelphia, PA – Third World Media and have teamed up to announce an exclusive one month engagement of their newest, ground breaking title SheMale Shoguns.

SheMale Shoguns unearths and closely examines these modern day Japanese warriors adorned in lipstick, fashionable clothing and designer bags. Traditional Shoguns were warriors who wore Kabuto (helmet face masks) and yielded Katana (swords) as they ruled Japan at that point in history. Wielding swords capable of handling modern day bedroom warfare, these ancient warriors are prepared for anything between the sheets.

SheMale Shoguns features talent that’s near impossible for a foreigner to obtain access to, despite the burgeoning shemale community in Japan. With a worldwide demographic in mind HotMovies expects a strong response from the international adult community. doesn’t shy away from ground breaking content,” boasts James Cybert, HotMovies’ Marketing Director. “We embrace it and find an audience.”

Third World Media and concentrate on style, fashion and fetish to bring customers SheMale Shoguns exclusively through the Month of November., VOD giant and pioneer, is excited to announce an exclusive two week engagement of VCX‘s newest and dirtiest titles; Craig’sList Compulsion and Angel Face. strives to bring our customers the greatest content available. It’s always a bonus to score excellent movies that are only available to our customer,” boasts James Cybert, Marketing Director.

Craig’sList Compulsion is VCX’s biggest feature to date and a huge departure from their classic porn roots. Directed by B. Jones and shot by Jack the Zipper, this edgy piece stars name brands Demon Vixen, Roxy Roxy DeVille, punk star Nikki Rhodes, glamour slut Annie Cruz.

“The opening sequence grabs you by the balls (or wets your pussy) and never lets go!” says David Sutton, President of VCX ltd.

Created outside the predictable bubble of San Fernando, VCX produces the latest in a new storm of independent porn focused on quality, originality and style.

Craig’sList Compulsion and Angel Face are available exclusively at from Oct. 30 – Nov. 14.

I’m super excited about these two movies, especially Craig’sList Compulsion, I mean- look at these photos:
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