James Franco making porn documentary on Kink.com

Actor James Franco made a porn fool of himself last night on Conan, in a good way. The hot commodity talked about a misguided sex tape escapade in his youth, mentioned his high regard for the talent porn performers bring to the screen, and also said in passing that he is making a documentary on alternative sexuality producer and San Francisco Armory owner, Kink.com, whose founder, Peter Acworth, bought the historic building in 2006.

Screech… back up. What was that?

“I’m making a documentary about pornography,” he told O’Brien. “There’s this amazing facility in San Francisco. It’s at this old armory and they do everything in house, they build their props in house, so I’m making a documentary about that.”


As AVN (and a few others) have reported, Franco will soon be seen in a based-on-a-true-story movie titled Cherry co-penned by adult performer Lorelei Lee that was shooting up in S.F. in May, and we hypothesize that they may have spent a few days shooting scenes at the Kink Armory, which would explain, as IndieWire.com reported, “A tweet from Kink.com actress Rain Degrey from June 26 read: ‘Kink.com is all aflutter today because James Franco is here shooting his new movie. All these girls want to f*ck him! lol.’ However, the tweet was later deleted.”

Regarding his impression of porn performers, Franco told O’Brien, ““Those people in pornos, they’re great performers. They’re selling it to an audience.” He added, of the sex tape, “My girlfriend and I didn’t know that, so there was just this weird movement. That’s not sexy at all. That’s really, like, boring.” This is not the first time Franco has weighed in on porn star’s unique ‘marketing’ skills. In January, he again spoke about porn performer’s ability to “sell it.”

If he’s really making the Kink.com doc, it’s a safe bet it will not be boring.

AVN contacted Acworth about the documentary and heard back from him in late afternoon. “Kink is very excited about the prospect of working with James Franco,’ he said. “The details are still being ironed out, but we’re very much looking forward to it.”

So are we!

Article Courtesy of AVN

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I’m already a Durex customer so this commercial has officially sealed the deal (no pun intended), I will forever remain a Durex customer. Maybe it’s because of my degree in Marketing, but I am definitely a sucker for Marketing ploys (even though I should probably know better BECAUSE of my degree).

It’s funny that they’re using balloon animals, because balloon porn is getting pretty popular. Don’t ask me why, I don’t judge or try to understand things I can’t, but it’s pretty funny to watch. And you should watch:

My boss sent me this link yesterday. He thought it was interesting and indeed it is; I just can’t get used to all of these different fetishes that people have. I’m no plain Jane by any means, and even though I work in the porn industry and am exposed to crazy things for 8 hours straight, ShinyKnickers.com is just weird. Well, unless you’re into that sort of thing and then it’s amazing.

Come to think of it; a lot of the shiny knickers these ladies are wearing are basically stripper clothes. When it boils down to numbers, it’s a lot cheaper to go to ShinyKnickers.com and pay to view the galleries than it would be to head to your local strip joint. AND, you can jack off to the girls on ShinyKnickers.com, an act that is generally frowned upon in strip clubs.

Anyway, I think it’s funny and if you want more shiny clothes porn, check these out:

This weeks interview is with Jessie Lee thanks to Eden Fantasys- a Sex Toy Store.

I was playing stupid when Jessie Lee said she had some fetish movies on HotMovies. I have actually seen them before, and totally thought they were someone else. Jessie Lee has certainly changed a lot over the years!

Unfortunately, we’re waiting for the releases/arrivals of Jessie Lee movies, so I only have a fetish movie of hers. But, since Jessie Lee loves Joanna Angel so much, I’ll include both:

Check ’em out:

-PBR Princess

PBR Princess is a twenty something living it up in this crazy city called Philadelphia. She gets into as much trouble as possible and somehow makes it home safely at night and into work too fucking early.

According to Asylum 20,000 Australians were surveyed to determine the stereotype that people who are into BDSM are damaged in some way. The results were pretty funny because it turns out they are the exact opposite. Most Bondage lovers are happier and less anxious in their everyday lives.

It makes perfect sense to me. If you are able to let go of your everyday frustrations in some way, you’re obviously going to feel better. So why not let loose while you’re participating in the most fun exercise available- sex.

Like these people:

Anyone dressing up in a flamboyantly tight costume and goes out picking fights only needs a slight nudge to end up in fetish gear.

Fetish Gear like this:

SocialKink.com, the fetish social networking site, is debuting new custom profile skins of the site’s profiles, themed around prominent personalities in the fetish community.

You know what- we’re totally diggin’ it here at HotMovies. It’s awesome updating the website your working on while looking at hot ass chicks you want to jack off to.. I already have that luxury so I’m glad the masses can have it too.

Click the picture to see them all.

Source: Cracked.com

Click the picture to see them all.

Source: Cracked.com

Click the picture to see them all.

Source: Cracked.com