Bree-Olson-License-SuspensionIt seems 24 year-old former Charlie Sheen goddess, Bree Olson, has run into some trouble around Fort Wayne, Indiana recently. Wait, haven’t we heard this before? Oh yes, we covered Bree Olson and her mid-west destruction derby back in February.

After being arrested on February 3rd, 2011 in Fort Wayne for driving her car into a light-pole, Olson made her way to court yesterday. She pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drunken driving charges, and has had her driver’s license suspended for 90 days. Maybe Mr. Sheen used his magic after Bree dumped him.

Well played tiger blooded warlock from outer-space. Well played indeed.

Bree Olson DUIFort Wayne, Indiana is known for many spectacular accomplishments during our country’s history. Inventions spawned in For Wayne include the washing machine, baking powder, calculator, juke box, television, breathalyzer, and refrigerator. With such an impressive resume for innovation and development, adding the most beautiful destructive force of this past week should not come as a surprise.

Bree Olson, 24 year old blonde porn star, was arrested Thursday in Fort Wayne for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Bree took her black Lexus out on the town, and managed to land herself in a single car accident. No worries, the flawless fuck bunny’s spectacular body was in no way harmed.

When Ms. Olson spoke to the police officials who found her Thursday night, she explained that she had only drank two beers before deciding to drive home. Unfortunately, blowing a 0.19 into the breathalyzer test means she was quite the liar. Although, the sudden irresponsible behavior may not be entirely Bree Olson’s fault. There is a very good possibility that she may have inherited the destructive capabilities by injection.

The real story here is whether or not we have a Charlie Sheen epidemic on our hands!