The Story of Frankenboner’s Halloween HotMovies Adventure

The headquarters was paid a visit by legendary horror porn royalty, Frankenboner, this week. Frankenboner is the only known dick carrying Great Pumpkin in existence, and he’s hung like Ron Jeremy with a cock only possible by the creation of science. Normally a visit from the horniest of Halloween characters is a happy event indeed, but Frankenboner came to HotMovies with a rotting sack this year.

His balls had started to painfully decay from a lack of something sexual, and he admittedly could not put his tip on exactly what he needed. So, we tried masturbating his enormous vine of an erection. Our interns tugged and tugged, but still couldn’t pop his great pumpkin seed. After that failed, we got on the horn and ordered an escort of Frankenboner’s personal choice. Her orange orifice was ripe for his throbbing member, and took him completely after he carved out a place for himself. Alas, the tight hole was still not enough to breathe life back into his rotting gords.

Finally, a unique booty bounced it’s way passed the office doors. We ran to ask her if she would be willing to help with our predickament. After hearing Frankenboner was the subject at hand, she was more than willing to devote her assets to his cause. Frankenboner perked up as soon as he saw the perfect ven diagram he was about to slay. It turned out anal sex was exactly what he needed, and Frankenboner’s massive dong spewed orange orgasm everywhere! Let it be known that Frankenboner is a butt man after all.

Happy Halloween!