There’s a reason the work day is called the daily grind-sometimes it feels like you’re being ground to death. There are days when you’d give anything just to get out of your fabric cubicle, flee the florescent lighting, and run to freedom from stale snack machine chips and jackass coworkers. However, rather than quit your job Office Space-style, you keep going to work. And correct me if I’m wrong, but you find your freedom in fantasizing. Sometimes that cesspit called a job is the setting for your filthiest fantasies. Trust me, we understand here at All of us have done hard time in places like insurance offices and law films. While we can’t rescue you from your job, we can show your some jobs that make office life more interesting.

In order for a scene to be counted in this list, it has to feature a setting that really is (or looks like) a genuine office-industrial carpet, an outdated monitor, dusty desk organizers, and most importantly, an air of utter soulessness. Here are my top 6 office sex scenes-1 for each day you expect to work and one more scene for when this happens:

If You Could Come In On Saturday That Would Be Great meme

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