Charlie Sheen with Porn Star Ginger Lynn

We were all sad to see Ginger Lynn leave the adult screen for the final time a few years ago, but she still has her stories. One made so interesting by recent events, that she decided now to be the time to relinquish it.

Charlie Sheen was officially fired from “Two and A Half Men” yesterday, and his unfortunate downward spirals have been less than humorous for Ginger. Why? Over fifteen years ago Ginger Lynn and Charlie Sheen enjoyed a sultry love affair.

During the “Platoon” days of Sheen’s career, Ginger and Charlie’s relationship scorched the streets of Hollywood much the same as his new found relationship with adult starlet, Bree Olson. Ginger had nothing but loving remarks and good wishes for Charlie Sheen when asked her opinion on his recent behavior.

“I do want him to be healthy and happy,” Lynn stated.

“We all have demons. We all fight them. We fall down, we get back up. I’ve done it. Everyone I know has done it. It seems to me, without knowing any details, that right now Charlie is gonna take a little different course. Hopefully, he’ll rise again; he’ll be like the phoenix.”

When asked about Sheen’s history of reported violence toward women, Lynn’s comments did not reciprocate public opinion whatsoever.

“Not one time did he raise his voice. No violence.”

So he never hit her? “No!” Lynn said. “I yelled, if anything.”

Let’s all hope Ginger Lynn knows more about Charlie Sheen than his actions make known.

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