So I finally got around to seeing Harmony Korine’s newest movie, Spring Breakers, a few days ago. If you are unfamiliar, the movie stars a cast of fine looking young gals including Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Korine, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Benson (pictured below respectively). The main gist is that these four college girls are bored at school and want to get away during spring break. Through a series of absurd events, they make it to spring break and party their asses off. While away, they come in contact with a rapper, played by none other than James Franco, who gets the girls into even more trouble.

Spring Breakers

selena gomez vanessa hudgensThis movie is an hour and a half, in your face, thrill ride. Whether you think it is a quality film or not, one thing is for sure, you will NOT be bored. Through the entire movie, though, the one thing running through my mind was, “What if this movie was a porno?!” The cast of incredibly attractive women is already rarely seen with anything but bikinis on. And let’s be honest, who among us hasn’t dreamed about the innocent Disney actresses Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens getting a little hot and heavy together.

There are so many scenes that would have been better served if the girls just took the next step and removed those bikinis. We all know one of the classic porn situations is a girl getting in trouble with the police. The officer comes in, and well, you know how the rest goes. They had the perfect opportunity for that in this movie when the girls get busted doing drugs at a party! Sadly we are forced to leave it to our imaginations and wonder what could have been.

spring breakers handcuffed

The closest we come in the movie to actually seeing some action is when Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens join Franco in a pool and do some making out. It may not be everything that I had hoped and dreamed for, but for now, it’s still more than what you’re going to get with most movies you catch in a theater.

Overall, the movie is absolutely hilarious and wild. There’s plenty of drugs, sex, and violence to satisfy the craziest of us. Maybe we’ll get lucky one day, and these ladies will decide to give the world the sequel we all want…Spring Breakers 2: Full Exposure. Until then, I highly recommend sitting down to watch this with some friends and enjoying a few good laughs.


benson hudgens kiss

Burning Angel has released pictures from the upcoming release of Girls Girls Girls 2, and even though I really enjoyed the first, these pictures have me dealing with some pretty serious anticipation.

See for yourself:

As you can see Burning Angel has returned with some heavy hitters, and I’m pleasantly surprised to see Alexis Texas in there with her awesome ass. Also in there in newly engaged Sasha Grey, Kimberly Kane, and Penny Flame among many others!

Barely Legal Troublemakers

(Beverly Hills, CA) Barely Legal girls are notorious for being seemingly innocent and incredibly cute. Watch as these girls use their youthful charm to get exactly what they want in Barely Legal Troublemakers. These sexy college girls become horny li’l hell-raisers as they use the art of seduction to their advantage!

Written and directed by Henri Pachard, Barely Legal Troublemakers demonstrates the great skills of the AVN Hall of Famer. “Henri is an exceptionally talented director. He always manages to capture incredibly hot performances from his cast,” says Drew Rosenfeld, Creative Director, Hustler Video Group. “From the beginning, I loved his script and ideas for this film and was happy to work it into the Barely Legal lineup. Henri produced Barely Legal Troublemakers this past year during his battle with cancer. It is absolutely remarkable that he still managed to direct a five-star-quality movie, even though he was struggling with this devastating disease.”

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I didn’t even know there were cheerleaders for the Olympics- I guess I should have just assumed since the games pretty much revolve around Sex that there would be.

Doesn’t even matter though, I’m just happy there are pictures.

Source: AOL

If I had these bills I definitely wouldn’t want to let them go.

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Scientists have developed a new highly precise and complex graph to show us guys how to find out exactly how many dudes our girlfriend has boned. I really need this. I always have to pretend I dont hear my girlfriend muttering names under her breath during sex.

Check out this link:

Maxim Magazine posted their list of the Hottest Girls of Comic Con and because I wasn’t able to make it there myself- I’m very thankful.

I think the eye candy of Booth Babes is what keeps most people from getting bored out of their mind and leaving. I think I would only stop at the booths with the hottest girls.

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Bonds is a pretty awesome clothing company based in Australia. They’re known best for their underwear and even better, their underwear advertisements. They usually depict extremely hot chicks doing random things like getting into a huge cream pie fight with each other or rolling around on the ground to look like a kaleidescope. Here is the latest installment of their ingenious advertising strategy:

I think I’m in love.

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