Halloween is just a couple of days away. And while it may be too late to order a costume online in time for the big day this year, I think it’s still worth discussing where to find the best penis costumes. You know, for future uses.  It’s just simply a classic. Some costumes get played out over time. We’ve all seen the sexy nurse or witch or cop a thousand times. So many of these once great costumes have just become boring and commonplace. But no one will ever call you out for not being original for dressing up as a giant dick. It will forever be seen as hilarious.

So the question isn’t should you be a giant penis for Halloween, but instead, which giant penis should you be for Halloween? Well I’m here to give you some options.

Halloweenie Penis Costume

Halloweenie Penis Costume

This costume would be a solid investment for any of you future dong wearing folks out there. And at only $42 on Amazon, it’s a purchase that’s well worth every penny. But if you don’t believe me, just check out this review left for the product.

“Rejoice, my friends!! Brilliance now comes in the form of male genitalia. I LOVE this costume. It killed on Halloween so i branched out. I wore it to my buddy’s birthday party, nanny and pop-pops 75th wedding anniversary celebration and my sons christening. I always knew there was a hole in my life that I couldn’t fill, imagine my shock when i realized that hole was in the shape of a giant penis!! This costume made me the man i am today and i love it…STOP READING THIS REVIEW AND BUY IT!!!”

 So according to this buyer, not only will you be able to use this lovely costume on Halloween, but for all occasions!

Inflatable Penis Costume

inflatable penis costume

This costume is actually pretty realistic as it requires work to keep it up. It comes with a fan that keeps your penis looking inflated and at its best for up to  7 hours. I also think the idea of the penis deflating towards the end of a night of partying would be absolutely hilarious. You can find this costume for $60 at GadgetsandGear.

Inflatable King Dong Penis Costume

king dong penis costume

The last penis costume on the list is fairly similar to the other inflatable model. It uses the fan method to keep the costume in proper form. However, this one offers some diversity as it comes in black! So if that’s your thing, you can order the costume here.

Now you have all the resources you could possibly need to dress up as a penis. So go out there and be a dick! But, you know…not the annoying kind. Like, literally, be a dick.

You’re never too old to enjoy Halloween. I mean, who doesn’t love dressing up in costumes, eating ridiculous amounts of candy, watching scary movies, and going to parties?! And since the spooky night is just a few weeks away now, it’s the perfect chance to get in the spirit of things with some Halloween themed porn. Here are some movies that you should check out this Halloween season.

Halloween Party Girls 2

One of the best parts of Halloween are the slutty costumes that girls deem socially acceptable. Slutty nurse, slutty cop, slutty witch. Any normal costume you can think of has a slutty alternative. So if you’re in to that sort of thing, then this movie is definitely for you.

Official Halloween Parody

If you’re a big scary movie fan then this film will be right up your alley. Everyone knows the Halloween film franchise, and the main character, Michael Myers. It’s a staple this time of year. Well now you can see your favorite bad guy in an entirely new light in this parody of the classic movie.

Frat House Fuckfest 7 – Trick Or Treat Edition

This movie is neat because it’s set up just like any other ordinary Halloween party. The only difference between this party and one that you might be going to is that there are people having sex all over the place at this one.

Hopefully these 3 films are enough to get you in the Halloween spirit. Personally, I can’t wait until the day after Halloween so I can go buy tons of leftover candy at discounted prices and sit down to some of these spooky, yet hot, movies.

The Great Pumpkin Carve-Off 2012

It’s time to get extra dirty with the pumpkin carvings this Halloween as HotMovies.com and our flagship sites invite friends and fans to participate in THE GREAT PORN PUMPKIN CARVE-OFF!!


  • Carve a sexy pumpkin
  • Take photos while you are carving and when you are done.
  • Send them in to us.

ALL submissions WIN HotMovies minutes and the top 3 creative winners will receive one of 3 valuable prizes

  • Cash $$$ – well, actually a gift card for $100 to use as you please
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  1. Photo must be from this October, no dusting off that sexy trucker pumpkin from last year.
  2. Photo must be yours. You own it, no grey photos or Google image searching. Do you really think we won’t research our winners? Come on, have some fun and stick a knife in that pumpkin.
  3. No photos of naked people with the pumpkin. Just the pumpkin please.
  4. Keep it sane. Images depicting  illegal or obscene activities won’t be eligible and will be reported if need be.
  5. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

The Deadline is October 31st at 11:00am EST. We will announce the winners later that day.

In order to play submit your photo james@hotmovies.com or submit on our Facebook Page:


Need some visual inspiration?
Learn how to make a pumpkin stencil from last years post – http://hotmoviesblog.com/hotmovies-network-2/hotmovies-gets-crafty-porno-pumpkin-carving.html

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The Story of Frankenboner’s Halloween HotMovies Adventure

The HotMovies.com headquarters was paid a visit by legendary horror porn royalty, Frankenboner, this week. Frankenboner is the only known dick carrying Great Pumpkin in existence, and he’s hung like Ron Jeremy with a cock only possible by the creation of science. Normally a visit from the horniest of Halloween characters is a happy event indeed, but Frankenboner came to HotMovies with a rotting sack this year.

His balls had started to painfully decay from a lack of something sexual, and he admittedly could not put his tip on exactly what he needed. So, we tried masturbating his enormous vine of an erection. Our interns tugged and tugged, but still couldn’t pop his great pumpkin seed. After that failed, we got on the horn and ordered an escort of Frankenboner’s personal choice. Her orange orifice was ripe for his throbbing member, and took him completely after he carved out a place for himself. Alas, the tight hole was still not enough to breathe life back into his rotting gords.

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Happy Halloween!

HotMovies-Vampires-vs-ZombiesOne of the many subjects that come to mind when Halloween rolls around is “Monsters”. Not only do we celebrate the dark tales of these mythical beasts throughout all of mainstream media, but everyone ends up dressed as one of these life threatening deformities. Regardless of whether “Sexy Monster” is an oxymoron of sorts or not, these same epic mutations are celebrated in porn as well. After much deliberation within the den of debauchery that is the HotMovies marketing office space, it was decided that Vampires and Zombies are the two most popular of the sexy monster variety.

Forming the selection of best Vampire porn and best zombie porn videos below sparked an even more interesting creature debacle at the HotMovies HQ. One your input would be much appreciated upon.

If both Vampire and Zombie epidemics were to befall our lovely planet at the same time, which would eventually take over Earth? Here are the major points the HotMovies office debate rendered before going public:

Vampires would take an early lead due to speed, agility, and mental capacity.

Vampires would also be fairly effective in defending against Zombie attacks.

Zombie infection can take time to fully develop, making Vampire contraction of the Zombie virus possible via human blood.

Zombies do not rely on live humans for a continued existence, whereas Vampires would eventually run out of warm blooded mammals for food.

Can you solve our debate in the comments section?

Click for Vampire Porn

Vampire Porn - Dark AngelsVampire Porn - Dark Angels 2Vampire Porn - From Lust till DawnVampire Porn - The Vampire Sex Diaries

Click for Zombie Porn

Zombie Porn - Porn of the DeadZombie Porn - Night of the Groping DeadZombie Porn - Creature FeatureZombie Porn - Zombie Nation

The month of October is the best time to enact all of your favorite frisky costume sex fantasies. Why else do you think couples dress up in correlating outfits on Halloween? The chuckles a costume duo gets from their friends are only the beginning. Once the party is over, it’s time for some dirty cosplay romance!

Below are the top 10 costume sex porn parodies chosen by HotMovies.com. We’ve taken the time to look through our massive 170,000 adult video on demand library, and find heavily costume focused sex involving outfits you see frequently on Halloween. Whether it’s timeless television shows, characters from classic literature, or popular political personalities, we have you covered from super to silly.

Check out more wild costume porn parodies right HERE.
Click on the videos to see more information.
It’s completely FREE to browse, and you might pick up a Halloween Costume idea or two.

Halloween Costume Porn Parody - Whos Nailin Paylin Adventures of a Hockey MILF Costume Porn Parody - This Aint Star Trek XXX
Halloween Costume Porn Parody - This Aint Happy Days XXX Costume Porn Parody - The Flintstones A XXX Parody
Costume Porn Parody - Scooby-Doo A XXX Parody Halloween Costume Porn Parody - Not MASH XXX
Costume Porn Parody - Erica McLeans Alice Halloween Costume Porn Parody - Batman XXX A Porn Parody
Costume Porn Parody - 70s Show A XXX Parody Halloween Costume Porn Parody - Wonderland

I can’t think of anything better than a sexy MILF and a vampire.. so when you put the two together, it’s double awesome.

Thank goodness there are videos like Vampire MILF Lap Dance.

Check out Vampire MILF Lap Dance– it’s worth it.


Adam & Eve exclusive contract star Kayden Kross is taking a break from filming and promoting the Adam & Eve Pictures/Zero Tolerance blockbuster “Roller Dollz”… by feature dancing in New York!

Scheduled to appear on Saturday, November 1, at Nite Moves in Latham, NY, Kayden Kross will be a part of the Nite Moves Halloween extravaganza weekend.

“This is my third appearance at Nite Moves,” says Kayden Kross, “I am truly honored to be invited back so many times and for such a special occasion!”

The blonde, beautiful Penthouse Pet has long been a favorite on the dance circuit, but her schedule has been so filled with movie shoots and store signings lately, she hasn’t been able to regularly dance.

“Finally,” she says, “I get to come back to New York, dance and celebrate Halloween! I can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend!”

Kayden Kross‘s first show begins at 10 p.m. each night, and Nite Moves is located at 677 New Loudon Road (Rte 9), Latham, NY 12110.

Taryn Thomas is super cute and sweet- she even believes in monogamy! Not that that really matters considering she can still fuck mad dudes when she’s in relationship, and get paid for it!:

1. How’d you pick your stage name?
A lady named Rose helped me pick out my name. Basically bc I tear it up lol

2. First film?
The first film I ever shot was for Hustler in Hawaii. I think it was Peter Romaro’s Beach House. But the first box cover I ever got was Double Cum Cocktails 2 by Lethal Hardcore.

3. Gonzo or Big Budget?
I like them both. Couldn’t choose even if I had to. I like gonzo bc it’s quick and simple. But I also enjoy features bc you really get to know your co workers working with them for more than 5 hours a day.

4. If you could make a porn with anyone in history, male or female, who would it be and why?
That’s a rather hard one. But if I was to fuck someone I’d go with Sarah Palin & John McCain they seems to be pretty hot right now, and they’re making history.

5. Would you DATE this same character from history? If you saw him/her in a bar, would you take them home casually?
Oh No.

Want to know if Taryn Thomas is dressing up for Halloween? Keep reading fools:
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