We like to keep things light here at the HotMovies good-head quarters, and there’s no better lighthearted holiday than Halloween within the Adult Industry. Our marketing super squad came together for some office pumpkin carving this past week, and some very devious creations came to be.

We began by taking a short lesson from our master of crafts, James Cybert, in the finer techniques of hacking artwork into a big orange fruit. The first step is to make a stencil, and you can make one out of virtually any image using Photoshop. Take the same lesson we did from the head honcho of online pornutopia himself below.

Step 1
Find a picture that you want to carve on the pumpkin. Make sure it has strong shadows.

I’m excited for the upcoming Harry Potter movie and I wanted my pumpkin to be a little evil, so I chose Lord Voldemort.

A quick image search on Google turned up this great shot from “The Order of the Phoenix”
HotMovies Pumpkin Carving Directions Voldemort

Step 2
Open the image in photoshop and resize to 8×10 or 5×7 or something that will fit on your pumpkin. Also crop it to what you want to carve.
HotMovies Pumpkin Carving Directions Voldemort

Step 3
Turn it black and white and adjust the brightness and contrast.
I put my brightness on 80 and contrast all the way up to 100.
HotMovies Pumpkin Carving Directions Voldemort

Step 4
Now invert the image. It should really be looking like a stencil now. You’ll be cutting out the black parts, so you will need to clean it up a bit.
HotMovies Pumpkin Carving Directions VoldemortHotMovies Pumpkin Carving Directions Voldemort

I added an eye and a nose slit to give a little detail. you’ll need to play with your designs to figure out what kind of details you might want to add later.

Here is the finished product:
HotMovies Pumpkin Carving Directions Voldemort Finished

You can do this with anything really. it might take a little messing around to find something that works.

I’d love to see what you do. If you try this, please post links to your results.

More to come as we approach Halloween :p

It is officially October, and the sexiest of all holidays now racing toward us. Halloween, unlike other holidays, requires more planning than simply knowing where you are going. Many Halloween parties have set themes for costumes which you must be prepared for. Especially if you plan on attending multiple events like most Halloween party goers today. Over this ghoulishly erotic month of costume and role play, we will be updating you on the best practices for costume choices, costume events and even a little trickery which could land you some naughty treats.

The first step of any Halloween planning process, is choosing where you will be shaking your booty. There is always a rainbow of possibilities available around All Hallows Eve for any person’s party preference. We suggest making your decision based on music and audience. Although alcohol helps in making anything fun, it makes your night even more enjoyable if you could be having a great time sober. Below is a list of highly rated Halloween events taking place across this great nation. Some are more fancy than others, so we implore you to follow the links to see exactly what you could be getting into.

New York
-> Joonbug’s 10th Annual Masquerade Halloween Ball 2011
-> NYC’s Official Haunted Playboy Mansion Halloween Party
-> The Lodge of Horror at the Stay Hotel Saturday 2011
-> SHOCKWAVES Halloween Party with David Berrie at Beekman Beer Garden
-> Halloween on Mars
-> Hide ya Tricks, Hide ya Treats, Zombie Intruder on 21st Street

Los Angeles
-> Hard Haunted Mansion
-> Kandy Halloween V: Playboy Mansion Halloween Party
-> Happy Hour Pub Crawl Hollywood
-> Monster Massive 2011
-> KRCW Masquerade
-> BOOOOTIE LA HAlloween at Echoplex
-> Haunted Hotel: Halloween Costume Party at OC Fair and Event Center
-> Minus the Bear at The Satellite

-> Hilton Haunted Hotel Ball
-> Crobar Halloween Party
-> The Apartment Halloween Bash
-> Coyote Ugly Chicago Halloween Party
-> Level Nightclub Halloween Party
-> Transit Chicago Halloween Party

-> South Beach Halloween Party
-> Pink Monkey Halloween Bash
-> Halloween at The Vault
-> The Shadow Bar Halloween 2011
-> Grasshopper Halloween 2011

-> Shampoo Halloween Party
-> Cavanaugh’s River Deck Halloween Bash
-> Club 27 Halloween 2011
-> The Roxxy Halloween Party
-> Bamboo Bar Halloween 2011