HotMovies-Vampires-vs-ZombiesOne of the many subjects that come to mind when Halloween rolls around is “Monsters”. Not only do we celebrate the dark tales of these mythical beasts throughout all of mainstream media, but everyone ends up dressed as one of these life threatening deformities. Regardless of whether “Sexy Monster” is an oxymoron of sorts or not, these same epic mutations are celebrated in porn as well. After much deliberation within the den of debauchery that is the HotMovies marketing office space, it was decided that Vampires and Zombies are the two most popular of the sexy monster variety.

Forming the selection of best Vampire porn and best zombie porn videos below sparked an even more interesting creature debacle at the HotMovies HQ. One your input would be much appreciated upon.

If both Vampire and Zombie epidemics were to befall our lovely planet at the same time, which would eventually take over Earth? Here are the major points the HotMovies office debate rendered before going public:

Vampires would take an early lead due to speed, agility, and mental capacity.

Vampires would also be fairly effective in defending against Zombie attacks.

Zombie infection can take time to fully develop, making Vampire contraction of the Zombie virus possible via human blood.

Zombies do not rely on live humans for a continued existence, whereas Vampires would eventually run out of warm blooded mammals for food.

Can you solve our debate in the comments section?

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Vampire Porn - Dark AngelsVampire Porn - Dark Angels 2Vampire Porn - From Lust till DawnVampire Porn - The Vampire Sex Diaries

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Zombie Porn - Porn of the DeadZombie Porn - Night of the Groping DeadZombie Porn - Creature FeatureZombie Porn - Zombie Nation

Trouble Films

Courtney Trouble, award-winning pornographer known for creating the all-inclusive, sex-positive genre of queer porn, launches her new studio TROUBLE Films, coming exclusively to

Courtney Trouble‘s films, like Seven Minutes In Heaven: Coming Out!, Billy Castro Does The Mission, and the Roulette series, have become the new standard in queer porn. They feature boundary pushing content and performers that run the gamut of fame, gender, and sexual orientation, such as Jiz Lee, Wolf Hudson, Dylan Ryan, Lorelei Lee, Syd Blakovich and Madison Young.

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Porn Fairy lurks around every dirty cornerLong ago, before the age of high speed internet and mobile devices, adolescent boys and girls had no porn to Google. They sat awake at night, watching U.S.A. Up All Night for just enough T&A to carry them through. They peered through scrambled cable signals like cold war spies operating a cypher for a glimpse of a telltale nipple. They tossed and turned on their unrequited libidos, as it were a pea beneath the mattress tormenting them.

But all was not hopeless, for in the woods between the neighborhoods, or the spaces between the dumpsters in the alley was a pot of gold. By the side of the freeway, or the crawl space of your friend’s grandfather’s house was a treasure that seemed to be another’s trash.

Porn! In magazine or VHS, DVD or poster, we found it. In the most unlikely spots or bricked together by water damage, we found it in stacks. Now even the most noobian end user is just a Google away from naked ladies (and even people really doing it,) but the legend of The Porn Fairy lives on.

Some say he still stalks the trash filled, tiny wooded areas between neighborhoods with a garbage bag full of porn like some fucked-up Easter bunny. Tell us about how you found porn for the first time, either hidden away by The Porn Fairy, or on the internet, or wherever.

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The Legend of The Porn Fairy The Porn Fairy spreads his wings
Porn Fairy becomes invisible when he stands still Porn Fairy cannot resist his curiosity
Porn Fairy loves to prance across the countryside Porn Fairy looks to dump his adult video stash

Adult Videos on Demand - MILF Magnet 6Lexington Steele enjoys the sexual company of women; a wide age range of women. In today’s release of the all-interracial MILF Magnet 6, Steele indulges in the affections of four, busty, so-called “older” women, some familiar and some new to the scene.

Starring an impressive cast of women who ooze experience and prove that older means bolder; Michelle McLaren, Shay Fox, Friday and Karen Fisher all appear with three-time AVN Male Performer of the Year and Mercenary Pictures owner Lexington Steele.

While McLaren and Friday have both had the Lexington Steele experience, Fisher and Fox are first-timers to working with the international award-winning actor/director in MILF Magnet 6.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michelle McLaren recently in Lex Steele XXX 14. The response to our first scene together demanded that I shoot her again. Friday made perfect sense because many have not seen her in awhile and this is a big breasted MILF series,” Steele said. “But the newcomers to my videos — Shay Fox and Karen Fisher — took to working with me extremely well. In fact, I can’t wait to shoot them again. I always look forward to the unadulterated enthusiasm and smoldering sensuality that women like these bring to a video.”

Steele credits the growth of the MILF genre in adult to female performers like the ladies showcased in MILF Magnet 6.

“For a very long time, the adult industry was obsessed with young girl and just out of high school types of titles,” Steele reflected. “Girls like Michelle, Karen, Shay, and Friday have increased competition for the same amount of available work. I’ve always loved women this age and shooting every new MILF Magnet is a pleasure most men will never understand.”

Distributors may contact Hank at 818-718-1462 or 866-289-1414, or email him.

For foreign sales, contact Dani at 818-786-1300 or email.

NBC’s new series “The Playboy Club” hasn’t even aired its first episode, and some people already want it off the air.

First, NBC’s Salt Lake City, UT affiliate, KSL-TV, refused to air the show, saying that their station is “completely inconsistent with the Playboy brand.”

Now an anti-porn foundation is determined to shut down the show completely

“What’s shown in ‘The Playboy Club’ is not real—Playboy definitely damages people. It’s pornography, it’s sex trafficking and it exploits women,” the founder of Pink Cross, ex porn actress Shelley Lubben, tells “The series looks like it’s all cute, taking place back in the old days—it seems harmless, but then they show a quick clip of three people going at it in the bathroom. NBC is breaking the law with this show—they’re not meeting FCC standards.”

The nonprofit group Morality in Media agrees.

“We’re launching a big effort with our web site,,” Dawn Hawkins, executive director, Morality In Media, tells “We’re asking supporters to sign the pledge to and to contact their local NBC affiliates and ask them not to air the show. And as soon as we discover who is sponsoring the show, we’ll ask our supporters to contact them as well.”

Hawkins charges that “The Playboy Club” glamorizes pornography. “We know now, years later, that pornography is very harmful to society. It leads to addiction in children and adults, increased sex trafficking violence against women—and ‘Playboy’ is really the root of all of this. We just don’t want to see it glamorized any further, which it will be if it’s aired on NBC.”…….

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