The thing about this photo set is, it’s arrival is kind of a miracle. We sent Misti Dawn her free t-shirt close to 6 months ago, but unfortunately the world will never cease turning. Misti is a very busy adorable little porn star, and it was difficult for her to remember taking t-shirt photos when she was doing things like getting married to Michael Vegas, re-launching, visiting family, and growing her mainstream nerd princess street cred.

Luckily, I keep an open communication with the cat’s meow of nerd porn, and continued to remind her of how badly we wanted to see her ravishing redheaded tookus wearing our humble HotMovies logo. Low and behold, these are what I opened my email to this morning.

Love you Misti Dawn! You still owe T.J. Hotmovies a Dunkin’ Donuts date, and Michael Vegas can come too 🙂

Bree Olson dumps Charlie Sheen via Text Message

IDK My BFF Jill?

Well, it turns out “Winning” isn’t always so fabulously cut and dry for the tiger blooded warlock named Charlie Sheen. Bree Olson dumped the 45 year old via text message directly before he took the stage in Florida on his stand-up tour.

Bree Olson had been one of two “goddesses” Charlie Sheen had living with him. Most men would be rightly upset with being dealt such information without even a phone call, but Charlie apparently still wishes Bree well. At least in public.

What is EXXXOTICA? from EXXXOTICA on Vimeo.

Exxxotica Miami 2011 takes place from May 20th to May 22nd.

A slew of special events are already scheduled for your adult entertainment pleasures and sexual awakening. “Ladies Free Friday”, “Miami’s Hottest Frat Dude” and the “Men of Adonis” are three of the major attractions this year for the ladies. Whereas the “Pretty Things Peep Show”, “Rubberdoll – Fetish and Kink Performance” and the ever popular “Ms. Exxxotica Competition” are ready to keep the men happy at all costs.

Tattoo Alley will also be returning this year by popular demand. Miami Beach, Florida is well known for it’s prestigious tattoo parlors, but let me ask you a question. Would you rather get inked in a stereotypical, boring tattoo parlor, or show off your badass side while taking the needle in front of the hottest women in the world? No brainer? That’s what we thought.

Of course, who could ever forget the after parties? Want to spend your weekend nights cruising Miami’s hottest club nightlife, surrounded by the adult industry’s top porn stars? Don’t miss this years Exxxotica Miami!