Following porn stars on Instagram serves a couple purposes. One, chances are that you’re going to get to see some risque photos posted. Two, it gives you a chance to see what these ladies are into in their spare time. It’s pretty cool to get to learn who they actually are and what they enjoy doing. I mean, it’s the least we can do considering we jerk off to them all of the time. We owe them at least this. So here are 9 porn stars that are fairly active on Instagram and also deliver some solid content.

Lexi Belle – omgitslexi

Lexi Belle

Lexi’s account is good because the pictures are mostly of her. No wading through tons of pics of food or cats. It’s just a lot of photos of Lexi looking like her sexy self.

Tori Black – misstoriblack

Tori Black

Tori seems to really enjoy taking those pics in bed where all that’s shown is the stomach to boobs area. I mean, not that I’m complaining. Just an observation.

Veruca James – verucajames

Veruca James

Veruca writes in the bio section of her account, “Here is my attempt at PG.” Sadly, this is pretty accurate. It’s a pretty tame profile. The most you’re going to get is some cleavage or bikini pics. However, some Veruca James is better than none.

Aiden Ashley – evilaiden

Aiden Ashley

In my opinion, Aiden has the hottest account out of everyone on the list. But that might just be because I think the whole goth/all black look she does is incredibly fucking hot. Either way, you’re going to see more skin following her than a lot of the others on the list.

Charmane Star – charmanestar

Chamane Star

The good thing about Charmane is that she posts really frequently. None of this post 1 pic a week bullshit. You’re going to get a lot of content if you follow her. More good news…a lot of those pics she posts are her in bathing suits.

April O’Neil – heyitsaprilagain

April O'Neil

It’s no surprise that April O’Neil has an Instagram and uses it frequently. She’s by far the hippest porn star out there. Her account is a solid mix of cute and sexy selfies. It’s a good balance of not too boring but also not so slutty you might as well just watch porn.

Skin Diamond – skindiamond

Skin Diamond

Skin Diamond posts a lot of stuff that’s not just herself. But definitely still worth a follow. Who can blame her for throwing in a couple shots of food here and there? We all do it.

Remy LaCroix – ugottabekittenme

Remy LaCroix

First off, I like that Remy didn’t just use her name for her handle. Second, while she doesn’t post as many selfies as others on the list; when she does, it’s well worth it. Remy’s face is just so damn cute. And I will never turn down missing a chance to get to see her ass. It’s one of the best out there.

Tasha Reign – tashareignlove

Tasha Reign

If you just want to follow a hot, all-American looking girl, then Tasha Reign is the account you need check out. She’s just a blonde with big boobs who takes a lot of pictures of herself. Nothing wrong with looking at that.

Selfie (sel·fie) noun – A picture one takes of oneself with a smartphone or camera which is typically then uploaded to a social media site.

Sarah took a selfie and put it on Instagram to show off her bitchin’ new swag.

If you spend any amount of time on Instagram or Twitter these days then you no doubt are bombarded with a variety of selfies each and every day. They’re great…for the most part. Selfies allow us to show off our new clothes or how good we’re looking for a hot date. They allow us to broadcast to the world all of the fun activities we’re doing with friends. There are so many great reasons that selfies should stick around. However, they are indeed an art form. You can’t just whip out your iPhone any old place and start snapping pics. Here you will learn the proper etiquette for taking these self-photos and how to not come across like a gigantic douchebag.

You Must Be Discreet!

Discretion is your friend when it comes to selfies. You absolutely DO NOT want to be this guy.

See, this is the perfect example of taking pretentiousness too far. This guy thinks he’s so much better than those around him that he doesn’t have to be embarrassed even though most people would be. Well folks, I’m here to tell you that this guy most definitely should be reconsidering his life decisions. Because he looks like an enormous tool. So lesson 1, don’t ever do this!

The only exception to the rule of discretion is if you’re with a group of people out doing something.

group selfie

In this instance a selfie is perfectly acceptable. You’re making it known to people on Instagram and all over the web that you’re out having fun and being social with others. This makes you look better. It will make others jealous of you, but in a good way. Whereas in the original example, you just come across looking desperate for attention.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings!

Obviously you are going to be the main subject in the photo. That’s the whole point. However, this doesn’t mean that backgrounds and settings don’t play a part in making a successful selfie. You don’t want ruin a picture of you looking great in some new threads by having a messy room or toilet stall in the background. And you sure as hell don’t want to slip up and leave something private in the photo like a vibrator or monster dildo.

selfie dildo

As nice as this lady is looking in this pic, it’s completely ruined. Guess what? If you upload this to Instagram, it doesn’t matter how hot you are. The only thing the comments are going to be about is that bright blue dildo of yours on the nightstand. Good luck burying that joke amongst your friends.

It’s Okay to Be a Little Pretentious

Before I mentioned that you don’t want to come off appearing desperate or that you think you’re better than everyone. However, the whole concept of selfie art is that you are taking a picture of, well, yourself. It’s about as selfish as an activity can be. BUT there is definitely a smart way to go about it. This is where the artistic approach really comes in. Unlike our friend before, you don’t want to just take a plain, boring picture of yourself on a train. However, there are ways to spice it up so you come off looking just a little better than everyone else while still not acting like a jerk.

artsy selfie

Now this is just absolutely A+ selfie work. This lovely gal was able to successfully blend herself in to the entirety of this picture. It’s as if she’s part of the room. You can look amazing, but if you appear out of place then the photo just isn’t going to work out. The filter in this particular selfie is also spot on. It adds just enough character without being too much. For more in-depth filter knowledge, try here.

So there you have it. The art of taking selfies. I expect all of you to now have a better understanding of the dos and don’ts of taking selfies and make the Internet a better, less douchebag-filled place.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you know that Instagram (owned by Facebook) just released a video function on the app. While this has been in development for a while, it’s pretty clear that the main reason for the new feature is to compete with Twitter’s video app, Vine.

With the news of Instagram Video, a lot of people took to the internet saying that Vine is dead and there will be no point to it now that Instagram has created a similar product. But I disagree. While these two apps may appear to be the same concept at first, there are a lot of differences that I believe make them entirely different experiences.

Ok, so let’s take a look at some of the functions of each app. The biggest difference between the two would have to be the allowed recording time. Vine allows you to creat a 6 second video, while Instagram leaves time for up to 15 second recordings. So right off the bat it seems like Instagram would be better, right? Well not really, no. It’s a complete matter of preference. If you’re looking for just a regular recorded video, then yes, 15 seconds is better, and I would recommend Instagram. However, I think it’s important to look at Vine not like a normal video. It’s more of a GIF creator really. When you reach the end of a Vine video, it starts playing right back at the beginning, just like a GIF. So maybe it’s not as good for recording a specific event that’s happening, but it certainly has it’s benefits. Just as GIFs are sometimes better than watching entire videos online. But really, this whole time difference is symbolic of what Facebook and Twitter represent in their original forms. Facebook is a much lengthier and personal way of communicating, while Twitter is meant to be short and limited in the amount you can say.

Another reason I believe these two can not only exist together, but thrive, is the outlook of the companies backing them. Twitter has always held a stance of free speech and letting the users generate whatever content they like even if sometimes things are said or posted that probably shouldn’t be. This has definitely come in handy for people like porn stars. They’re able to post nude pictures, and now videos thanks to Vine, without fear of the post being taken down due to some sort of policy infringement. For example, take a look at this Vine from Kristina Rose.

Facebook, and Instagram by association, on the other hand have not had nearly as lenient of a policy when it comes to such matters. While it is certainly possible to find nudity on Facebook and Instagram, it is against their policy. I doubt you’re going to be seeing too much of the above on Instagram Video.

If there’s one thing you can be sure of when you’re on the Internet, it’s that there will always be nudity. You can find pretty much anything if you search enough. There are too many industries and markets for it to disappear. So I believe the fact that these two apps have differing policies when it comes to this topic may in fact help both of them. Instagram Video and Vine are still obviously competitors and will compete for a lot of the same users. But I do also believe that there is enough differentiating the two that they can both exist and be successful, just as Twitter and Facebook have each thrived over the past several years.

So that being said, which do you prefer? I’m a Vine man, myself.