Nostalgia is a powerful force that affects people in a variety of ways. Some people recall fond memories of playing ball outside with their friends, while others may feel the freedom and joy of camping as a child when they get a waft of the outdoors. Whatever it may be, we all have little things from yesteryear that bring us a sense of comfort and sentiment.

For me, that thing is scrambled porn. The kids of today raised on the internet don’t know what they’re missing. Sure, they can go online, open up an incognito window, and browse all the HD porn they’d like. Meanwhile, their parents are none the wiser. But where’s the thrill in that?! Where’s the excitement?! There’s no anxiousness derived from the fact that you could get caught at any second.

For the children of the 90’s, like myself, we had to be quick and stealthy about our pleasure seeking. I recall vividly sitting right in front of the tv after everyone else was asleep with the volume turned down as low as it could go, switching on the Spice channel, and just simply waiting for the chance to see a boob. Two if I was lucky! It was a riveting experience for sure.

scrambled pornThe thought process was always the same. “Was that a boob? Yeah, I think it was. Wait maybe not. I think it was just a shoe. DAMN!”




But that was the fun of it. The chase! The neon glow radiating from the scrambled channels was almost seductive in its own way. It put you in a sort of sensual trance. It made it so I never even had to see anything for real. My imagination did all the work for me. That’s where the difference comes in today. You want to see Princess Leia giving DarthVader a blow job? No problem! There’s just no need for imagination anymore.

Kids today are both lucky and cursed. Yeah sure, you have it real easy and convenient. And don’t get me wrong, I love technology for the most part, as well. But I’ll stick with my scrambled porn filled childhood any day. So on this Throwback Thursday, take the time to reflect on your own youthful porn adventures. What did you have to go through? Remember the times of old, before the internet, when scavenging for material to get off on wasn’t so easy.

scrambled porn




SEOUL, South Korea — The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has voted to allow non-Roman characters into web addresses, but it won’t be cheap.

ICANN voted in Seoul, South Korea, this week to approve the measure, which will open up the web to the “100,000 characters of world languages” that haven’t been supported all this time.

But acquiring a non-Roman URL won’t be as easy as typing a few words into Registries that choose to offer the unique URLs will have to pay ICANN $26,000 up front and contribute money annually. Registries that move a lot of volume will be expected to give 3 percent of their money to ICANN every year, while smaller companies will only have to give 1 percent.

The measure marks a sea-change in how the Internet works. To date, Internet servers have only been able to interpret URLs that include the 26 letters of the English alphabet, as well as the numbers 0-9 and the hyphen. That will change as all servers will have to add support for characters from dozens of new languages, including Arabic, Persian, Russian, Hindi, Greek, Korean, Hebrew, Japanese, Tamil, and both simplified and traditional Chinese.

In addition, ICANN set plans to launch a process called Fast Track that will give governments the power to reserve top-level domains (TLDs) in their own language. TLDs are also known as the suffixes to web addresses, such as “.com” or “.net.”

The Fast Track process launches on Nov. 16. ICANN expects to approve the first non-Roman URLs by the middle of 2010.

But will these new URLs be a boon for online hooligans? Spammers might be able to exploit this new option to buy phony domains that look like larger domains. For example, a phisher could simply add a non-Roman character to a common domain like and wind up with a web address that not only looks like Google at a glance, but that also has a dot-com ending.

Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality is something that you may not hear every day or know anything about, but you should know how and why it affects every one of us today.

Net Neutrality, in a nut shell, is the free flow of information on the internet. It’s advocates argue that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must be forced to provide users with access to all of the Internet without a tiered price structure that would favor only the biggest, wealthiest websites.

U.S. lawmakers will formally propose a new set of net neutrality regulations during the third week in October at a meeting that will include FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. Advance word holds that the five-member panel will vote 3-2 in favor of new Internet regulations that would ensure the free flow of information online.

In addition, Chairman Genachowski said that the new rules would stop online operators from discriminating against any competing Internet applications. That means that companies like AT&T would no longer be able to prevent users from using competing voice services, such as those offered by Skype, Google or eBay.

Internet super powers such as AT&T and Verizon have protested strongly against Net Neautrality. They believe that the competitive nature online protects consumers enough, and that an internet free-for-all would create a nightmare of network issues. Of course, leaving Google out of this mix would be rude to say the least.

This meeting over Net Neutrality rules hits dead center in a standing feud between Google and AT&T. AT&T accused Google of hypocrisy due to the blocking of certain phone calls made through its Google Voice mobile application, and AT&T has been the subject of widespread criticism alongside its partner, Apple, because of Apple’s ban on the Google Voice app from Apple’s App Store. These types of information control and censorship are exactly what U.S. Lawmakers are meeting to discuss.

Oh wait. Not. Turns out they want to make a portion of free wireless internet to be…porn free?? Why else does the internet exist? Youtube is great but come on…

“David Weinberger writes, “The FCC is suggesting that it will make a slice of spectrum available for free Internet access to users, so long as the providers filter out all the porn…and, if the filters don’t work, then the providers have to use ‘other means,”…”

As a whole, the FCC seems like they would be really fun to hang out with and kick back a few drinks. I am so glad they are around to protect me from porn and things.

Source: BoingBoing

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