Siri porn star bio

2015 Porn Star Tournament finalist Siri

1. Tell our readers a little about yourself and your career thus far.

Siri: Well, I am Siri, which is the short form of Sigrid, a name unique to my Norwegian and Swedish heritage. It means “beautiful victory” in Old Norse and I hope it holds true for this tournament! I began in adult after the 2012 AVN Awards and have grown the Siri brand to represent body positivity and that a tall, naturally curvy girl could be a success in the mainstream adult industry. I believe the porn consumers have embraced the industry’s decision to offer me so much work and so many DVD covers, recognizing that they appreciate a real woman with real curves, and there’s nothing on me that is enhanced or augmented in any way. Nothing plastic, artificial, or anything less than 100% real on my body. I even do my own makeup for all of the scenes on my website and some for the public sites. I also perform with passion and intensity, and my orgasms are 100% real as well. You are watching a real girl doing her thing on film, and loving every minute of it!

2. Tell us about the charity you chose, and why it’s important to you.

Siri: is one of the most worthy charities on the planet. And I’m proud to be a supporter of RAINN, a great nonprofit organization which empowers survivors of sexual assault and abuse by providing resources and important counseling services.


Topless porn star Siri 3. Make your case! Why should YOU be named the 2015 #porntourn MVP?

Siri: I hope my loyal fans, known as Sirians, vote for me to be named the 2015 MVP. I’ve spent the past 3 years, and certainly all of last year, working hard to get where I am in the adult industry. I did so many new things in in the past year, like a blow bang, my first anal, and my only fan interactive experience with Team BJ. I feel like I am a well-rounded porn star, with 6 AVN and XBIZ nominations this year, and was chosen by fans as the TLA RAW 2014 Performer of the Year, and the DDF Busty Network Ultimate Sex Goddess for 2015. I have stepped behind the camera this year into more of a producing role and I constantly fight digital piracy. But this award for my past year and body of work would be an amazing validation for me, and I consistently find my work rated highly on I feel that I represent the industry well with my mainstream articles in The Daily Dot, The Kernel, and my writings on, as well as my appearances on broadcasts like Loveline.

Porn star Siri shows her famous tits4. What special tactics or strategy did you employ to help get you into the final 2?

Siri: None, whatsoever. I simply tweeted consistently that my loyal Sirians should show their support by voting. It was a simple as making the request and they got out the vote. I have the best fans in adult!

5. What would you like to say to your fans regarding their support in getting you to the final 2?

Siri: My Legion of Sirians, you are truly the best and most loyal fan base in this business, and more supportive than any adult star could wish for. Thank you for bringing me this far, and let’s bring home the victory!

6. What was the best part about being involved in the 2015 #porntourn?

Siri: Hearing from new fans I’ve never seen before and having my diehard fans really make their voices heard. They never let up and always brought me to the next round, even when I was down in the voting. They pulled it out for me every time and I am so grateful. So for me, the most rewarding experience has been to see the genuine loyalty of my Sirians. But on a personal note, it means so much to me to be this close to seeing RAINN rewarded with the $500 charitable donation. I believe strongly in their work.

Curvaceous Siri shows her assets7. How does it feel to be part of the final 2, having beat out 62 other stars?

Siri: I can’t describe how flattered and honored I am to be in the finals after seeing all of the talented stars in the running throughout the tournament.

8. What do you plan to do with your winnings?

Siri: Invest in the Siri Entertainment business, for sure. I am shooting less these days so it is very welcome help with infusion of cash into the Siri biz.

9. What’s up next for you?

Siri: I continue to upload new content to and fight digital piracy on a weekly basis. So I will maintain and always move forward to newer and better things. Thank you so much for highlighting my work with this opportunity!

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Sheridan Love in pink lingerie

Dreamy Sheridan Love

Many staffers around the office have been crushing on curvaceous cutie Sheridan Love for a while now, and our collective blood has been pumping hard for her since her role as Captain Sheridan in Burning Angel‘s latest sci-fi XXX movie, Killer Kleavage from Outer Space. Sheridan was kind enough to make time to talk to us about Killer Kleavage, her unique entry into doing porn flicks, and more. Ms. Love is truly just as gorgeous on the outside as on the inside. Read on:

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do, for those who may not know you yet.

I’m Sheridan Love and I currently shoot girl-girl porn and I also do live webcam shows exclusively on Streammate. Other than that I work out a lot.

2. Your most recent movie, Killer Kleavage from Outer Space, just came out from Burning Angel Entertainment. What can people expect to see from you in this film, and how has it stood out from other scenes you’ve done?

This scene allowed me to show a little bit of my more fun side versus just my sensual and sexy side. This is the first time I got to be in a sci-fi based movie, which is awesome because I am that girl that will watch cheesy B movies all day if you let me. In this movie I am the captain of the Aerolites so I am in charge of making sure my girls bring back to the perfect penis. There are two things about shooting this movie that stand out. First, I really loved getting to dress up as a character from outer space. I love dressing up and I have fun doing cosplay type stuff. I wish I could do more. Secondly, I got to break in Axis Evol. This was the first time for me shooting with a girl where it is her very first scene.

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Penny Pax on the set of Boundaries

Penny Pax on the set of The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries

Congratulations on the success of The Submission of Emma Marx! Not only is the sequel, The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries about to debut, but the film also made it into Showtime’s X-Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time as the most recently made film on that list. How does it feel to be a part of such a successful film that it gets mainstream recognition?

Thank you! I continue to be shocked by how much people enjoy The Submission Of Emma Marx! It was my first lead role in a feature so I was super nervous to do a good job! I have an acting background from the age of 7 and when I found out about porn parodies and features being done in the industry I was stoked!!

Has your career in porn changed since Emma Marx became such a hit?

I don’t feel like anything has changed career wise…but after seeing the first movie myself I definitely reevaluated myself as an actor.

Obviously, 50 Shades of Grey has had a huge impact on people and has opened up a very public conversation about kink. What do you think about the impact that 50 Shades has had? Are you a fan of the book?

I have not read the books. I do feel like they don’t really portray the right idea of kink or BDSM relationships. I have not personally experienced a BDSM relationship, but that is what I have gathered from people I know that have.

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Hi Jayda! Could you briefly introduce yourself to your HotMovies fans?

Jayda Diamonde – Hi everyone, if you don’t already know me I’m Jayda Diamonde, adult film star, professional live cam model and all around kick ass hot chick! I want to say hi and tell you how happy I am to do this special interview for all my fans at from around the world. The entire crew at HotMovies, from Jesse to Josh and TJ, has been so great to me and I love the quality operation they run. I also want to take a moment to announce, for the first time to all my fans, that my good friends at HotMovies have decided to sponsor my NEW VOD Theater and NEW Official Blog. They are both NOW OPEN!

First, you will now be able to view all my movies and scenes in one place, as well as those from other XXX stars at my NEW VOD theater, My second announcement is you’ll be able to get firsthand accounts of my comings and goings, as well as a host of other great interviews, picture sets and my own brand of humor, style and opinions in my NEW official BLOG!! I want to showcase rising stars, top cam models and other popular guest xxx bloggers! You’ll find all that and more at

I’ll even have a link for new cam models to sign up on from my top rated Streamate studio, CamSharks, at and a special offer for new visitors to our NEW white label LIVE cam site, You will also be able to sex chat with me LIVE on your phone via

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There has been a lot of buzz recently surrounding the new Anchorman XXX Parody, and things have heated up even more since the set was visited by’s Hal Rudnick. Hal took some time to ask the Anchorman porn parody’s stars what parts of the original Anchorman movie were there favorites. Once those questions seem to fall on distracted ears, Hal turns to the hot topic issues of today.

“In Anchorman: A XXX Parody, top notch anchorman Ron Burgundy (Jack Lawrence) moves his roots from San Diego to the fine trappings of Los Angeles — and he brings the entire Channel 4 News Team with him. Unfortunately, Brian (Dale DaBone), Brick (Anthony Rosano) and Champ (Eric Masterson) are all unemployed. In an effort to restart their once stellar careers, the gang and their fearless leader must join forces with the ever-popular Veronica Corningstone (Tasha Reign) and her all-female news team. Anchorman: A XXX Porn Parody also features Adriana Sephora, Dylan Ryan, Aiden Starr, Dana DeArmond and India Summer.”

Our sister site has been gaining some decent notoriety over this video interview on YouTube.

JD Bauchery interviews porn star Melissa Monet at the 2010 Dinah Shore. Melissa describes herself as, “Writer, director, producer, art director and sociopath…” on her official Myspace profile. Melissa has enjoyed careers in both the porn industry and the mainstream movie industry. “Starting in July 1994 as an actress, I did about 100 movies in my two active years. I started directing about three months in and continued directing and then producing well past my acting career and through to the present. I flip back and forth between mainstream and porn enjoying the best of both worlds mainly behind the camera.”, says Melissa.

Q: Do you even remember the first time you realized there was porn on the Internet?

Luke Wilson: You know, I’m just not computer savvy. I mean, I can barely work my BlackBerry. I feel like, for me, it was a couple of years ago. But just to hear that it started back in 1995 is pretty incredible.

Giovanni Ribisi: It is something that you’ll often find at the beginning of any technological advance. The early proponents for DVD technology, for instance, were the adult-film-industry producers and pornographers. But I remember when porn was sent via e-mail on dial-up modems, so it took an eternity to even pull up a Web page.

Q: So if porn isn’t one of your Internet vices, what do you surf for on the Web?

Luke Wilson: That’s it for me. Literally, I can’t work a computer. I feel like a knucklehead saying it. I barely got out of college without learning how to use one. I’d write a paper in longhand and get it typed out by a typist for about $1 a page. And I was in the last era where you were able to do that. I do have an iPod. But again, I’ll have a friend feed a disc into his computer and get the song that I want while I lean over their shoulder saying, “Are you kidding? You can get this that fast?”

Giovanni Ribisi: I’m addicted to this Web site for the Khan Academy []. This guy, Salman Khan, went to MIT and ended up being an investment banker. He walked away from that to post online tutorials for everything from mathematics and biology to economics. He has been on CNN, and he’s won a ton of awards for the way that he teaches. Apparently he has more than 80,000 subscribers. It’s really just phenomenal what this guy has done for nonprofit education.

Q: Luke, what made you want to take this part?

Luke Wilson: I do a lot of comedy, and so the idea of getting to do something that was very different than anything I’d ever played really appealed to me. I was just appreciative of getting asked to do something like this, that someone would have enough faith to think, “Oh, this guy can do that.”

Q: And yet a lot of the material in Middle Men could have been played for huge laughs.

Luke Wilson: Yeah, but also I’ve seen the movie about four times now, and when I do I laugh a lot. Especially at Giovanni’s and Gabriel Macht’s characters. The thing about George [Gallo] is that he’s really funny and very quick-witted. He wrote Midnight Run and Bad Boys. But the movies I like always walk that fine line. The Wes Anderson movies always seem bittersweet. They can be sad, and then they can be really funny. And George just seemed to walk that line well.

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Sunny Lane Interview

Our good friends Pornstar Airlines had the rare pleasure of running into one of what we like to call the “chameleons” of porn. These are the girls who can pull off both ends of the “Hot” spectrum. One second you’re staring into their big doe eyes, watching them give the most innocent and adorable pigtailed blowjob of all time…and the next you will find them in a ripped set of “fuck-me” stockings squirting all over a big cock like a true professional.

Sunny Lane Videos on DemandSunny Lane was born in Georgia and raised in Florida, she has been an entertainer close to her entire life. Natural and charismatic, Lane hit the stage in 2004, winning Deja Vu Showgirl of the Year and began her ascent into world of adult entertainment. After attending an industry awards show, she felt herself gravitating towards adult celebrities and industry insiders.

Known as a relentless self-promoter – the “Energizer Bunny” of porn – Sunny Lane appears at every opportunity and event, smiling, enthusiastic and ready for action. As an entertainer, she lights up the screen with sexy-sweet looks and a charisma that recalls the Golden Age of porn. Onstage, her showgirl style illuminates her abilities as a singer and dancer. On-camera, she displays the sexual prowess that any legendary adult performer would be jealous of.

Sunny-Lane-HotmoviesPornstar Airlines: What are you currently up to?

Sunny Lane: It’s my first time in Europe! I really have a good time with It’s a great company, and they take care of my VOD website so people can see all the movies that I’ve shot for every studio. Right now, I’m working on my website, shooting, and directing. I won “Boobie Girl of the Year”, I’m very pleased. It was an interesting contest.

I have a new movie called “Flight Attendants” and I was very excited to shoot it. When I m on a plane I always fantasize being one of the stewardesses, so It’s really nice being one of them. I got to do all my scenes on the plane, my airline is bigger than the other ones. It was a fun sassy role.

After Berlin, I’m going to New York for the premiere of “Naked Ambition: An R-rated Look At An X-rated Industry”, the book from Michael Grecco. It’s gonna be at the museum of sex. He also put out a documentary in which he followed me around for 40 hours at the AVN Awards with Joanna Angel.

Pornstar Airlines: What are your websites?

Sunny Lane: &

Pornstar Airlines: Which achievements are you proud of?

Sunny Lane:
– I’m Deja-Vu’s first-time-ever contract featured star.
– I’ve been a professional ice-skater for the majority of my life.
– I’m Deja-Vu’s one and only contract star that was on tour last year.
– I was on ABC prime-time back in 07.
– I won 5 awards at AVN. I’m very stoked about that.
– Being in Playboy. They found ME. That’s amazing in itself.

I get to do a lot of fun things that are crossing over. Like doing adult to mainstream, TV, radio. I’m the girl next door gone hardcore.

Pornstar Airlines: Have you ever had sex with a famous person outside of the porn-biz?

Sunny Lane: Yes, on a few occasions, but I don’t kiss and tell. I’m fortunate to have had the encounters.

Sunny Lane spread eagle in pigtailsPornstar Airlines: Would you give some advices to newbies in the adult-industry?

Run it like a biz, biz is biz, you gotta make money. It’s a different industry than it was when I started 5 years ago. Own your name, trademark, copyright, get your domain, and just own it!

Pornstar Airlines: What’s the story behind your name Sunny Lane?

Sunny Lane: I was trying to find something that’s my personality. Something that’s me ’cause it can’t be something I’m not. First it was Sunshine Lane, but when I came into the porn-industry it got changed to Sunny Lane.

Pornstar Airlines: What kind of tattoos do you have and what are they symbolizing?

Sunny Lane: None! That’s why Playboy likes me. They are the girl-next-door type of company, but now they re getting risque. I know some people who have funny tattoos. I used to have a radio-show known as rude-TV. I had Adrenalynn on my show before she was a contract star to Digital Playground. She had “Jared’s Little Fuckdoll” tattooed on her asshole! No lie! On her ass-HOLE!!!!! I dunno who Jared is though. Whatever. I like other people’s tattoos and talking about them… 🙂 All I have is my belly-button pierced.

Pornstar Airlines: What s a turn-on in guys for you?

Sunny Lane: Big character, strong, but not egoistical or condescending. A man that can be real, that spoils a woman, and treats you like a princess.

Pornstar Airlines: What comes to your mind when you hear the following names:

– Jesse Jane –

Sunny Lane: Sweet girl! Absolutely love her. We really connected! We have a great personality together. “Dark Angels 2 – Blood Line” was one of the milestones that put me on the map in the adult-industry. I was her go-to-girl. Good people. I wish we could get our own show together. That would be a lot of fun.

Sunny Lane and Ron Jeremy– Ron Jeremy –

Sunny Lane: I love him! He’s my mentor, godfather, and my friend. I’m very fortunate to have him in my life.

– Vicky Vette –

Sunny Lane: I love her. Wonderful! Vette-nation all the way! That’s who my website is with. She designs it and makes it happen. We didn’t get to do a full scene yet, but I think it’s gonna be extremely hot when we do. Good people.

– Alana Evans –

Sunny Lane: Wonderful! Those people are all my friends! I love her dearly. I’ve known her from the beginning as well.

– Sara Jay –

Sunny Lane: Love her. She’s real, great personality, and has BIG natural boobs.

– Nina Hartley –

Sunny Lane: Love her! She taught me a lot sexually. She taught me that I can be a switch…that i can be submissive. She also passed the torch from her ass to my ass. She mentioned that on AVN. She’s showing me the way in some areas.

– Vince Neil –

Sunny Lane: Dear friend of mine. He’s very good. I do his charity every year for the Skylar Niel Foundation, I help people to spend money for it. It’s a lot of fun. Good people. He has been on AVN prime-time with me. He supported me a lot in a lot of different areas and I ll do anything for him.

– Bret Michaels –

Sunny Lane: I’ve never met him, but he’ll be fun to hang out with. He’s a wild child.

– Paris Hilton –

Sunny Lane: I met her at a club in Miami. We were there to sign for the book from Michael Grecco. I was blown away how much time she spent with me, because I guess usually she’s not like that. We took a picture. That was before her bff-show. She’s cool and very nice. We’ve fucked some of the same people…

– Jenna Jameson –

Sunny Lane: She’s definitely iconic and a great woman. I’ve known her personally. She said, “Sunny Lane, you’re already a star.” She very much respected me, she supported me, and was very friendly. Last year at the AVNs they asked me, “Who s your mentor?” I said, “Ron Jeremy, ’cause he’s really made it happen and brought me to the next level.” Jenna was sitting right in front of Ron, and he told me after wards that she turned around and said, “That s so sweet, she truly loves you and I love her too.”

That was actually when she said that crazy-ass comment about spreading legs for the industry, right before the award-show started. She was sitting in the front row. I went up and said “hi” to her, gave her a big hug, and she said, “Not matter these fuckin people do to you, no matter what they say, it’s all about you. You’re a star, you’ll make it happen. Then she walked up there and said what she said… Pretty intense.

– Snoop Dogg –

Sunny Lane: He’s cool. I’ve hung out with him on a few occasions. I was at some of his concerts, and I like his music. I’ve seen him fucking in front of me. I didn’t fuck him, but I’ve seen other people fuck him…

– Tommy Lee –

He had sex in front of me as well. Not with me, but with somebody else. I just enjoyed it. I’m a visual person. He’s a good guy, and he knows some of my girlfriends very well. He’s fuckin sick, man. He loves being a DJ.

– David Chapelle –

Sunny Lane: Very funny. I wish he was still on the air. I really enjoy him. It would be great if he hosted AVN…

Pornstar Airlines: Do you have any mottos?

Sunny Lane: Go big or go home. Fuck the bullshit, if you re gonna do it, give it 100%!

Watch Big Wet Asses! 13 Right Now!

Pornstar Airlines: Whose face would you like to slap ?

Sunny Lane: I plead the 5th…

Pornstar Airlines: Any bizarre or funny stories?

Sunny Lane: What was the name of the club we were at last night, that looked like a castle?

Pornstar Airlines: Adagio..

Sunny Lane: Oh yeah, right. It’s so funny here in Germany, they use…like…no ice in their drinks! In America we love ice! Here they don’t very much. They told me, “It s not needed.” So when we walked in there yesterday, there was this girl on stage with a bucket full of ice. She takes it in her hand, rubbing it on her pussy, warming it up, dripping it into her mouth, going back to her pussy, and is throwing it out to the people in the audience. “This ice is not needed”?

Funny as hell! Spitting it all over them and taking the ice again, into her pussy and dripping it into people’s mouths. “Not needed.”??? “They don’t use ice here.”??? And we wanted it for our drinks, dammit!!!!

Pornstar Airlines: Where is an unusual place where you’ve had sex?

Sunny Lane: A lot of places. I’ve had sex on Disney s Splash Mountain Ride. Well, not really sex, but I got fingered and i gave a hand-job.

Pornstar Airlines: Well, that’s sex as well!

Sunny Lane: Ok, and we sneaked off to the side so we really had sex at Disney World, Orlando. I had sex on airplane. I’ve done blow-jobs, hand-jobs, and sex with feet in public restrooms. Did it in a big sports forum down in Tampa while a big hockey game was going on. That was cool.

Pornstar Airlines: Would you tell me the story of your first blow-job?

Sunny Lane: It was by a lake in Tampa, and we were sitting on the picnic table feeling sexy. I did a lot of dry-humping and caressing before we went on to the next level. So I was giving him a hand -job and he instructed me what i should do. He had a very nice penis and I blew him right there by the lake. I didn’t know exactly know what I was doing, but he taught me. I’m very thankful. It was very romantic and we still talk to each other today.

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Dana DeArmond

I spent all day filling out this interview for and I can’t wait for them to post it on their site… so here it is! ENJOY THE READ!


– dd

Squirt Gangbang 4Dana you are absolutely killing it this year. You are nominated for: Performer of the Year, Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene – Squirt Gangbang 4, Most Outrageous Sex Scene – Squirt Gangbang 4, Best Gonzo Release – Bobbi Starr & Dana DeArmond’s Insatiable Voyage and Best Threeway Sex Scene – Semen Sippers 7 at the 2010 AVN Awards this year. How does it feel to be on top?

This has been quite a year for me, it’s all a bit overwhelming. On top of the 2010 AVN nominations, I will also be presenting at the AVN awards. I have to say I am very honored. I’ve been working tirelessly, not just this year, but for the last six years and it’s really a great feeling to be recognized by the industry’s top publications, directors, producers and my peers. I’ve also been lucky enough to shoot overseas twice this year; with Gazzman/Harmony in London and Evil Angel directors Christoph Clark and Rocco Siffredi in Budapest! During the last euro trip I presented at the Hot D’or awards in Paris. This year has opened so many opportunities for me and I feel truly blessed.

Is there anything from your experience as a figure skater that has helped you in the Adult Industry?

I think growing up with stage parents gave me a drive to be a great performer. I have always been an entertainer, it must be in my blood. Figure skating took a lot of hard work and discipline and made me very aware of my body and posture. It groomed me to be a lady and an athlete. My training carried over to my work as a performer at Disney and Universal and eventually to the stages of gentleman’s clubs. I just have a passion for performing and I am very fortunate to have been able to do what I love all my life.

You spent time as a street dancer in Disney World. What’s your favorite memory from your time under the Mouse?

I worked at the magic kingdom for 3 years, as an impressionable teen I was exposed to the best and worst of the entertainment industry. It taught me a lot about people and humanity. Nothing else gave me more joy than to see the smiles on the faces of the terminally ill children who were guests of the park through “Give Kids The World.” There is nothing more powerful than to be part of fulfilling the dreams of a dying child.

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Irene Boss

First of all, I have heard the Compound you used for your expert Submissive and Domina training had an electrical accident. What happened and was everyone ok?

Thank you for asking and yes everyone is OK! There were actually 2 fires and I managed to get my animals (4 parrots) out of the building quickly each time. The first fire was of older knob and tube origin due to cracked insulator wiring and the second was a reignite the next day. I had a 13 room Victorian and the 3rd floor where the playrooms were located took the most damage. Within a few weeks my friends and I moved everything to a new space. (Some of them traveled from across the USA like etienne from San Diego.) We all learned how to recondition rubber, leather and wood. It was quite an education.

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