Misti DawnWell, well, well. Hello Misti Dawn. For any of our readers who don’t know you Misti, could you give us your short profile?

Why hello, I’m Misti Dawn, and yeap that is my real name. I like porn. I like making it, watching it, and touching myself to it. I am what they call an “Alt” Porn Gal. Fancy name for having tattoos. I am from Kentucky and enjoy very nerdy past times.

Now, down to business. You have some exciting events shortly ahead of you. Your birthday / MeowMistiDawn.com Launch Party is taking place this month at “Hammerheads” Bar in Evansville, Indiana. What made you choose “Hammerheads”? Any specific reason why you didn’t choose “Scores Sports Bar” where you began your Adult Dancing? Considering it’s in the same town…

I have always enjoyed Hammerheads Bar in my hometown, I know everyone who comes in, who works there, and they actually offered to have the party there and it just made sense to celebrate it with my friends. As for not having the party at Scores Sports Bar, we just were not able to work out a time that worked for everyone, and I wanted to have a more relaxed environment for everyone where they do not feel pressured to spend lots of money just to get to hang out with us but to actually just hang out at a bar, eat some snack, get some drinks, dance, and just have a good time.

Who are some of the notables who will be attending this Soiree de Misti Dawn?

I can not confirm anyone specifically but Dave Navarro has mentioned he might, as you know I am his weather girl for his radio show Dark Matter every Wednesday on Indie 103.1 in LA (but also avialable on podcast) and Chris Gore from G4 Attack of the Show might come. Wendy Williams will be there, and of course Joanna! Who knows who might make a surprise visit. Read the rest of this entry »

This weeks interview is with Sunny Lane thanks to Eden Fantasys- a Sex Toy Store.

Sunny Lane is super well spoken and completely with the times. She seemed to have the perfect answer for every question I sent her way. It’s great to know that she absolutely loves sexual people and like others, is an equal opportunity fucker.

Sunny Lane describes scenes with Evan Stone about being thrown on a bed and getting fucked. She also mentioned Tom Byron who she just did a scene with and of course Amber Rain who is a big anal freak, and Sunny Lane explains that working with them was a great time.

Did I mention that I’m a sucker for Sunny Lane‘s southern accent? rawr!

Check out more from Sunny Lane:

-PBR Princess

PBR Princess is a twenty something living it up in this crazy city called Philadelphia. She gets into as much trouble as possible and somehow makes it home safely at night and into work too fucking early.

Thanks to Eden Fantasys.com, A couple of weekends ago I set off on a long journey to the trenches of New Jersey in hopes of snagging interviews with a select group of Porn Stars. It turns out it was a huge success and I was able to meet this group of talent and interview them. Let’s just say that you should probably be on the edge of your seats in anticipation of me posting them because the interviews are pretty racy. We may or may not have been flirting and talking about spending the night together.

Lisa Ann was super fun to meet. Her boobs are huge and I probably stared at them a little too long. She could have said just about anything she wanted and I wouldn’t have cared because as soon as she said she was personal friends with Jeremy Piven Ari Gold, I was sold.

Another girl that has been in the biz for quite a while is Jessica Drake. She’s surprisingly down to earth and couldn’t get enough of my tattoos and showed me pictures of her cuddling with fuzzy animals when she went to Australia. I don’t think being around fuzzy animals is something new to her.. it’s the cuddling that puzzled me.

You know you’d love to see who else I was lucky enough to flirt with interview…
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You can’t really tell from this sit-down interview but Alexis Texas has one of the best asses in the world…seriously, that thing goes on for days. Naturally, I wouldn’t make such a strong claim without proof, which can be found in abundance here.

Sisters! The final frontier for any guy. But, since you are a complete and total loser, the least you can do is check out the girls on video. Rhyse and Rhylee – together on camera!