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Starting today users of the Android operating system can now enjoy over 20,000 adult videos on demand at

We started offering Iphone videos last year with much success and added a few every day.
We knew we would need to add a hell of a lot more than that but didn’t want to duplicate our work for both Android and Iphone.

Sadly this left our Android users limp and unsatisfied. But the wait is over.

For the past few months the development team has been redesigning our site from the ground up for the Evolve push and now the time has come to start releasing those improvements.

We opened the flood gates and added 20,000 movies that can be played on both Android (using Flash) and IPhone (using the built in player).

Give it a test run and let us know what you think:

While you can now watch Hotmovies everywhere – please, don’t watch it EVERYWHERE!
Make sure you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Happy fapping,


PLAYBOY Magazine Now with HD iPhone App

News of this interesting adult tech twist has me wanting to shake Steve Jobs’ hand and say, “If you build it, porn will come.” The world renowned adult magazine, PLAYBOY, has decided to join the mobile game with a brand new app for the Apple iPhone.

The new app is actually a high definition mobile edition of PLAYBOY Magazine, but without any tits or ass. In order to be approved by Apple’s puritan regime, Heff’s dream needed to keep the nudity out. So, if a friend of yours has this app…he can truly say that he reads PLAYBOY for the articles. This comes as a confusing decision by Apple after wiping their application store clean of any and all sexual content earlier this year. A purging that included apps featuring not only nude women, but women wearing bikinis and lingerie as well. Since Steve Jobs’ moral iPhone and iPad crusade, many public out-cries have been made concerning the blatant censorship. None have been more influential than that of the disapproval of a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist’s application.

Mark Fiore is the cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle, and an application featuring his work was created for the iPhone and iPad. Apple initially disapproved the app for Mark’s satirizing of people within his comics. After a large media out-cry, Apple was forced to approve the app and avoid further negative press. It’s interesting how a satirical comic strip requires a social movement in order to receive approval, but a magazine based solely on the male libido can waltz in by cutting women off from the shoulder down. Steve Jobs, your morals are about as solid as the silicone you strive to never support.

iPhone 4 Face Time Porn

“Hi there. I am an attractive, sincere, fit, 40 year old gentleman. And I have a new toy. my Iphone 4! As you know, this has videochat (facetime). So, i am seeking an attractive woman who also has an iphone 4 for meeting and progressing to some hot iphone facetime fun. Are you open-minded and willing to give this a try? If so, please email me with “facetime” in the header so I know you are real. I would love to give this a go! I am happy to exchange pics first before connecting live if you want. I am for real and sincere. I hope you are too. I am seeking someone who is any age, just physically fit and likes safe, exhibitionist fun.” –

The above listing is from the “Women Seeking Men” section of If you’re anything like me, the sound of money gently echoes through the air with every word. Unfortunately, it does so for a lot of people very fast…so we are both missing the boat.

Business Insider has found an unnamed adult company already making moves to capitalize on the brand new consumer software. The Craig’s List post for New York states:

“Starting an online interactive pornography firm where woman will use the iPhone 4 to video chat with potential customers on a pay as you go basis. Hours are flexible, pay will increase as the business builds. Woman will receive a free iPhone 4 to use as personal time when not working. Woman will talk to potential clients and chat with them and perform various acts as desired by clients.”

For any confident woman looking into a new cell phone, this is a dream come true. It’s hard to say whether the white wizard, a.k.a. Steve Jobs, will allow the perversion of his precious proprietary software. Needless to say, if it becomes as successful as many other cam girl programs have in recent past…Apple will not be able to ignore it.

John McCain on Gay Porn site

Former presidential candidate John McCain has decided to get “hip” and start posting Iphone photos to his Twitter feed.

John "Kissy Face" Mccain

Unfortunately, it’s a rough world for a major public figure and a newbie to the social networking scene. Like any freshman guy attempting to join the high school football team, McCain is getting his fair share of hazing.

Shortly after testing this “new fangled cell phone camera tweeter thinger”, John’s Twit-Pic was found on If you are not familiar with this site, the name sounds fairly innocent. That is until you search for it and find out it’s gay porn. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. From the party that brought you “Hollywood Bondage Dinner” and “Republican National Call for Sex”, please throw your hands together for “Kissy Face McCain”.

John McCain’s next Twit-Pic will be taken in his bathroom mirror. Maybe he’ll take a clue from Ms. Palin and get one of his own nipple zipper, faux-biker leather jackets.

iPhone Porn

iPhone owners have become familiar with being bracketed in some commonly referred-to groupings along the lines of early-adopter, intelligentsia and tech-savvy. But a new study by Retrevo sheds light on some less desirable traits common in owners of Apple’s famous touchscreen phone.
iPhone users use the iPhone for more than just maps and apps.

The study found that compared with other mobile owners, iPhone owners are more likely to see themselves as media buffs, extrovert and intellectual.

However, one in five iPhone users feel they have to turn to the handheld device to get their kicks: 20 per cent of iPhone users watch porn on their handset on a regular basis, found Retrevo.

An interesting approach to relationships also seems to be a common trait among iPhone users. One in three iPhone owners has texted or emailed their significant other to break up while one in three say that if their partner had out of date gadgets it would be a turn off.

But at least some get their cummupence: one in four iPhone users has been dumped by their partner because they spend too much time on their mobile device.

The study involved 445 iPhone users in the US.

Iphone Porn Star AppFirst Iphone Porn Star App

Grindhouse Mobile Inc., the premier technical provider for adult mobile application development, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian OS, Palm, Windows Mobile and others, has just launched “Version 1.0” of the first and only official pornstar iPhone® application for Sunny Leone and the official application for adult nude super star Aria Giovanni. Both of these brand new sexy apps are available now in the Apple iTunes® store.

Adult super star Sunny Leone’s first app, the free “lite version” that offers exclusive pictures, a blog and video clips, is now available. Version 2.0, a premium version with more features, photo sets and videos is currently awaiting approval. Version 2.0 is packed with all new interactive features, games, blogs and ways to contact Sunny right from your phone, plus tons of additional high quality exclusive content. When asked about her new App, Sunny Leone commented: “I’m so excited about the future of my iPhone® App. This provides an entire new way for me to communicate with my fans and give them a new and unique content experience!”

Former Penthouse® Pet, Aria Giovanni, is one of the world’s most well recognized nude centerfold models. Her official iPhone® app is the second adult application developed by Grindhouse and approved by Apple®. It is currently available in the App Store. Version 2.0 is pending approval and will include several new features, more content and a few surprises for her fans. “I’m thrilled with my new App and can’t wait for Version 2.0 to hit the App store. It’s going to blow my fans away. Thank you Apple for approving my App and giving my fans another way to follow my life and modeling career,” said Aria.
CIO, CTO & Developer Resources

While developing the first two adult themed iPhone® Apps and getting them approved by Apple®, Grindhouse closely followed Apple’s strict guidelines. The first version of Sunny Leone’s App was declined due to the explicit nature of the content. “It was just a little too ‘hot’ for Apple’s compliance department,” said a representative from Grindhouse. “We worked closely with Apple to meet all of their guidelines while developing an offering that is compelling and user friendly.”

These two stars are the first of many entertainment related mobile applications to be released by Grindhouse, including some of the largest brand names and adult superstars in the adult industry. The next major release will include “The girls of” Coming to your mobile phone soon…

For more information on Grindhouse Mobile, please visit

Sunny Leone’s official website can be found at and Aria’s official site is

Original Article Courtesy of Symbian Developer’s Journal

Photos Courtesy of Grindhouse Mobile