We often times look at Japan as the front-runner for technological advances and futuristic living. They just always seem to be so far ahead in crazy gadgets and electronics. However, a new product coming from the Asian nation is slightly different, and weirder, than the things we might be used to seeing.


This odd looking fellow is Shin-chan. He’s a five-year-old boy, and the main character of a Japanese manga series called Crayon Shin-chanNow, I know nothing of this series, nor do I particularly care about learning anything about it. However, the Japanese have caught my interest with a certain piece of merchandise based off of this character.

For some reason, they have thought it necessary to turn Shin-chan’s butt into an edible dessert. That’s right, you can buy a kit to make some homemade butt pudding. Sadly, the only place I’ve found where you can purchase this delicious rear end is on Amazon’s Japanese site.

shin-chan butt pudding

Check out the finished product. It even jiggles! They should make one of these in the US for all the hype about Miley Cyrus’ twerking. Actually…brb. Going to go submit this idea and cash in for my millions.

butt pudding jiggle

This is probably one of the oddest things I’ve ever seen. And when you think about the fact that you’re eating a jello-like mold of a 5-year-old’s butt, it doesn’t get any less weird. Although, garnishing the finished product with a touch of mint really adds some class to this otherwise juvenile dessert. Of course, why you’d need to worry about class when you’re serving a glass with an edible cartoon butt is beyond me. But hey, it’s a nice aesthetic touch.

See exactly how to make it in the instructional video below.

I didn’t watch the Oscars, I don’t really care about awards shows because all I really care about is the fashion, and I can see that online the next day.

Anyway, according to the Porn Librarian at HotMovies For Her a former porn director won an Oscar at the latest awards.

The director is Yojiro Takita and he won the 2009 Oscar Winner for Best Foreign Language Film. BUT back in the ’80s he apparently directed a popular porno series about commuter train molesters. Apparently that trend caught on because I read a news article yesterday that said 64% of Japanese women admit to getting groped on the train.

ANYWAY, I thought that was a pretty awesome accomplishment and hopefully it’ll start a great trend.

Thanks to HotMovies For Her for posting that.

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“Wanna get big, watery shiny eyes without any surgery? CRAVE AND ENVY NO MORE!”

Geo and Dueba are two eye wear companies that have these extra-wide contact lenses on the market. The above quote is even from one of their marketing campaigns.

They are some what cool and would be perfect for dorky conventions like Comic-Con where you expect a bunch of geeks to be popping boners all day, but why would any girl in the real world want to attract guys that like anime?

Source: Inventor Spot

Freak incidents are rampant and the serial attacks continue to plague this suburb. Akitoshi experiences this first hand and finds out that all of these are being caused by the Yuragi, an existence that should not be. He also finds out the true identity of Aillla, a magical warrior that was sent to fight off the Yuragi. Akitoshi continues to pursue Ai even after she states her warning. “If you come near me, I will kill you.” Regardless of the warning Akitoshi continues to pursue Ai and soon realizes that he is love with Ai – a love that can never be. The wheel of destiny cannot be turned back and Akitoshi cannot live another day of an ordinary life! The excitement continues in this second volume of Japan’s best selling adult anime. Sexy Magical Girl!

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