Emanuele box cover

If you missed it, HotMovies made some breaking news this weekend. Remember that video of Justin Bieber sleeping that was posted by Tati Neves and popped up all over the internet? Well, guess what? It turns out Tati Neves used to go by another name. See, before there was Bieber, Neves was known by the name, Emanuele. And she wasn’t just hooking up with famous pop stars back then. She was doing porn.

Here’s a sneak peak.

 The full video is only thirteen and a half minutes long. But for someone who’s not a full time porn star, she shows a lot of promise. I would not be upset if due to this news that Neves decided to make a return to porn. She should embrace her past and just run with it. I mean, she’s better than a lot of stars out there today already.

 Watch the full video here!

By now I’m sure most of you have seen, or at least heard of, the video of Justin Bieber sleeping in a bed in Brazil. It’s been all over the place. If you haven’t…well, the context is this. Bieber appears to be sleeping in a hotel bed, and the person taking the video on their phone seems to be a lovely Brazilian lady (rumored to be a hooker or prostitute) who is now saying goodbye to the pop star after what I can only imagine was a night of dirty, kinky sex. But since we don’t actually see any of the action, check out this parody to get an idea of what it was probably like.

For those of you missed it; here’s the original video.

So this video is pretty amusing, right? Well, the internet has come along and made it even better. Here are a couple examples of edits to the video that leave Bieber in an even more awkward position than he is already in.

Justin Bieiber video spoof

This first edit combines the Bieber video with a classic GIF. The GIF alone is one of my favorite things on the internet. That guy’s “sexy” half smile is just all too perfect. But in the context here, it elevates the video to a hilarious level.

Here’s another great edit to the video. This one is good because it keeps such an authentic feel by being in video form and not just a GIF. I mean, if I saw this without ever seeing the original video there’s a solid chance that I would believe that this actually happened.

Okay, now I’m done having my fun at the expense of Justin. And while all of this has been amusing and entertaining; I think it’s time to lighten up on the hate that this guy gets. Seriously, the kid is 19-years-old. Imagine you were 19, had millions of dollars, and had a huge fan base who loved you. I bet you would do some douchey and irresponsible things, too. So yeah, I’ll poke fun at Bieber because it can be easy. But I don’t think the dude is doing anything that most other people wouldn’t if they were put in his situation.