Kacey JordanLatest Sheen drug, hooker, and sex fueled blowout involves frequent JM slut Kacey Jordan

Chatsworth, CA – It was just a few short months ago that Hollywood megastar Charlie Sheen thrust the sperm-burping hired hole Capri Anderson into mainstream headlines following his New York City drug, booze, and hooker fueled hotel room destroying meltdown. And now, Sheen and his whores are back in the headlines again. Taking full advantage of a week-long hiatus from his popular sitcom, Sheen threw a marathon drug and porn fueled party at his Los Angeles home that ended with him being rushed to the hospital because of a “hernia.” Sexy 22 year old porn super slut Kacey Jordan was in attendance at the event, and has not been very shy at all about dishing up scandalous accounts of the evening to the mainstream and tabloid media!

While Kacey will no doubt be hitting the talk show circuit in the upcoming days and weeks, we here at JM Productions would like to think that we knew of her ball draining and cumguzzling skills well before Mr. Sheen. “Kacey Jordan is absolutely amazing,” explains JM director Jim Powers, “This girl is so young, cute, and perfect you just want to permanently attach her face to the end of your cock.”

Kacey revealed in a recent interview that she had a two hour porn movie viewing session in the private theatre located in Mr. Sheen’s luxurious mansion and we can’t help but wonder if Charlie is a JM Productions fan. “We find it interesting that both Kacey and Capri Anderson are both in JM’s Gag Factor 30,” explains JM publicist Tony Malice. “We can only speculate that Charlie is working his way through the throats of all 10 of the movies cast members. Eight left to go!”

Much like Charlie Sheen, JM’ resident sex addicted degenerate director Brandon Iron prides himself on having fucked every girl in the porn industry. “I had the pleasure of fucking Kacey’s super tight holes and watching her eat my precious cum in She Is Half My Age #4,” boasts Iron. “She was so special that I put her on the cover.”

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