A.K.A. “Giving Away Free Porn is Hard: Part IV”

Just a few of the thousands of extra porno DVDs at HotMovies.com

Philadelphia, PA – HotMovies.com has donated a cache of foreign-language adult DVDs to the Kinsey Institute as part of its ongoing effort to bring porn to those who need it most. The Kinsey Library was looking for more foreign language titles for their archive of erotica when HotMovies answered the call with titles from Japan, Italy, Germany, Turkey, and France.

As the world’s largest video on demand provider, HotMovies accumulates hundreds of thousands of adult DVDs for encoding purposes. While they keep a hard copy of each of the 150,000+ movies on the site, sometimes providers send duplicates. Over HotMovies’ 9 years of service, they have gathered a large amount of these duplicates; some estimate as many as 10,000.

“We wanted to send these DVDs where they would do the most good,” said HotMovies director of business development James Cybert. “The Kinsey Institute has been contributing to the science of human sexuality for more than 60 years. They have an impressive archive of academic studies, erotic art from all over the world, and now, foreign language porno DVDs from HotMovies.”

The Kinsey Institute has an impressive library of material related to human sexuality. Their erotic art collection includes all kinds of pieces from all over the world, and spans 2,000 years of human history. The Kinsey Library boasts a photography collection of 48,000 pieces. HotMovies.com is proud to contribute to Kinsey’s extensive film and visual media library with titles like Schwanz Fresser (Dick Eater,) Sperma Tanken (Cum Refuel,) Culi Sempre Pronto (Asses Ready,) and Atti Spudoratamente Osceni (Blatantly Obscene Acts.)

The HotMovies DVD archive still contains thousands of extra DVDs that still need a good home. “We’re still looking for a non-profit organization to give these to,” said Cybert. “If you can suggest a charity that deserves a contribution, contact us with details.”