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November 2, 2011, Secaucus, NJ – The lawsuit involving the town of Secaucus, New Jersey and Exotica New York, LLC stemming from their 2008 event originally planned to take place in that city, then abruptly canceled, has been resolved amicably. The adult-themed expo was moved to the New Jersey Exposition Center in Edison, NJ with less than a week’s notice, has remained there since, and is now entering its fourth year at that venue with EXXXOTICA New Jersey scheduled for November 4th through the 6th.

By entering into settlement of this matter, Exotica New York, LLC and the Town of Secaucus have not admitted to any liability or to any wrongdoing or to any violations of state or federal law or to a rule or regulation, and that the basis for the settlement between the parties is purely economic so as to avoid protracted litigation and further expenditure of costs and attorneys fees. However, Exotica New York, LLC continues to peruse claims against the Meadowlands Convention Center’s owners, Hartz Mountain and management company, SMG.


For more information about EXXXOTICA New Jersey, please visit nj.exxxoticaexpo.com. For media inquiries about this settlement, please contact Victory Tradeshow Management, the expo’s producers at dan@vtshows.com or call (201) 638-1557.

PornWikiLeaks-Closes-AIMDiane Duke explains the adult performers’ 2257 information on PornWikiLeaks, and AIM Healthcare’s closure.

During the first part of April, the Free Speech Coalition began to receive calls from worried industry members about the existence of Porn Wikileaks.

At that point, it was still unclear from where the information came, as there was what looked like medical information as well as 2257 information. Soon we learned that it was likely that AIM’s database had been hacked and that some 2257 records may have also been compromised.

Almost simultaneously, I learned, from a conversation I had with AIM CEO Sharon Mitchell, that AIM’s clinic “temporarily” was closed due to a “paper work issue.” Apparently, L.A. County had closed the clinic based on a filing technicality. I was assured by Sharon that the paperwork issue would soon be resolved, that the database was still up and the draw stations were still active. Sharon assured me that the AIM clinic would reopen.

Almost immediately thereafter, AIM was sued by two individuals for breach of medical records. I learned that the litigation expenses for individuals suing AIM were covered by AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

AHF has been attacking the adult industry with frivolous lawsuits, Cal/OSHA and labor complaints as well as protests and misleading inflammatory press conferences for the past two years. AHF has been especially relentless in their attack on AIM.

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The owner of a famous L.A. food truck is taking legal action against a porn company that used his restaurant-on-wheels as a porn set … and now he wants to block the release of the video because it’s threatening his business.

Joe Kim — proprietor of the ever-delicious “Flying Pig” catering truck — has fired off a cease and desist letter to Metro Home Video … claiming the naughty filmmakers intentionally misled him into believing his truck would be the backdrop for a normal movie … you know, minus the hardcore sex.

According to the letter, Joe had no idea waves of random strangers would be boinking in the food preparation areas.

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Capri Anderson Porn Video - CapriciousShortly after Charlie Sheen filed a lawsuit suing Capri Anderson for attempted extortion, porn actress Christina Walsh announced she was reconsidering filing her planned lawsuit against the TV star, RadarOnline.com reports.

“Through the process of Ms. Walsh appearing on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America,’ and finally issuing her public statement regarding the events of her night with Mr. Sheen, Ms. Walsh has experienced the natural emotions of many domestic violence victims… that of fear, anxiety and ultimately, a certain level of empowerment. Ms. Walsh has thus, and for the time being, opted to consult the New York City authorities regarding the events of October 26, 2010. Ms. Walsh’s refrain from the issuance of any civil lawsuit is separate and apart from any consideration of Mr. Sheen’s ludicrous lawsuit against her.” – Capri Anderson‘s attorney, Keith Davidson

A source tells RadarOnline.com that Anderson has been meeting with the New York City District Attorney’s office and plans to deal with the police investigation before deciding what to do next.

The adult film actress claims Charlie Sheen threw a lamp at her and grabbed her by the throat during the events at the Plaza Hotel. Sheen claims that Capri Anderson is just milking the exposure. On the night in question, police reportedly found the ‘Two and a Half Men’ star naked after having trashed his hotel room. Walsh was reportedly found locked in the hotel room bathroom.

Things do not look good on the surface for Charlie Sheen if Capri Anderson decides to sue him. Whether Anderson did in fact try to extort money from Sheen or not, the police report weighs heavily in Capri Anderson‘s corner. Maybe that is why we’ve heard rumor of Sheen offering Anderson $20,000 via text message to calm down.

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Free Speech Coalition

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition said it plans to file a lawsuit Wednesday with 14 other plaintiffs challenging revised record-keeping rules.

With the pending suit, the FSC claims that the revised 18 U.S.C. 2257 and 2257A regulations are unconstitutional, as well as an unfair burden placed to producers to comply with the regulations.

FSC attorney Michael Murray said in a conference call Monday evening that he plans a “substantial constitutional attack” and hopes that the FSC and 14 other plaintiffs will prevail and obtain injunctive relief.

“We plan on a full-scale attack raising 1st Amendment, 5th Amendment and 4th Amendment issues,” said Murray, noting the FSC chose the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia because the court has extensive experience in the area of obscenity.

“The court also is in the district of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which also has extensive experience in that area,” Murray said.

Murray is hopeful the court will hear the case by the beginning of 2010.

The FSC’s announcement comes just one day after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal in Connections Distributing vs. Holder, which involved the ability of a publishing company to post sexually explicit photos of swingers to accompany advertisements seeking like-minded adults.

The 14 plaintiffs attached to the suit represent a rainbow of individuals, organizations and companies that one way or another publish or screen erotic material, from performers to photographers to studios to an adult entertainment business journalist.

In addition to the FSC, Murray said at the conference that the the 14 plaintiffs in the case are:

* The American Society of Media Photographers, which represents 7,000 members.

* Barbara Nitke, a teacher at the School of Visual Arts in New York and a commercial photographer.

* David Steinberg, a photographer and writer of sexual issues.

* Nina Hartley, a performer and website owner.

* Michael Barone, a photographer.

* Dave Cummings, an adult industry performer who owns numerous websites.

* Tom Hymes, an adult industry journalist who runs a website.

* Sinclair Institute, which operates sexual health clinics.

* Channel 1 Releasing, which operates a gay porn studio.

* Barbara Alper, a photographer.

* Carol Queen, a sexologist and feminist sex educator.

* Dave Levingston, a photographer.

* Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross, who co-host a website.

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Porn Pirates

September 12, 2009 – A group of U.S. and Japanese porn companies will re-file a lawsuit next week against Korean uploaders, their legal representative here said yesterday, accusing the country of holding a double standard in investigating copyright violations of local and foreign material.

Some 50 foreign firms sued 10,000 Korean Internet users in July for uploading their adult material onto local Web sites, but prosecutors limited their investigation to those confirmed to have uploaded content more than three times. Only 10 were punished.

The porn companies said they will re-file with a list of 65,000 netizens who fit Seoul’s investigation criteria, the agency said.

The companies stepped up their protest after Korean prosecutors launched a probe into the digital theft of local blockbuster “Haeundae,” one of this year’s biggest hits, breaking the 10 million viewer mark last month. They say the applied standards and the intensity of the prosecution’s investigation into copied foreign porn material were vastly different from those in the Haeundae piracy case.

“We believe that [the prosecution] should not be discriminatory in applying copyright laws,” an official at the legal firm said. “Illegal copying and distribution run rampant in Korea because it is one of the world’s most wired countries. We decided to take legal action to minimize our past business losses and to protect anticipated future profits.” The firm warned that the porn companies will consider taking their case to the U.S. government should they judge Seoul’s investigation to be discriminatory.

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