The weird and wonderful Internets has given us another gem.
This time answering the age age old question – What is on the blackboard in the back of that porno I saw on Thursday?

Someone has created a blog deciphering the cryptic messages that occupy the background of some of our wildest fantasies.

I’ve long since given up the “why” response. I now focus on “How can I help?”

For you Mr. Blackboard Deciphering and Researching Porn Nerd:

Here is how we can help:

1. Finding Porn Movies with Blackboards – This one is kind of easy. You could start by searching teachers, but why? Let’s start instead with the low hanging fruit – Scene Search – With 2 clicks you have 2,363 scenes that take place in the classroom.

2. Getting Pictures finding SFW pictures isn’t exactly easy, but grabbing screen shots is.

  • Use the Silverlight Player
  • Open Google Picassa (not the web site, the program, if you don’t have this you are missing out on life) *
  • Watch the movie, when blackboard is on screen press the “Alt” key and the “PrtScn” button on your keyboard. This will create a file you can crop, edit and generally mess with to better read the blackboard.

3. Decipher what’s on the board – This one can be kind of difficult. But you don’t necessarily have to do it. Just write the general idea down and let the blackboard in porn guy do it.
3. Email exported pictures along with information to blackboardsinporn (@) gmail
– scene 4 – French class – Manuel Ferrara writes on board – – characters write on the board etc. build sentences using the words. – older movie – title of movie is written on blackboard -scene 2 – equations and text – lee stone – This one will take some work to figure out. – kind of lame – Sex Education 101 – all in CAPS – Mrss. Valentine – scene 4 – Portugese – looks like basic sex education on the blackboard

* I’m on a PC. If you are MAC I have no clue, but I’m guessing it might be just as easy.
if you have Picassa open and press the Alt + print screen button an actual file is made instead of it only going to your clipboard.

Tera Wray started her career as a Hooters Girl and I bet she banked on the tips she got. Apparently they weren’t enough because she applied to be an erotic actress with the film company Pleasure Productions, through contacts at her local adult store. In summer 2006, the company signed her as their first contract performer in two years.

Her first scene was with Lee Stone in Naughty Auditions, the second of her films to be released. Her first film released was Sweet Smokin’ Hotties, on 8 March 2007.

Her first lesbian scene was with Nicki Hunter.