Georgia Jones on the red carpet at XBIZ1. Tell our readers a little about yourself and your career thus far.

Georgia: My name is Georgia Jones and I’m a porn star and centerfold. This is my 9th year in the business! I started when I was 18, and at first, I was only doing glamorous pictorials and centerfolds, and then I got bored with that quickly and moved onto video-masturbation and solo teasing, mainly. Then after 1 year in the adult biz I decided I was bored again and wanted to take it even further, and since I had already dated a couple of girls in the industry by then, I knew working solely with women was for me. It’s not that I have anything against men. I love my male viewers and fans! I just feel I can put more of myself into my work if I’m not spreading my focus too thin, and from the looks of it, I’m doing something right!

2. Tell us about the charity you chose, and why it’s important to you.

Georgia: I chose to help the homeless youth of southern California. The charity in specific I have chosen to donate to is the FortytoNone project. They are doing tremendous work here in SoCal! The youth are our future and if we don’t stand up for them and show them the way, who will? The lousy parents who kicked them out in the first place? I don’t think so!! And those living right here in my own backyard aren’t any more special than the rest, but I wanted to feel a part of my community is being given back to as well. My community AND our future!

Georgia Jones porntourn promo

3. Make your case! Why should YOU be named the 2015 #porntourn MVP?

Georgia: I should be named the 2015 #porntourn MVP because I stand for everything that is new and evolving in porn! Gone are the days when a girl who only shoots with women (and solo) isn’t considered a star! I am loud and I am proud; I am woman, hear me roar! (And moan?!) There’s sooo much more to porn than just being blond with huge titties and straight fucking! And I am your Exhibit A…AND because it’s high time I got some recognition for those pussy eating and dirty talking skills of mine!

4. What special tactics or strategy did you employ to help get you into the final 2?

Georgia: To be honest, I owe this one all to my fans! They got me here; I didn’t! I literally wouldn’t be here without them! The one extra cool strategy/tactic I used that actually helped was put together by some of them too!! Including a couple of signed centerfolds that I no longer have copies of! One of my dearest fans actually is giving up one of her prized possessions (1 of my signed Penthouse mags where I am on the cover and the centerfold) for me to add in the raffle at the end of this round, given I win, as incentive to vote! That’s love and dedication, right there!

Vote GJ-Georgia Jones porntourn promo image5. What would you like to say to your fans regarding their support in getting you to the final 2?

Georgia: They already know this, but they are my everything! I love my fans so much and I wouldn’t be here without them! The love and support I receive from them is unconditional! The entire world should know by now that Georgia Jones’ fans are the BEST FANS BAR NONE!

6. What was the best part about being involved in the 2015 #porntourn?

Georgia: The best part of being involved in the 2015 #porntourn most definitely was having a reason to get my fans PUMPED! I LOVE seeing them in action and I don’t usually get too many chances to show them off so naturally I was all over this! I don’t think anyone else in the adult biz has a fanbase that is nearly as cohesive as mine, but maybe I’m just biased………………. Nahhh!

Georgia Jones with Slash and Charlie Sheen

Georgia Jones with Slash and Charlie Sheen

7. How does it feel to be part of the final 2, having beat out 62 other stars?

Georgia: From the moment the #porntourn went live, I was saying that I would be happy no matter the outcome just for being involved, but I really had my heart set on the final 4, or better yet, top 2 because getting this far truly shows to anyone out there doubting my personal career choices, saying that lesbian porn isn’t real porn, or it’s for the birds, that they are WRONG! I am here, my porn is queer, and PEOPLE LOVE IT! And I do not need blonde hair or big fake tits to make my movies sell! People love me for who I am, and I truly think getting this far proves that, win or lose!

8. What do you plan to do with your winnings?

Georgia: Well, a quarter of it will be going towards the donation in my name to help the homeless youth here in SoCal! I promised my fans that if they get me the win, I will be matching the $500 donation so there will be a total of $1,000 going to the FortytoNone project! With the other 3/4 of the winnings, I plan on going home for Mother’s Day (New Orleans) and thanking her for having me! And I will also end up spending the rest on POSTAGE for all these thank you gifts for all my little voters that I am making as we speak!

9. What’s up next for you?

Georgia: This year has been action packed already and I am feeling very blessed right now! I’m hoping to shoot many, many, many movies this year and possibly quite a few that will end up on HotMovies! I really hope to win, but like I said, I’m pretty sure either way, getting this far in the #porntourn has made people who once overlooked me easily take a step back and get a better glance this time! This is my year and I’d love to share it with as many people as possible so come one, come all! New companies, fresh female faces and a whole lot of new fans to boot!

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Sheridan Love in pink lingerie

Dreamy Sheridan Love

Many staffers around the office have been crushing on curvaceous cutie Sheridan Love for a while now, and our collective blood has been pumping hard for her since her role as Captain Sheridan in Burning Angel‘s latest sci-fi XXX movie, Killer Kleavage from Outer Space. Sheridan was kind enough to make time to talk to us about Killer Kleavage, her unique entry into doing porn flicks, and more. Ms. Love is truly just as gorgeous on the outside as on the inside. Read on:

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do, for those who may not know you yet.

I’m Sheridan Love and I currently shoot girl-girl porn and I also do live webcam shows exclusively on Streammate. Other than that I work out a lot.

2. Your most recent movie, Killer Kleavage from Outer Space, just came out from Burning Angel Entertainment. What can people expect to see from you in this film, and how has it stood out from other scenes you’ve done?

This scene allowed me to show a little bit of my more fun side versus just my sensual and sexy side. This is the first time I got to be in a sci-fi based movie, which is awesome because I am that girl that will watch cheesy B movies all day if you let me. In this movie I am the captain of the Aerolites so I am in charge of making sure my girls bring back to the perfect penis. There are two things about shooting this movie that stand out. First, I really loved getting to dress up as a character from outer space. I love dressing up and I have fun doing cosplay type stuff. I wish I could do more. Secondly, I got to break in Axis Evol. This was the first time for me shooting with a girl where it is her very first scene.

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To The Core directed by Bonnie RottenTalk about a way to start your directing career off with a bang! Bonnie Rotten‘s directorial debut, To The Core, is a contender for both AVN’s Best BDSM Movie of the Year and XBIZ’s Best Fetish Release Of The Year. This first production from Rotten’s own Mental Beauty Productions sees a string of innocent young beauties broken, destroyed, and dominated by some of porn’s biggest stars. Let’s take a look at how it delivers the deviance.

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Top 25 Straight Videos – Last 12 Months 
Rank Title Studio
1 Lesbian Masseuse #2 Girl Candy Films
2 Women Seeking Women Volume 82: Big Natural Breast Edition Girlfriends Films
3 Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 24 Girlfriends Films
4 Lesbian House Hunters Part 7 Girlfriends Films
5 Mommy & Me 4 Filly Films
6 Lesbian Beauties Vol. 8 – Interracial Sweetheart Video
7 Lesbian Storytime Theater Episode 1 Girlfriends Films
8 Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Vol. 40 Girlfriends Films
9 Lesbian Hitchhiker 5 Sweetheart Video
10 Cheer Squad Sleepovers Episode 2 Girlfriends Films
11 Please Make Me Lesbian! Part 7 Girlfriends Films
12 Taboo II Standard Digital
13 Lesbian Guidance Counselor Girl Candy Films
14 Alexis Ford Darkside (Disc 1) Jules Jordan Video – Jules Jordan
15 Cuckold Stories 6 Digital Sin
16 Black Bi Cuckolding 9 Kick Ass
17 Cheer Squad Sleepovers Episode 1 Girlfriends Films
18 Mother-Son Secrets 3 Forbidden Fruits Films
19 Chyna Is Queen Of The Ring Vivid Premium
20 Budapest Episode 10 Girlfriends Films
21 Cougars, Kittens & Cock 2 Jules Jordan Video – Jules Jordan
22 Mother-Son Secrets 4 Forbidden Fruits Films
23 Lesbian Doms & Subs Vol. 1 Girl Candy Films
24 Against Her Will New Sensations
25 Mom’s Favorite Babysitter Love’s Kitty

Girlfriends FilmsAVN has announced Famed porn director B. Skow has inked a deal to produce Girlfriends Films‘ first ever Boy/Girl films. will have the films available as soon as they are released at Girlfriends Films Official HotMovies Studio Page and

“CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Girlfriends Films and director B. Skow have agreed on a one-year distribution deal featuring boy/girl content marking the award-winning lesbian studio’s first foray into distributing DVDs containing boy/girl sex.

Releasing in late September, Voilà is the debut boy/girl title from B. Skow under the distribution deal. The trailer is currently available exclusively on

‘We thought long and hard about the decision to venture into the boy/girl market, realizing how big of a step it was, but when the opportunity to distribute B. Skow’s gorgeous and original feature films presented itself, we knew it was a great fit,” Girlfriends Films Vice President Moose said. “His movies are of the highest caliber and will revolutionize the couples market.’

Skow‘s movies for Girlfriends will be story-driven feature films geared towards the couples market. According to the director, plots will vary from light-hearted romantic comedies to intense sexual dramas with an edgier feel.

‘While the movies may contain boy/girl sex, I think people will realize many of the core values which make Girlfriends Films exceptional are still present,” B. Skow said. “The movies will always be sex-positive with high production values and an emphasis on aesthetics.” – Read Full Article.

Women Seeking Women Volume 82 – Big Natural Breast Edition, is the film customers have been craving and writing in to request since its release. It is now available on Girlfriends Films VOD. This is a film that was filling lesbian cravers with anticipation, and is now a blockbuster for the franchise. It isn’t hard to understand why. With attractive women sporting large breasts enjoying passionate moments together, this movie has everything lesbian porn fans love.

Girlfriends Films, responding to requests from fans all over the globe has decided to release the movie on their own VOD site. As anticipated as this release has been, it won’t take long for lesbian lovers worldwide to find it. Registered users can watch all four scenes, and users are free to log in with their accounts to access it, as well as GirlfriendsFilmsVOD customers. Users can find the movie at this link.

Who does this movie feature that makes it so special?

Start with a cast that features Avy Scott, Nicole Moore, Sara Stone, Riley Evans, Cassandra Calogera, Haley Cummings, and Alexia Rae. These women possess pretty faces, naturally curvaceous bodies and, of course, large natural breasts that are the envy of women, and the source of many erections for men. While the stars have appeal, the action is equal to the attraction.

Why is the action so great?

Professionals always improve the finished product. Much the same way a master craftsman creates functional works of art, professional lesbian sex stars create masturbatory classics. This movie demonstrates this idea in ways that fans must watch to appreciate.

Irresistibly Sexy

In an attempt to avoid spoilers, this is just a brief highlight of what viewers will find in this movie:

  • Scene one features female on female oral sex that almost seems to cross the line between erotica and true love.
  • Scene two has a scissoring finale that begins with a buildup that is intense.
  • Scene three shows sex with accessories that fans will watch over and over.
  • Scene four has the kind of foreplay that true lesbian fans demand in a movie.

What do fans need to do to see it?

It’s easy. All registered users need to do to access the movie is to go to this link: Women Seeking Women Volume 82. Log in with a account or a account and the movie will be available for streaming by the minute, or also for rentals. Visitors can register for an account and 10 free minutes to access the movie.

Is there anything else fans should know?

Long-time aficionados of lesbian sex and erotica should be aware of Girlfriends Films already. For the newcomers, Girlfriends Films began over eight years ago with a documentary about lesbian sex that was conceived in a film class at UCLA. Over the last eight years, Girlfriends Films has grown into the premiere lesbian movie making company in the industry. carries an extensive selection of lesbian movies. It is one of the most popular sites on the internet for lovers of lesbian erotica, and it continues to grow as well.

Women Seeking Women 82 is one of the 2012 releases that has people talking across the internet. It’s a safe bet that this will be only one of many blockbusters for the company this year.

Girlfriends Films' Poor Little Shyla 2

Did she just fall down the stairs? Hawt.

Philadelphia, PA – Poor Little Shyla 2, the sequel to Video on Demand’s most popular title of 2011, has been released exclusively on In just a few days it has skyrocketed to the number one spot.

With the landmark success of Poor Little Shyla‘s exclusive release on, Girlfriends Films was happy to release the sequel only on Poor Little Shyla 2 is already the most watched movie on, a phenomenon that did not surprise James Cybert, HotMovies director of business development. “Girlfriends Films was as happy with the popularity of Poor Little Shyla as we were. They spent the last year carefully crafting Shyla 2 to capitalize on the same hot power play and real lesbian sex. They really put their best foot forward with a whole new cast,” said Cybert.

Shyla Jennings is back, along with the fan favorite Julia Ann, and adorable newcomers Lily Carter and Sensi Pearl. Shyla 2 features elitism, sadism, pity, lust and unspoken desires; helplessness, dominance, and altruism all rushing into a thrilling tale of interconnected lesbian encounters.

The controversial original, featuring the exploitation of a handicapped young girl and portrayed by a stunning cast of models, was originally going to be called “Molesting Shyla.” “It’s amazing to me the kind of things that get popular,” said Cybert. “This is a movie about a young girl, confined to leg braces and crutches, who is teased by her classmates. As an act of hazing, they take sexual advantage of her and in doing so, release an unspoken Sapphic desire inside her, and inside them.” Poor Little Shyla 2 is even more edgy than the first. Cybert said, “It’s a premise that seems really creepy. You look out of curiosity and find a find a story so titillating it sucks you in like a clit into a lipstick lesbian’s mouth.”

Featuring coerced sex, older/ younger lesbian seductions, and breathless Dionysian group sex, the Poor Little Shyla franchise plays with your emotions far more than any other typical lesbian sex movie. Girlfriends Films specializes in this kind of intensity between the characters, and Poor Little Shyla 2 is it’s most daring and successful movie to date.

Girlfriends Film’s record breaking Poor Little Shyla was a masterpiece of power dynamics and acting. The actors were hot too, from the pouty, nubile Shyla Jennings to the vampy ginger goddess Faye Reagan; RayVaness with her buxom, matronly performance and Georgia Jones as a coy, slender prep with mischievous machinations, the actors brought to life an entire spectrum of body types and attitudes. Combined with Girlfriends Film’s high quality production and writing, it’s easy to see how Poor Little Shyla topped the Video on Demand charts for all of 2011.

Poor Little Shyla 2 is available now exclusively on

Philadelphia, PA – has secured a Video on Demand exclusive launch for’s new title, Story of She. The title will debut on December 6th.

The all-girl Story of She recounts the rise of Lexi Lowe from humble beginnings to a passionate life of luxury in a Mediterranean mansion. The busty Welsh beauty discovers her secret desires, and the production team at Viv Thomas captures her journey in exquisite detail. From her first hesitant but breathless lesbian encounter, to the experienced, confident lover she becomes, Story of She is an erotic crescendo. Shot in London, Budapest and Portugal the film has a refined international feel, especially considering the stunning cast of models form the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe.

HotMovies and Viv Thomas have enjoyed a great relationship over the years. Viv Thomas titles constantly rank among the ‘ Top Rated‘ lists, and remain one of the most popular European studios online.

“We have always enjoyed working with the team at HotMovies,” says Viv Thomas, “They are extremely professional; our product always excels on their platform.’s pay-per-minute model is the perfect way to view porn online because you only pay for what you watch- and people are watching Viv Thomas!”

HotMovies Signs S.I.R. Productions

PHILADELPHIA — National A-1 Internet, parent company to and, has announced an exclusive content deal with lesbian porn pioneers S.I.R. Productions.

HotMovies and HotMoviesForHer are the first video-on-demand websites to offer S.I.R.’s classic movies to the masses for their pay-per-minute pleasure. boasts the world’s biggest library of porn, with more than 145,000 movies available in streaming and downloadable formats.

According to the company, S.I.R. Productions was the first independent, lesbian-owned production company to have its films widely recognized and lauded by the adult industry — and its movies have continued to influence successive generations of adult producers.

“S.I.R. Productions blew my young mind with their authentic lesbian movies that managed to be both erotic and hardcore,” James Cybert, director of business development for HotMovies, said. “I was obsessed with these films when they came out and love them even more today.”

“We take a lot of pride in the amazing collection of lesbian movies available on our network of sites and adding these classics makes for a banner day in our offices,” Cybert added.

Founded in the late 1990s by Shar Rednour and Jackie Strano, S.I.R. Productions quickly made a splash in the adult industry. Filling a previously overlooked niche with hot, high quality movies, it offers an educated undertone and movies that include real orgasms, intense chemistry between partners and diverse, sexy casts.

“At a time when most studios only used low-quality sex toys, S.I.R. always used the best,” a spokesperson stated. “Audiences learned how to use strap-ons correctly, whether watching Shar fuck all her girlfriends (yes, in high heels) or learning to bend over their own boyfriends.”

“We are so pleased to partner with,” Rednour says. “We had purposely held our hand of high-quality content close to our hearts, examining many offers of pay-per-view sites and refusing them all year after year.”

The first movie from S.I.R. Productions is now available on HotMovies and

“HotMoviesforHer is the perfect marriage for us because they understand how to present movies for the female audience in a fun, entertaining, informative and easy to navigate site,” Rednour added. “We’re happy to be with a site that has some heart and brains behind it!”

Source: just released the list of his annual Anatomy Award winners for the 10th year. They’re actually not half bad at choosing who has the best bodies/talents in mainstream Hollywood. Here are the winners:

1. Best Porn Star Gone Hollywood
Katie Morgan in Zack and Miri Make a Porno

2. Best TV Show
True Blood

3. Best Oscar-Nominated Nudity
Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler

4. Best Boobs
Asia Argento in The Last Mistress, Boarding Gate & Mother of Tears

5. Best Butt
Anna Faris in The House Bunny

6. Best First-Time Nude Scene
Lizzy Caplan on True Blood

7. Best Lesbian Scene
Alicia Leigh Willis & Katherine Moennig on The L Word

8. Breast Picture
Sex & Death 101

You can read the rest of the winners at