Will Soon Be Available on DVD!

The stunning, red haired beauty, Camille Crimson, has just signed a deal with LFP Video to distribute content via DVD from her award-winning website, Filmed in a manner unlike most other fellatio-friendly videos, Camille Crimson and The Art of Blowjob take giving head to a whole new level!

“The Art of Blowjob’s videos stand out from other blowjob sites because they don’t rely on gagging, choking and rough face fucking to titillate its viewers,” said Crimson. “Instead, all of my blowjob videos are true works of art. They are tasteful, refined and sophisticated without ever compromising on sensuality or erotic details. Classy can be sexy and I am a very classy woman who uses her mouth in ways you can’t even imagine!”

Relying strongly on sensual foreplay, erotic music, coquettish glances at the camera, and artful tongue teasing, The Art of Blowjob is a beautiful foray of the erogenous senses. LFP Video is excited to begin distributing content that is both female and couples friendly, and enticing to both men and women.

“We’re thrilled to be embarking on this new venture,” said Rob Smith, Director of Operations, LFP Video. “Camille is striking and her videos are sensual and titillating. The Art of Blowjob competes in a category all by itself. It’s a beautifully done masterpiece of erotic pornography. These titles will have long shelf lives in any retailer’s store.”

The Art of Blowjob, distributed by LFP Video, will be coming soon to DVD.

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Director Paul Thomas constructed a parody of The Twilight Zone that rivals the original. Set in a distant era of cocktails with lunch, and gender-specific roles, biblical virtue found itself being challenged by a couple of new neighbors, whose penchant for earthy carnal pleasures dominate the archaic and self-suppressing morals practiced by the rest of the town. In a quest to uncover the mystery behind the new family, known as The Stones, Kimberly Kane finds herself drawn in and seduced by the enticing and mystifying lifestyle known as swinging.

There are several components that go in to making a truly fantastic and well done movie. Aside from having a stellar cast, once must have inspiration, an imagination, and the ability to create a seemingly real life series of moments from a false reality. But when it comes to legendary adult film director, Paul Thomas, not only are each one of those elements fully present in every piece of work that he creates, but the way in which he manifests his concepts and ideals in to a visually striking and ethereally erotic piece of art is what sets him well apart from all the rest.

The Twilight Zone Porn Parody, which is available now on DVD, is Paul Thomas’ first title to be distributed by LFP Video. “This is a very different type of parody film for us,” said director of operations for LFP Video, Rob Smith. “Hustler is very excited to be working with the eminent director, Paul Thomas, on this project, and we know that The Twilight Zone Porn Parody will be wildly successfully. I can’t wait to see what PT has up his sleeves next.”