We’re really not sure what this about- it’s definitely not mainstream marketable considering the name, but maybe it’ll do well in the Adult Entertainment Industry. Each package of condoms (whether it’s for guys or girls) comes with a DVD filled with up to 5 hours of porn, condoms and personal lube. There’s a special package you can order that comes with a vibrating cock ring to go with your Cock Soxxx.


I think I’ll keep my porn and condoms separate so the old lady doesn’t get mad.

Maxim Magazine’s 10 Girls That Look Great Oiled Up- exactly what you need to see at the end of a long day.

There’s nothing quite like a nice lubed up lady.

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Yes, this is for real. KY believes that couples can rekindle their love flame by using the couples lube that just came out.

This is some matrix shit- instead of the red and blue pill, it’s the purple and blue bottle of lube.

Purple is for her and gives a “thrilling” feeling, Blue is for him and is “invigorating”- together they ignite into an amazing new sensation.

As a completely unrealistic view it’s pretty funny, but I don’t see this product getting the job done that KY is expecting done. The divorce rate is what it is today because people aren’t willing to put in effort, not because they just haven’t found the right lube.

Source: Tasty Booze