Stewardesses from Marc DorcelI just finished watching Marc Dorcel’s most recent release, Stewardesses, and I have to admit that it will not be added to my list of favorites from this French studio. Dorcel revisits a classic fantasy here, relying on the knowledge that some things are just universally hot–like nurses, cheerleaders, and yes, stewardesses. There have been plenty of films that take advantage of the tight uniforms, confined spaces, and the universal fantasy of fucking on a plane. This latest effort from Dorcel makes an attempt at having a storyline, but it is half hearted at best. Two stewardesses tired of their daily routine, Lola Reve and Claire Castel, use their sexy uniforms, stockings, and high heels to seduce powerful businessmen. They’re having sex on planes, in hotel rooms in Ibiza, and in beach side mansions with perfect strangers.

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I couldn’t wait to watch The Baron’s Whores (Les Putains du Baron in French), the latest plot-oriented porn video from French powerhouse studio Marc Dorcel. Dorcel has long reliably been recognized as a producer of sumptuous, high-end XXX movies. Just watching the trailer my co-worker made piqued my interest:

I was hooked by the Baron’s (played by Clarke Kent)’s quote at the beginning of the film, “Don’t ever say it’s just sex.”  And so begins the tale of JJ, a photographer’s assistant who becomes a fabulously wealthy pornographer whose life is heavily peppered with sexual adventures. Unfortunately, the Baron is suffering from creative, though not sexual, stagnancy. How meta of Dorcel to make a smut film about the trouble with making smut films! Not only that, but JJ is making amends for screwing over the models he shot earlier in his career by taking care of their daughters. As he says, “I haven’t always treated the women in my career well, but I make sure their daughters will never be exploited. Who knows how many of them could be mine?”

Everything about The Baron’s Whores signifies luxury-from the all star cast of both American and European porn stars, to the lush sets, tantalizing costuming, and the amount of heart-stopping group sex in the film. The Baron’s world is a world of exclusivity, and Dorcel’s production value paired with Gazzman’s directing excellently elevate this porn film to decadently chic hardcore. I suggest you take your time to watch the whole film. You can skip to the sex, but there really isn’t too much acting between the XXX scenes. Besides, it’s worth watching Dani Daniels direct a porn scene; the performers really don’t get raunchy with one another until she steps in to emphatically show them how to grab cocks and rub pussy. This is just one of a myriad of highlights from the film.

Dani Daniels in Dorcel's The Baron's Whores

Dani Daniels directing the a group sex scene before joining the fun

There simply isn’t a bad sex scene in this movie. My personal favorite scene is the second one as it alternates between JJ’s limo blow job from redhead Amarna Miller and Samantha Bentley‘s deliciously endless fuck scene with Mike Angelo. Samantha is one of the girls JJ is to look after, but she has other plans with her cook, Mike, recommended to her by JJ. It’s like watching the adult version of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. JJ plays with his iPad while Amarna sucks his rock hard cock, yet he seems disinterested in the act. It’s almost as though sex might be “just sex” for him in person while it’s much more than that when it comes to profiting from porn.

Look, I don’t mean to read too deeply in this fuck flick. It’s just a bit like sipping Laphroaig and letting the flavor settle into your palate while you get richly tipsy. Nothing is wasted in The Baron’s Whores. Everyone is the movie is getting what they want, and I encourage you to do the same.

Watch Marc Dorcel’s The Baron’s Whores now on Click here for are a few more clips to show you just what I’m talking about.



France is the first country in Europe to get a 3D porn video on demand service, courtesy of Paris-based Marc Dorcel Television.

Marc Dorcel is set to launch the first 3D Porn subscription video-on-demand (VoD) service in Europe via French IPTV platform Free.

‘Regardless of whether 3D adult movies are a good idea, er, artistically, this service is certainly cutting-edge in that it’s VOD,” says deputy editor of Home Cinema Choice magazine, Mark Craven.

“3DTV looks certain to head down that route. There isn’t enough content to fill dedicated channels, and consumers aren’t likely to sit and watch hour after hour of 3D anyway.

“It’s more of an event. Indeed, we expect eventual 3D offerings from the BBC (which probably won’t be porn!) to be distributed via iPlayer, rather than a BBC 3D channel.”

The French porn producers also plan to roll out 3D adult video-on-demand programming to other TV partners in France, as well as other countries across Europe.

Rest assured, we will be the first to bring you the news on when a 3D porn VoD service is set to arrive in the UK.

Much as many strait-laced and prudish cultural and tech commentators may wish to deny it, adult entertainment and gaming are often cited with being two key forms of content that drive the uptake of new consumer technologies in the home.

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Marc Dorcel Launches MyDorcel.comPARIS — European producer Marc Dorcel rolled out a website where users can become co-producers of an adult movie.

The unique model lets users buy shares of the production, “Mademoiselle de Paris” and allows them to make decisions about the movie, receive exclusive benefits, appear in a scene and share in the revenue.

The website, MyDorcel allows “co-producers” to participate through a “crowdfunding” system where they can buy shares at roughly $27 (20 euros). The more shares the user buys the more benefits they will enjoy.

The company said that a one share buy in will allow users access to behind-the-scenes site of the movie, exclusive information, content and promotional games enabling them to win a day on the set or a photo session with the talent. In addition, they will have exclusive access to the movie preview.

With the purchase of two shares, co-producers’ names will be listed in the movie credits. Three shares will cash in on the movie revenues, receive a DVD signed by the actresses and spend one day on-site at the shooting set in Paris with the film crew, the director and Marc Dorcel. In addition, a photo shoot with the talent will be arranged.

Purchase of the highest shareholding available, valued at about $13,500 (10,000 euros) allows the co-producer to appear in his own scene.

A company spokesman said, “This unique and extraordinary experience will allow web users to get to know the behind-the-scenes reality of an adult movie shooting and participate actively in the production. Indeed, for the first time ever and to the contrary of participatory sites aiming at a finished product, co-producing web users will follow all the stages of the creative process of the movie and will be involved in the project from beginning to end for casting, set, script, photographs, visual aspects and title selection.”

The event will run through mid-June in France with the DVD scheduled for release in October. VOD will be available in September.