Certifiably Delicious

You may be familiar with Porn Pros, but it is even more likely that you are more familiar with their hit franchise “Massage Creep.” That wouldn’t be surprising since those movies are among some of the hottest properties in porn these days. “Massage Creep” and “Massage Creep 2” have created a mass following of fans and continue to grow in popularity. The stellar cast and brilliant direction will keep the movies relevant for years to come.

Now, almost anyone can say that, but let’s use the original version of Massage Creep to give you some insight into why you want to have a look at these movies.

Nothing creates success like investing properly in a venture.

From minute one, it’s obvious that the Porn Pros team invested in the best. It begins with the obvious – the set. It’s sometimes fun to watch porn set in a seedy brothel or cheap motel, but the premise of this movie is that an aspiring massage therapist (or so he wants these women to believe) is heading out to do private massages. The women who can afford that luxury don’t live on Baltic Avenue; they live on Park Place, and this movie is all blue squares on the old game board.

If that were the extent of the lavish work in this film, most people would yawn. Anyone can rent a mansion and throw some beach towels on the floor. That doesn’t happen here. Go “inside the biz” with the Pros here for a moment. In one scene, the sex furniture involved is a Liberator Wedge. That’s a pricey piece of equipment. It’s the same effect as seeing a car chase movie where a Maserati (or pick the pasta rocket you prefer) is involved. It has a much more realistic appeal than a movie made today featuring junkers from the 1970’s.

It may not seem like that big of a deal at first, but the net effect is a visually pleasing environment that allows the eyes to focus on the action, with soothing peripherals. Those peripherals are the difference between paying attention to a gorgeous brunette with some big balls in her mouth, or a nasty used condom wrapper on the end table. Most reasonable porn aficionados would agree that those kinds of peripherals make a huge difference.

Casting, casting and casting can make a movie soar above the rest.

Let’s begin with a visual aide:

Chanel Preston

That’s a way to start a movie! And Chanel Preston is just the beginning of the sexiness that oozes from this feature. Cindy Hope, Madison Parker, Ella Milano and Kourtney Kane round out the female stars that are stunningly sexy. If you’re thinking about trying to get Johnny Castle’s number to see who he paid off to score a lead in 4 of 5 scenes, don’t bother. His number is unlisted. And don’t ask how we know.

Mikey Butders does a great job in the last scene, and that brings us to another point.

Good porn requires a good buildup, and the Porn Pros didn’t get their name by accident.

Think about it, a good formula for porn would include many things, but these are premium:

  • A woman should give a succulent blow job.
  • If pussy licking is involved, please let it be the kind that puts her into a passionate spin.
  • The performers should explore positions that get the most out of their bodies.

Now, let’s up the ante and throw in some great massage of stone cold knockout bodies. Let’s enjoy every nook and crevice on those bodies. Let’s see some fidgeting with the interesting spots. That’s what we get here.

Finally, let’s enjoy some long run down and dirty fucking.

That’s ultimately the bottom line, right? One or two camera angles, and one or two positions? Please. The Porn Pros tease the viewer with striking poses, angles and positional sex that is second to none. And the payoff is pure pleasure.

If you haven’t seen Massage Creep yet, you’re going to want to see it. Check it out in the Evolving Hotmovies.com format on the Beta player.

As for the Porn Pros, you probably want to get familiar with them as well. Here’s how they describe themselves:

“Porn Pros, a name in porn you can trust. If you’re done with cookie cutter movies that have the same faces on the same couch over and over again they you have come to the right people, The Pros. Featuring the best Reality content in unique niches and the most beautiful brand new faces. If you see the stamp of approval, you know we guaranteed it!”

We’d add that this is a unique studio producing top notch content that will probably be around for a long time. So beat the rush and become a fan today. You can find more of their titles here. Your friends will envy your foresight.