Sometimes you just need more in life. Sure, we can all masturbate anytime with no help from outside items, but occasionally it’s nice to treat your self. I tried out this Penthouse Heather Vandeven POP A Pussy CyberSkin Stroker recently, and let me tell you, it opened my eyes!

penthouse sex toy

 This thing is great. If you’ve never tried masturbating with a sex toy before, this is a great place to start. I generally like to think I have pretty good stamina when it comes to this sort of thing. But this stroker definitely sped up the process. And not in a bad way. Also, who wouldn’t want to imagine having sex with Heather Vandeven? She’s such a babe.

heather vandeven

Let’s take a look at some of the specs.

  • It’s waterproof. This makes clean up super quick and easy. Also, because you’re cumming right inside there’s none of that distraction of where to blow your load. Just do it right in there and rinse it out after.
  • It’s got grips for your fingers around the outside that make holding on a breeze. No worries about slipping or losing handle. It’s super easy to hold onto and control.
  • That CyberSkin material it’s made out of…fantastic! It’s a perfect texture and feel.
  • The inside is textured. So combine this with the material and you have a pretty realistic feeling going on.
  • At 5.5 inches long there’s plenty of room for lots of enjoyment.

The only negative I really have (and it’s not even really bad) is that you will definitely need some lube or lotion to go along with this toy. You’re not just going to pop your dick in and start going for it. But that tightness is kind of a good thing. Because once you have everything set up, it’s an awesome product and definitely enhances the experience.

Stop trying to find ways to jerk off better with socks or lotion or whatever else is laying around. If you’re in need of a little mix up when it comes to personal masturbation and just tired of doing the same thing every time, give this Penthouse stroker a try. I can’t recommend it enough. So go get one of your own and test it out with Riley Reid’s new film.

You can purchase it here at Topco Sales.

A few weeks ago This Is the End hit theaters. It’s a new movie with a loaded cast including James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, and many more incredibly funny individuals.  For some reason, I’ve been putting off going out to see it. But after this clip I saw yesterday, I may have to go sooner rather than later. The scene I’m talking about is an argument between James Franco and Danny McBride that focuses on the subject of masturbating. Take a look below!

McBride is just hilarious here. My favorite line by far being…

I’ve been dropping loads around this fuckin’ house like a god damn dump truck!

What makes the scene even better is the fact that Seth Rogen is just chillin in the back the whole time watching the whole thing like a tennis match. His eyes going back and forth trying to keep up with each ridiculous statement.

Besides having me laughing hysterically at my desk, Franco’s one quote, “What, you never had any brothers? You didn’t learn to jiz in a fucking sock or on a fucking tissue” also raises an interesting point. For those of us who did grow up as the oldest sibling or an only child, how did we figure that stuff out? Apparently I’m not the only one to be curious about the topic of beginner masturbation practices. I’m sure a lot of awkward experimenting has been done over the years by kids trying to figure out the most efficient way to jerk it. Well, that is a topic for another day.

Back to the point of this post. I know I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be awesome. I’d definitely recommend going and checking it out. And plus, even if the movie sucks you can still just focus on the always lovely, and one of my favorites, Emma Watson.

emma watson


Alright, I know girls (well most of us) are immediately attracted to anything that sparkles or shines brightly and this Cigar Vibe Pendant is no different. I’m a huge fan of necklaces and vibrators- so when there’s an opportunity to combine them both, I’m all over it.

The website doesn’t give you the exact measurements and I can’t bring myself to spend the $275.00 on it so I don’t even dare call (because knowing me I will end up buying it) but I’m pretty sure it’s the perfect length. Perfect meaning: Just long enough to fall right in between my tits- that way I could turn it on while I’m in public and get a little vibe action without anyone knowing.

I mean just imagine the places this necklace could come in handy. You could wear it while traveling and slip into the airplane bathroom and have a little fun, you could bring it to work and once again have a little fun in the bathroom or you could bring it to a club and use it wherever you want pretty much (you know how dark those places get).

Another item the company offers that I think is pretty sexy, yet maybe a little too daring for me are the Pearl Restraints. Those are deeeefinitely out of my price range at $4,900.00. However, the idea of being tied up with pearls is sure to be on any girls list of fantasies.

Check out these two items and more at Kikidm

-PBR Princess
PBR Princess is a twenty something living it up in this crazy city called Philadelphia. She gets into as much trouble as possible and somehow makes it home safely at night and into work too fucking early.

#7. The First Sex Toy
I don’t envy anyone that had to use one of the first sex toys- the one above certainly doesn’t look very enjoyable. However, I am very thankful for modern day sex toys because they definitely bring an extra oomph to the bedroom.

See the list of the 7 Important Historical Breakthroughs (In Masturbation)

A 41 year old man in Hong Kong had to call police because his dick got caught in a hole in a metal bench. The man was in the park in the middle of the night and thought it’d be a good idea to try to have sex with a bench. He didn’t anticipate how swollen his dick would get once he got aroused, causing it to get stuck.

The authorities came to his rescue and had to ship him off the hospital with the bench still stuck on his dick. The authorities said if he would have waited another hour to call he would have lost his penis.

Ouch. I don’t even want to think about how desperate you’d have to be to fuck a bench. Maybe he should hook up with Edward Smith- I know he’s into Fucking Cars and not benches but atleast they’re both made out of metal.

Source: Weird Asian News

Click the picture to see how to turn this Reach Toothbrush into an Electric Toothbrush.

Images of the new Wiimote have surfaced and is it just me or does it look a lot like a sex toy? Is that why they have a sexy model posing with it in between her hands like that? Or maybe they got an influx of emails regarding situations similar to the one below- I would imagine discomfort would play a huge role in sticking a rectangle up there. Either way, I really think Nintendo is trying to conform to the rather large increase in female gamers by contouring the Wiimote to fit their body needs.

The Center for Sex & Culture in San Fransisco was hosting its annual masturbate-a-thon. Each participant had to pay $20 for admission into the communal masturbating area. The participants had three rooms to move about in complete with refreshments, toys, and pictures on the walls.

Two people were brave enough to set new world records- Kitty Kat, an erotic masseuse masturbated with dildos and virbrating gloves. She lasted 7 hours beating the previous holders 6 1/2 hours. The male winner- Tsuyoshi Yoshida an International Manager for men’s sex toy Tenga set the new record of 8 hours and 40 minutes. He credited the Tenga for helping him, and said it should reach American markets in the next two months.

See the rest of the story and more pictures of the Masturbate-a-thon 2008

<img src=”” style=”float:right” A judge sentenced defense attorney Adam Reposa to 90 days in jail for making a lewd gesture and simulating masturbation while standing before a County Court-at-Law judge in March.

At a contempt hearing Monday, Judge Jan Breland said Reposa, 33, rolled his eyes and looked at her while motioning with his right hand.

The dude got 90 days and he never even whipped it out.

Source: Metro