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For the last 5-6 years, I’ve worried about free speech in Houston and elsewhere because of the way some politicians have proposed/erected roadblocks in the form of intrusive legislation against adult entertainment. It has certainly seemed one-sided, hypocritical, and out-of-touch with serving the public.

Because of a recent so-called “jury” decision, I’m now also concerned about the city of Tampa where it seems that some jurists reportedly felt pressured by other members of the jury during recent deliberations incident to government charges against Max Hardcore concerning obscenity and shipments of his adult videos productions. Now, I admittedly don’t personally get sexual pleasure out of the Max Hardcore videos, but, like all Americans, he’s entitled to free speech. Max has many fans of his work, so there must be demand for his video content. I wish the efforts put into “getting” Max had instead been put into the fight against terrorism, drugs, child porn (90% of which originates in foreign countries like Russia), clergy sexual violations of minors, and other “real” crimes. Read the rest of this entry »

Max Hardcore may face jail time, but he’s just happy they didn’t take his house.

Read about the story at Porno News Network.

The Max Hardcore obscenity trial has ended in Florida and HotMovies: The Blog caught up with Juror No. 5, Mortimer “Morty” Seinfeld, a Florida resident.

Morty is a retired raincoat salesman who invented the beltless trench coat. He and his wife are retired and reside in Del Boca Vista, where Morty was once the president of the tenant’s board. After the trial, we asked Marty a few questions.

HM: How do you feel after having watched the Max Hardcore DVDs?

Morty Seinfeld: I sold raincoats in the garment center for thirty-eight years. I’ve seen it all. I think Mr. Hardcore could’ve made better films that weren’t so obscene. Cheap fabric and dim lighting – that’s how you move merchandise, not make love.

HM: Have you had any previous experiences with porn?

Morty Seinfeld: No sir! My brother-in-law Leo has a real problem with that stuff, but not me! I once saw Rochelle, Rochelle: The Tale of a Young Girl’s Strange Erotic Journey from Milan to Minsk, but it wasn’t for me.

HM: Have you had any other experiences with the legal system?

Morty Seinfeld: I used to be president of the tenant’s board at Phase 2 of Del Boca Vista but a few of the residents thought I was stealing from the board coffers when my son bought me a Cadillac, but I wasn’t! Oh, boy, if that bastard Jack Klompus could see me now – look who’s making the big decisions this time! Try writing a verdict with your pen that writes in space, Klompus!

-Miss Behaving

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ron jeremy Hotmovies the blogI’m sure you heard all about it; ‘The Man’ is coming down on the porn industry with obscenity charges again. This time the sacrificial lamb is poor ol’ Max Hardcore whose only crime, according to authorities, is loving women too much… and peeing in their mouths.

If you don’t already know you can read the whole story at Porno News Network but I’m going to cut right to the chase because it’s Friday and I only have a million, billion hands to shake and boobies to grab at Erotica LA.

I do want to say that the real tragedy behind something like this is that while most of Max’s stuff is very, very strong when anyone is convicted of charges in spite of the First Amendment it leads to a more people getting convicted of the same thing. That’s the double edge sword of precedent. I’ve read Joanna Angel is facing similar charges for way tamer stuff.

Although I think Max is going to be OK on appeal he’s still got a long, rough summer a head of him as sentencing isn’t scheduled until September. I wish the best to Max and all the other adult entertainers that are unfairly singled out by petty prosecutors and prudish partisans. The system was designed to protect people not institutionalize them for refusing to conform.

For more information on Free Speech and what you can do to help keep it free, please check out FSC

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