I’m generally completely against censorship. I want to hear and see things in their proper context. Bleeps and black bars usually only take away from the experience of whatever you’re watching or listening to. The FCC could go screw themselves if it were up to me. People don’t need to be coddled at every turn. Let me deem what is acceptable or not myself.

Now, that being said, unnecessary censorship is entirely different. It’s one of the funniest memes out there, in my opinion. And if you don’t know what unnecessary censorship entails, then you’ve been missing out. Here are some of my favorite examples of this meme.

I’ve never particularly been a fan of UFC. Well, that all changed when I saw this GIF.

This one is just so absolutely perfect. The position of the one guy’s head. The euphoric look on the other dude’s face. I like to imagine that the guy who looks like he’s giving the blow job starts getting a little to rough with his teeth which causes the blow job recipient to punch him off his dick.

For all of you baseball fans out there, you know that locker room celebrations can get a little intense in the playoffs. I was unaware that it ever reached this level, however…

That would be Cuban baseball sensation, Yasiel Puig, of the LA Dodgers. This image is already pretty great without the censorship, but the thought of a man jerking off and exploding all over his teammates in the locker room just adds a level of hilarity that would be impossible to reach without those blurred out pixels.

Keeping with the sports celebration theme. This driver must have just won a big race. And how does he decide to celebrate? 

Well thanks to unnecessary censorship, it goes from spraying a bottle of champagne to looking like he’s throwing out money shots in a gang bang.

This next video will give you an entirely new look into the relationship between Bert and Ernie.

I think Sesame Street should totally do all of their programming in this style. It would still be enjoyable for kids because they can still watch a bunch of puppets running around. But at the same time, it would provide such a great incentive for adults to watch.

These are just a few of the many hilarious instances of unnecessary censorship that are floating around the internet. While most memes become tiresome and repetitive, this one keeps being introduced to new situations that keep it fresh and funny. And that’s why it’s the only meme I’ll ever like.