Does Mike “awesome” Stone sound familiar to you? If not, you can probably find him on Twitter. That’s because the daring Mr. Stone has asked about 600 different porn stars to be his prom date. He’s a persistent guy, if still not successful.

According to Death and Taxes, Stone is 18 and trying to make a score that would make him the envy of his school. His use of twitter as a vehicle to make the proposals landed him on Reddit. His quest became an instant sensation.

Mike “awesome” Stone promises the prom, a hotel room and a personal massage.

Okay, Mikey, people get your enthusiasm, but chill a little bit on the over the top proposals. Porn stars are people too, and it’s reasonable to think that not many of them are lining up to head off to a hotel for a massage from an 18 year-old horny stranger. That said, Stone’s ambitious approach speaks volumes about his optimism.

And most people would admit that a Twitter campaign to score a porn star for a prom date is a novel approach.Though more than a few people noted that the hotel and massage are a tad creepy.

What advice would you give Mr. Stone?

Since Stone is propositioning complete strangers (and it should be noted that they are fabulous looking sexy strangers) to be his date, he should probably change his approach. Here’s a short list of suggestions:

  • Drop the hotel and massage and go for a five star dinner.
  • Don’t forget the limosine.
  • Have a backup plan, like, say, prepare to ask out a classmate.

Reviewing these options, one can see that by eliminating the hotel and massage and adding a limo and a great dinner, Mike “awesome” Stone ditches the “creepy” part of his proposal and adds a touch of class. Anyway, if he really is “awesome,” the hotel and massage will work themselves out. That said, having a backup plan would be a really good idea. It isn’t certain, but it is hard to imagine a top of the line adult actress whisking away in a corporate jet to attend a high school prom. The publicity probably wouldn’t be worth the headaches that such an appearance would cause.

And surely an “awesome” guy like Mike could score a date with a classmate, right? Best of luck, Mr. Stone. If this one doesn’t work out, just stay ambitious. And, the world can only hope that you’re putting this kind of effort into finding a good college to attend. Maybe you can get a degree in cinema.