Star Wars XXX is now live on! Porn parodies are common now, but most porn lovers will immediately see that this movie is anything but common. With a stellar (pun intended) cast and all of the special effects to make this movie line up nicely with the real thing, the illusion is complete. Throw in every nerd’s dream of Princess Leia mashing the muffin on camera, and this one rates as a true summer blockbuster.

SPOILER ALERT: By now, most people have a good idea about the plot for this movie, because it closely mirrors the actual version. That said, significant differences do exist. If you want all of the storyline without a spoiler, click here to watch Star Wars XXX right away (10 minutes free to new users). And now the review will begin.

Would love to get some hand solo on this

This is a high budget, high production value adult movie.

From the beginning this movie recreates the galaxy from a long time ago and far, far away in very thorough detail. The sets are intricate and well done. The costumes are also well crafted to keep with the spirit of the original movie. Of course, storm troopers in a porn flick are going to be differently equiped than their mainstream counterparts (see also: “breast” plates). And the aliens throughout this movie are also more exotic than their mainstream couterparts. But on the whole, the movie is a fun homage to the iconic imagery of the original.

Much nicer clones here

The plot has some interesting twists.

Right away, one issue should be addressed. The porn version of the dysfunctional family isn’t happening. Darth Vader may have a cock big enough to be anyone’s daddy, but he has no family ties with the rest of the Skywalker clan. No incest occurs in the porn galaxy.

Obi Wan getting his Kenobi on

Next, if someone is looking for a “blow by blow” (pun intended again, the force is with me today) knockoff, that person will be disappointed. The plot here is similar, but the action moves quickly apace. Key elements remain the same, but the movie moves quickly through them. Also, be ready for a surprise at the conclusion of the attack on the Death Star. Nope, it will not be spelled out in this review, but it is a great payoff for a porn movie.

A Princess Leia we can all get behind

Finally, the characters have their own mojo, or force, in this movie. Be honest guys (of a certain age, that is), you really would have given up your baseball card collection to play a game of hide the Hut, or wank the Wookie with Carrie Fisher, right? Now imagine a Princess Leia who shows her tits like it’s Mardi Gras, and rubs the muff up close for the camera for you. No, we don’t mean imagine Carrie Fisher’s personal life, we mean it’s in this movie. The other characters all have their own quirks as well.

The force of friction will be with you

What makes this worth the watch?

Everything. This is an amazing blend of parody and porn. It’s fun at times, erotic at times and fun and erotic at times. This is a movie that will bring back great memories and plant some hot new ones. Check out Star Wars XXX on and see for yourself. The force (behind your zipper) will be with you always.

Oh, and new members of the rebel alliance get 10 free minutes to get their force on!

Middle Men

When a film debuts at the “Cannes Film Festival” with an opening masturbation scene, heads are going to turn.

Paramount has picked up “Middle Men”, a film written by George Gallo about three men who dive into mid-‘90’s internet porn. It is scheduled to release later this year.

The main character is a straight-and-narrow businessman who builds the first online billing company dealing exclusively with adult entertainment and finds himself in the middle of a whirlwind filled with starlets, conmen, Russian mobsters, federal agents and international terrorists — all while trying to hold on to his marriage and family. The cast includes Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi, Kevin Pollak, James Caan, Gabriel Macht and Terry Crews.

In an online interview, producer Christoper Mallick notes that a character is based on an old business associate who happened to write the original code for credit card billing.

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