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Levi Johnston gets offer for masturbation scene

Levi Johnston is being offered $25,000 to star in a solo masturbation video for He mentioned that he would be willing to go naked if the price was right on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.” After revealing himself as a straight up fame whore, the site has decided to propose a deal to get Levi naked and tugging.

This Press Release was sent out earlier today:

American Politic’s First Baby Daddy Sought To Appear Naked In Solo Video


In an open letter to Levi Johnston, has offered Bristol Palin’s baby daddy $25,000 to complete a solo masturbation video for its website.

“I’ve always thought he’d make a good model for us. Decidedly straight and rugged, yet savvy enough to know exactly what he’s doing,” says Justin Clouse, owner of Bait & Tackle®, a Las Vegas based motion picture production company which runs amongst its sites.

“When I heard him say that he’d consider posing nude for enough money, I knew we had to make a tangible offer. $25,000 is a lot of money for an hour of his time, but I’ve been wanting to add a celebrity to’s roster for a long time,” Clouse continued.

Indeed, upon watching Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and hearing Johnston respond to a question about if he’d ever consider posing nude, the team at Bait & Tackle immediately came up with a plan to take him up on the offer. Read the rest of this entry »

We love celebrities, but we especially love celebrities in the nude. If you haven’t heard about the Rihanna nude photo leak, you must be living under a rock. The pop princess has been “allegedly” fully exposed in the buff and if this body is of the “Umbrella” singer we want to be caught in the rain with her.

Rihanna NudeRihanna Naked

Mr. Skin also has a hilarious recap of celebrities and their porn look-a-likes.

Christy Canyon = Kim Kardashian

Kim and Christy

Ginger Lynn = Heidi Montag

Heidi Ginger lynn

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I have to say that I really enjoy seeing Amy Smart in the nude- she’s totally fucking hot and I don’t think she gets naked enough in movies.

In her new movie, Mirrors, she gets naked and wet.. and wet and naked and torn apart- you get the idea.

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Gemma Mengual is a synchronized swimmer from Spain who won silver at this year’s games and she definitely would have won gold if the judges saw these pictures. They should get rid of bathing suits in synchronized swimming.

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Great Britian won 19 gold medals at the Beijing Summer Olympics and Keeley Hazell wanted to salute them by being painted Gold and posing for some sexy pictures.

I’m not really sure why someone like Carmen Electra or Kim Kardashian hasn’t traded their clothing for gold paint yet- we brought home way more than 19 gold medals!

Source: The Sun

We’ve all been there.

Once he was untied and the gag and ball were removed Mr Raphael identified himself as the ambassador but for perhaps the first time in his diplomatic career, this was a crisis he could not explain away.

So I guess I couldn’t be an ambassador?

Lush is a cosmetic company that is known for their earthy products and minimalist packaging. I’ve never seen any sort of advertising for them, so I guess it’s only natural that my first sightings are of women on the streets of Berlin in minimalist ‘packaging’. ie: only wearing an apron.

You have to hand it to them for staying consistent with their message.

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It’s a good thing Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilson is kinda ghetto and loves Olive Garden.. if it weren’t for her, we’d never be able to see our favorite server’s naked:

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I’m sure real Italian women aren’t going to Olive Garden to nosh on pasta and bread sticks, but real Italian women do love sex:

Sara Boberg is a member of the Swedish Olympic crossbow team but that’s not really going to matter once you see her naked.

I picked the most PG picture, so you definitely want to see the rest: Less Clothes

I have no idea who Seren Gibson is but does it really even matter? She recently did a huge spread for Zoo Magazine and she clearly doesn’t have a problem with letting us see it all.

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