The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries movieThe Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries, the much anticipated sequel to 2013’s smash hit, The Submission of Emma Marx, was just released to coincide with the timing of the mainstream film debut of 50 Shades of Grey, the inspiration behind the series. Labeled as “Mommy Porn” by the media, the 50 Shades book series was a massive success thanks to the unexpected following of many women who may not typically consider themselves as porn consumers. Marx director Jacky St. James, who has built a reputation for having her finger on the pulse of women, taps into the female psyche and uses this distinction “to write and direct films for couples who want to watch porn together, and for women who might be a little intimidated or fearful of porn.” The Marx series, which could be considered the true “Mommy Porn,” captures this essence by targeting what truly turns women on:  the erotic and the psychological.  While men typically find themselves excited by a more visual experience, women are able to connect with the mental plot line that drives this sensual, yet kinky, film.

Boundaries is set three years after the original Emma Marx story and we find main characters Emma and Mr. Fredericks have embarked on a full-time D/s relationship. While the first film focused more on Emma coming to terms with her own fantasies and desires, the sequel finds a more experienced and confident Emma embarking on a journey of self-discovery while pushing the boundaries of her own sexuality.

For fans of the original, The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries will certainly not disappoint!

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Boss Fantasies from New SensationsI just watched the New Sensations’ film Boss Fantasies, a movie that portrays illicit office sex from award-winning writer and director Jacky St. James. It’s the second title  in the Tales from the Edge series, a series meant to explore sexual ideas and situations that are often taken to the extreme-like the boss/employee relationship, for example. It’s a fantasy that many possess, but few follow through with. James shows us what can happen when you allow yourself to be bad.

“There’s something inherently exciting about the forbidden territory of sex with one’s boss,” Jacky St. James said. “There’s all this baggage that comes with that…what your coworkers might say if they find out, if you’ll get fired, promoted, etc. The risks are what make it exciting. If a sexual attraction already exists, it can be dangerous and explosive. This movie captures the very essence of sex with one’s boss and the different dynamics at play within it.”

The movie features four individually themed scenes that manage to fit together nicely into one sordid tale of office politics and underhanded tactics. From cheating executives with sexy assistants to a power hungry boss that uses her employee’s job to lure him into bed, this movie depicts the extreme end of sexual office adventures. Appearing in the movie for your viewing pleasure are Skin Diamond, Chanel Preston, A.J. Applegate, and rising star Karla Kush.

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Kudos to those studios whose graphics departments design sleek yet understated box covers that serve to entice potential customers to their products. One such alluring example is Elegant Angel’s feature entitled The Bombshells 5 and is depicted below:

What I particularly like about the above image is the functional use of negative space. In other words, the cover is not crowded with too many illustrations nor is it too busy like certain other, lesser designs. The simplicity piques the viewer’s interest and makes them want to examine the content included in the movie. Elegant Angel is a good primer to consider in the course I’ve designated as Box Cover Aesthetics 101. Pay attention, apt students of pornography!

Another fine example to heed is titles from the New Sensations Romance  line. Take, for instance, the cover for The Laws Of Love shown below:

By having the performers shot fully clothed on the front cover, the studio lends something to the imagination of the viewer. While other studios may feature more graphic covers with all sorts of sexual activities emblazoned on the front, the New Sensations Romance line invites the user to explore the content to see what lurks inside. It also adds the romance aspect to porn and shows that sex isn’t always just fucking!

That’s all for this edition of Box Cover Aesthetics 101, folks. More to cum later!

There has been a lot of buzz recently surrounding the new Anchorman XXX Parody, and things have heated up even more since the set was visited by’s Hal Rudnick. Hal took some time to ask the Anchorman porn parody’s stars what parts of the original Anchorman movie were there favorites. Once those questions seem to fall on distracted ears, Hal turns to the hot topic issues of today.

“In Anchorman: A XXX Parody, top notch anchorman Ron Burgundy (Jack Lawrence) moves his roots from San Diego to the fine trappings of Los Angeles — and he brings the entire Channel 4 News Team with him. Unfortunately, Brian (Dale DaBone), Brick (Anthony Rosano) and Champ (Eric Masterson) are all unemployed. In an effort to restart their once stellar careers, the gang and their fearless leader must join forces with the ever-popular Veronica Corningstone (Tasha Reign) and her all-female news team. Anchorman: A XXX Porn Parody also features Adriana Sephora, Dylan Ryan, Aiden Starr, Dana DeArmond and India Summer.”


Friends- A XXX Parody Friends- A XXX Parody

You loved Friends, we loved Friends, the entire world loved Friends. So it’s only natural that a porn spoof of the cult show popped up. Plus, weren’t all the friends fucking each other anyway. Leave it to New Sensations to do justice to the late 90’s clan. Plus the resemblance to the original characters makes this parody spot on. The authenticity of the cover to the actual Friend’s DVD is hilarious and makes us want to watch it even more.

Watch Friends- A XXX Parody Here

Kinzie Kenner is about as cute as they come and she loves to have a good time.

1. How?d you pick your stage name?
I always liked the name Mckenzie so I chopped it up a bit and came up with Kinzie.. no one had it and I thought it sounded young and cute especially with Kenner added to it.

2. First film?
Hmm my first girl on girl film was called “pussy footin” lol..It was so awkward.. I had done some internet shoots and then I got called to fill in for someone that flaked on a shoot- It all happened so fast..My first boy/girl scene was with Manuel Ferrera and it was “Young as they Cum” I believe.

3. Gonzo or Big Budget?
Gonzo all the way..New Sensations

4. If you could make a porn with anyone in history, male or female, who would it be and why?
That’s hard to say.. It would have to be a group sex scene only because there are too many and I can’t decide. hahaha. J Timberlake, Johnny Depp to name some

Find out what drink really gets Kinzie Kenner to let loose, keep reading fool!

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New Sensations Contract Girl Ashlynn Brooke to Sign at Alabama’s NT Lingerie and DVD

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Summer’s over, but New Sensations contract star Ashlynn Brooke brings the heat to Alabama on Saturday.

Ashlynn Brooke is scheduled to appear at NT Lingerie and DVD in Mobile, Ala.
from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at 5021 Moffatt Rd. on Saturday, Sept. 13.

“I always have a fun time meeting and greeting my fans,” Ashlynn Brooke said.
“It’s great to hear what they have to say about my movies. These signings are a blast and I appreciate them coming out to show their support.”

We’ve previously talked about the new New Sensations movie that’s coming out, Hearts and Minds 2. It looks like a pretty epic war movie but instead of only being able to see sweaty dudes the whole movie like mainstream movies- Hearts and Minds 2 will actually deliver the goods. I’m talkin’ Ashlynn Brooke goods.

Check it out:

If that didn’t get you in the mood, try these:
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Hanging out in Illinois this weekend? Check out our girl Ashlynn Brooke:

New Sensations Contract Star Ashlynn Brooke Features at Hustler Club for Birthday Weekend

WASHINGTON PARK, Ill. — New Sensations/Digital Sin contract girl Ashlynn Brooke rings in her birthday with a three day dance appearance in Illinois.

Ashlynn, star of titles such as Addicted 4, Ashlynn and Friends as well as the upcoming “Hearts and Minds 2: Modern Combat,” will appear at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Washington Park, Ill. The fan favorite and critically acclaimed performer will take the stage at 11:30 p.m. and 2 a.m. on Aug. 14, and 11 p.m., 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. on Aug. 15 and 16.

“I’ve been waiting a long time to dance,” she said. “I put it off to prepare an exciting show for my fans. I’m so happy to be here and the fact that its my birthday tops it off. Its like a big weekend-long birthday party!”

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club can be found at 5420 Bunkum Rd., Washington Park, Ill.