New York, NY — You might want to shield your eyes the next time you walk across your local New York Public Library. Due to a policy at all city libraries, adults have the ability and freedom to access any Internet porn, reported PIX 11.

Adults can access the pornography sites because of a free speech clause and the protection of the first amendment.

Many people are worried about kids in the library who may inadvertently see the pornographic photos scrolled across a computer screen used by an adult. Not all the library computers have a privacy screen to keep the racy photos at bay.

“The library provides access to anything that’s protected by the First Amendment rights,” said Brooklyn Library spokesperson, Richard Reyes-Gavilan.

In other places, like Los Angeles, people are allowed to click on the porn sites at libraries, while other states like Washington State had it completely banned.

Under laws, libraries are only required to block illegal or obscene content, like child pornography.

This also just in. It is still very illegal to masturbate in public. So, why you would want to be viewing pornography at a public library is beyond me. Unless you have some college project focusing on human sexuality, I think you should keep your internet arousal at home. Otherwise, walking down the street in NYC with a pitched tent could become very awkward.