Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers have a pretty long history. Both of these NFL quarterbacks were selected in the first round of the 2005 draft. It was a pretty even split leading up to the draft on who should be the number 1 overall pick. Well, it ended up being Alex Smith, and Aaron Rodgers, for some reason, dropped all the way to the 24th pick. Since that moment, these two have always been linked. Except in this instance, it doesn’t have anything to do with their on field play.

alex smith aaron rodgers

Back when Alex Smith was still on the 49ers, user americanslang59 posted a very interesting story regarding the two QBs to The story is an ertoic fanfiction that is just a bit odd to say the least. However, it is absolutely hilarious, as well. It may even be as good this football fantasy.

The Story

As the clock winded down, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers knew they were in trouble. Alas, the clock struck 0 and Packers were served their first loss of the season at the hands of Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers. The cameras rushed on the field to interview players. As ESPN’s cameras ran towards Aaron Rodgers, they caught him shaking the hand of the joyous Alex Smith. “Congrats!” said Aaron as their eyes locked. Smith pulled Rodgers in closer. “You played well.” Smith whispered.

Aaron walked into the steamy locker room and began to undress. His gigantic dong flopped out of his uniform. A thundering bang was heard when it slapped against his leg. He hopped in the shower and began to cleanse himself of sweat and dirt. After his shower, he put on his normal attire: Boxers, shorts and a t-shirt.

Aaron said his goodbyes to team mates and coaches and walked to his car. As he approached his car, he began to feel very odd. He looked around and saw nobody but felt as if he was being watched. As he continued to walk, something was not right. As he approached his car, a hand wrapped around his mouth and said, “Don’t make a sound.” As he began to panic, the hand pulled away and Aaron could hear laughter. Alex Smith was on the ground laughing. Aaron looked shocked. “Alex, you asshole!” He then playfully slapped Alex. “Sorry, I couldn’t help it!” The two embraced each other and began to kiss slowly. Alex whispered, “I’m sorry that I beat your ass on the field and now I am going to beat your ass in your backseat.”

Aaron began to unzip Alex’s pants. He grabbed his monstrous pecker and began to move his hand up and down. “Oh yeah, Aaron. You know how daddy likes it.” Aaron dropped to his knees and put this huge thing in his mouth. He sucked up and down, licking the throbbing member quickly. His slobber coated Alex’s penis. “Ok get up Aaron.” Aaron quickly stood up and took his shorts off. “Fuck my boy pussy Alex.” Alex thrusted himself deep inside Aaron’s anus. Alex was grunting and Aaron was moaning. “Yeah, take it you little bitch.” Aaron kept taking the dick into his hairy asshole. “Fuck me harder!” Alex pumped away. Aaron could feel his penis begin to swell. Within minutes, Alex blew his gigantic load inside Aaron’s tight little butt hole. “Well, I hope I see you in the post season.” whispered Alex.

So yeah, there it is. An instant American classic for sure. It also might explain a couple of photos of these two. Like this pic of Smith. This is what I imagine his face would look like when he was checking out Aaron’s butt.

alex smith creepy face

And let’s not forget when Rodgers had a serious porn stache going on. Who knows what sort of stuff he could have been into while sporting this look.

aaron rodgers mustache

All of a sudden this erotic fanfiction is making more and more sense.


Football is back! This is a glorious time of year for those of us who enjoy the sport. Sunday afternoons spent drinking and cheering with friends. Monday nights relaxing on the couch with a beer watching the game after a long day at work. By the way, who else is in favor of making a sexy Monday Night Football halftime show? Football is just simply the king of sports, at least in the United States. So to celebrate the start of the new season I thought it’d be a good idea to come up with a list of the top 10 NFL players who would have great success in porn. I really need to get a hold of some these players’ agents. There are some huge money making opportunities to be had on this list.

10.  Michael Vick

michael vick

Michael Vick spent some time in prison if you’ll recall. This would make him perfect for so many great prison parody roles like The Shawshank Redemption or Prison Break.

9.  Chad Ochocinco

chad ochocinco

There are a lot of things about Chad Ochocinco that would translate well to the world of porn. First off, he already changed his normal last name, Johnson, to something ridiculous. Second, he’s done a number of entertainment gigs outside of football including Dancing with the Stars, WWE Raw, and The Ultimate Catch. This gives him the perfect experience to transition easily into his new adult profession.

8.  Aaron Rodgers

aaron rodgers

Alright, there’s a catch with this one. Aaron Rodgers can only do porn if he gets this mustache back. I mean really I don’t know why he ever got rid of it in the first place. It’s a thing of beauty.

7.  Reggie Bush

reggie bush

Reggie Bush is a beautiful, beautiful man. His body looks like it was sculpted from the Gods themselves. Also, Kiara Mia already starred in a Kim Kardashian porn parody, so she would be the perfect match for Reggie in his debut movie. We just need to get Kanye and Kris Humphries to sign up for this, too.

6.  Calvin Johnson

calvin johnson

Calvin Johnson is literally a machine. Okay, not literally, but damn close. His nickname is Megatron after all. Which, along with his bulging muscles, is why I think Calvin would be absolutely perfect for a Transformers parody. How awesome would it be to see two people dressed like robots going to the bone zone?!

5.  Antonio Cromartie

antonio cromartie

Antonio Cromartie makes the list purely because he’s had so much experience having sex. The dude has 12 kids with 8 different women. I have a feeling if you just told him there was sex involved he wouldn’t care even the slightest what it was for.

4.  Tim Tebow

tim tebow

Tim Tebow would most likely never agree to do porn. But I can dream. It would just be so amazing to see Tebow dressed up as a Reverend banging a room full of nuns. Then as soon as he finishes climaxing, he takes a knee and does his trademark tebowing move.

3.  Tom Brady

tom brady

I’m not sure why Tom Brady would ever need to do porn when he’s married to fricking Gisele Bundchen. But if he ever decided to, I think it’d be a success. He’s done great work in other videos outside of football like this Funny or Die commercial.

2.  Mark Sanchez

mark sanchez

Mark Sanchez is a good looking dude. He’s been in GQ before, and I’m sure there are a plethora of ladies out there who would like to see him naked. But the real reason I want to see Mark do porn is to create a spoof of his infamous “butt fumble” play. The dialogue could be something like, “Oh no, it looks like I fumbled my dick…into your butt.”

1.  Rob Gronkowski

rob gronkowski

And the winner of the list of top 10 NFL players who should do porn is…Rob Gronkowski! Just look at the dude. He is the very definition of a bro. He looks like he spends 99% of time in the gym  lifting, and the man has been seen wearing a shirt that says “Yo soy fiesta”. You see, Gronk doesn’t just go to parties, he is the party.

Porn star Bibi JonesBibi Jones, aka Britney Beth, is a lovely young newcomer to the adult industry talent list, and she certainly seems to know how to get her name out there. Having admitted her love for sports on Howard Stern earlier this year, Bibi has dipped her toes into three of the four major professional sporting organizations. She has reportedly been involved with Paul Bissonette (NHL Left Wing, Phoenix Coyotes) and some MLB players in the past. Not to mention her most recent affiliation with NFL Tight-End Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots.

Gronkowski has been building a fine reputation amongst both the NFL and fans both on and off the gridiron. Fantasy football fanatics have been singing his praises for this season’s 29 receptions with 5 touchdowns, and he has gathered a strong social media following through his comedic twitter feed. Bibi Jones recently posted photos of herself with Gronkowski to her own Twitter feed after their rendezvous over the Patriots’ by-week. The buxom blonde porn star is pictured wearing Gronskowski’s official Patriots jersey, very close together in what looks to be someone’s bedroom. Bibi, are there clothes under that jersey? We sure hope not.

Bibi Jones and Rob GronkowskiPorn star Bibi Jones with NFL Patriots Tight end Rob Gronkowski
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Bibi Jones has most recently been featured in one of our favorite lesbian studio releases, Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger 35. Girlfriends Films has always contracted high quality talent for their adult video series, and we think Bibi is a great fit for their younger participants. Check out the video at the link below, and keep an eye on this teen dream. She is sure to start making much bigger waves in the near future.

Watch Bibi Jones Videos HERE

According to these pictures, Canada and the CFL are the way to go. You don’t see slutty pictures of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders roaming the internet, which is a huge disappointment.

If any of these college football players, or even NFL players were smart- they’d move to Canada and ditch their wives because they’ll probably just divorce you in a few years and try to steal all your money anyway.

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