Private has released a soft core calendar for 2009 and I’ve had the priviledge of taking a look at it, and damn, it’s hot.

I would love to be able to share the wealth with you, but uhhhh.. ok ok fuck it- I’ll let you see it too (but only because I’m nice, and Private is nice too.)

If you’ve had enough of being teased by the calendar, check out these movies from Private:

I have to say that I really enjoy seeing Amy Smart in the nude- she’s totally fucking hot and I don’t think she gets naked enough in movies.

In her new movie, Mirrors, she gets naked and wet.. and wet and naked and torn apart- you get the idea.

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There have been a shit load of rumors about a Britney Spears sex tape and I just want it to surface already- I heard that the paparazzi dude that she was banging asked her to take off her pink wig during the tape and she goes “what wig, I’m not wearing a wig”- priceless.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Slutney masturbating with bath water:

If you like Britney Spears, peep this:

Leah Luv may not be the REAL Britney Spears but who can really tell the difference with all the different wigs the real Britney wears?

Diora Bairds is nude in Maxim Magazine because she’s going to be in the new Star Trek movie, and she’s playing an alien. Hopefully they don’t put too much makeup on her because from the looks of things- she definitely doesn’t need it.

I obviously couldn’t keep my eyes off the pictures of her and it got me to thinking that she looks a hell of a lot like porn star Aaralyn Barra.

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Laetitia Casta nude- you know you want to see More

Gemma Mengual is a synchronized swimmer from Spain who won silver at this year’s games and she definitely would have won gold if the judges saw these pictures. They should get rid of bathing suits in synchronized swimming.

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I love Monica Kenna, especially in Entourage when she played Eric’s girlfriend. So, it’s about time we all get to see her naked.

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She may not have actually played tennis or done anything physically exhausting lately- but she’s still hot as hell. Maxim Mag never let’s me down.

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I just blogged about the Laure Manaudou nude picture scandal a few days ago, but now I’ve actually found the scandal online- and I see what all the fuss is about.

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Vanessa Hudgens did some Disney shows/movies and was in the movie Thirteen. She’s trying to do this whole ‘I’m sweet and innocent’ thing and it’s just not working for her, especially after these were leaked a while ago:



I prefer then, which is why you should probably click here to see more of Vanessa Hudgens nude photos.