oculus rift

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that is in the process of being designed to create a fully immersive gaming environment. It’s a really cool idea that would open the world of gaming up to an incredible amount of possibilities. Imagine playing a game like Skyrim or Grand Theft Auto Vwhich have such detailed and interesting worlds, and feeling like you’re actually inside the world that you’re playing in.

But let’s be honest…

If virtual reality reaches the levels that Oculus Rift is hoping to reach then we’re going to want to use it for more than just games. There are too many possibilities for entertainment with such a device to limit it’s uses solely to gaming.

Well, not to worry. Because in some recent leaked footage, it appears that the Oculus Rift will be able to be used for virtual porn. That’s right. Finally, you’ll be able to create a perfect, customized version of yourself and get all the ladies that you never could in the real world. Want a 10 inch dick? No problem! You could finally put yourself in this guy’s shoes.

Okay, so there are definitely some weird things that go along with this. For instance, you apparently need some weird mechanical sensor pretending to jerk you off. This may create some awkward moments if someone were to walk in on you. Traditionally, with regular porn, you can just open up a new tab and pull your pants up. Now, you have a whole list of things that are going to give away the fact that you were just masturbating.

Still though, the possibilities with this technology are endless. It doesn’t just limit you to hand jobs. No, no. You can go all the way with this virtual porn. Although, again, you’re probably going to want to make sure that no one is around for the foreseeable future if you decide to use this. Because if someone catches you air-humping this thing wearing virtual reality goggles; there’s a good chance you’re going to be getting made fun of for quite a while.

For more info on the Oculus Rift and news on how the project is going, check out their site. Sure, these videos look kind of amusing now and it’s a little hard to imagine this becoming a household item all over, but this technology is awesome. I, for one, cannot wait until more developments come out in the field of virtual reality.